1. cvguider

    Thanks for the post Oscar!

    I hadn’t heard of uridine before but it sounds like it has some awesome benefits. And your post also provided a reason for people to drink beer too haha

    I also checked out your post on Modafinil vs Adrafinil too! Good stuff all round.

    Thanks again

    • Dave

      Thanks a lot jerry for stopping by,

      My post sure does sound like its campaigning for more beer intake. 🙂

      But I wouldn’t advise you to have more of it in the name of adding more uridine to your system, you might loose your liver or pancreas, among other complications.

      I think taking it moderately is what will help you reap the double benefits (the pleasure of taking it, and to a limited extent, getting uridine)

  2. Stephen

    Hi, Greetings.

    I have heard of several food supplement, and have also tried taking a few of them to see how they work.

    What I have realized is that, although food supplements are good and natural for the body, most of those who sell these supplements try to make it seem like their products can cure almost every disease.

    But you were honest, you even mentioned the fact that it may not be good for everyone and I know that anyone who reads this review will see how beneficial this uridine is.

    I personally like that fact that it can boost thinking faculty for me to have a sharp memory and also its ability to bring a good mood. I will try this uridine myself and see how it works.

    Thank you.

    • Dave

      You are right Stephen,

      Some of the producers make a product appear to be the magical pill which can solve any body issues, and get people all hyped to want to try it out. And after they’ve tested, disappointment is all they get from it.

      I have also walked that path of fake promotion myself, and got decieved. Nowadays, I use reason and ethics to see if a product is good and if it can deliver as it promises. With this I manage to save myself from a good number of scams, liars and cheats out there.

      I think the online community should do something about these kinds of misleading promotions since they are growing rapidly everyday.

  3. Oliver


    I heard about this supplement a week ago and now came across your website and review. Thanks for the informative review, you answered all my questions except one. Since I am really interested in Uridine (seems to be perfect for my personal use) I’d like to know:

    Since when is this supplement on the market? Are there long-term studies?

    Cheers and thank you!

    • Dave

      Hey Oliver,

      It’s really hard to tell when Uridine got into the market as there are many brands producing it which all started doing it at different times.

      What I can say, which I think might be of help, to a certain extent, is that the FDA in the US approved uridine triacetate in September 2015. And from there it was legal everywhere and could be accessed and used by folks who needed it.

      As for the studies, there have been numerous studies on uridine prior to being approved by the FDA. Studies like its interaction with fish oil and choline have been done and showed positive results of improving synpatic function.

      In the last few months of 2006 and the first few ones of 2007, there were studies on it in relation to improving brain health, and they were found to help with building new neurons and helping prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

      And there are countless more.

      I hope this helps.

  4. Judith

    On the use of Uridine, I was wondering if there would be a difference in dosage between men and women? As a women in her fifties, I also wonder if men and women utilize uridine in different ways, and specifically, would the dosage change for a woman as she progresses through menopause? Could you describe what may happen if you took more uridine than is recommended?
    Also, I noticed the uridine comes in a capsule. I have an autoimmune disease that causes me to not be able to swallow capsules. Does it come in any other form? Or would I be able to open them and add the contents to water? (That is how I deal with most capsule type medications)

    I operate a care home for women who live with mental illness. Several of the women suffer from depression, in addition to other mental illnesses. Do you think that they could add uridine to what they are already taking, or could this create a drug interaction?
    I can see how I could benefit from uridine, so maybe I should try it first, see how it works, and then approach getting it for the ladies.
    You mentioned uridine via prescription, which would be great for us here in Canada. If it does come in a prescription, then it is likely covered on our drug plan, in which case the cost would be covered.

    • Dave

      Hey Judith,

      That’s quite a lot of ‘worries’ you have there 🙂

      Anyways, to start with, the dose remains the same for all people, whether a young woman or old, and for men too. If you took more uridine than recommended, you can get slight headaches and stomach ache, on the lower end.

      On the higher one, you might get insensitivity, or worse. I guess there is a good reason why you are given a specific dosage, knowing full well that the product has no dangerous side effects. It may have shown some strange effects in high quantities during their study.

      I’d rather you stay safe than test the waters.

      If you can’t swallow the capsules, I think you can just open them up and mix them with water.

      Lastly, you can try them out and see how they work for you.

      But before you give them to the ladies you are taking care of in the care home, I would suggest you seek medical advice first from a local medical center to assess the health of the women and the suitability of using uridine for their brains, as well as their current health status.

  5. Jackie

    It sounds like it helps the brain via the gut. This makes sense to me since I believe good mental health is largely dependent on good digestion and gut health.

    I’m wondering… Is this a supplement that you take regularly? I’m sort of a supplement junkie so I like knowing about such things. Thanks for the great info and for bringing it to my attention.

    • Dave

      Hey Jackie,

      The product is safe for regular use. This means you can take it continuously without any fear of side effects. If you are taking it to improve your brain power, be sure to keep it at 2 capsules per day to be safe.

      If it’s a prescription, remember to take the right dose, as instructed by the doctor, for as long as you are expected.

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