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The human brain is such an important muscle in the life of an individual, it is the sole controller of many activities including the thought process, it is so powerful that at times it becomes difficult to hold on to one thought or concentrate on what one is doing mostly in kids with ADHD.

This is why myndlift mobile application was created to assist increase concentration in kids with this medical condition or basically any kid, if you would like to know more about myndlift then you are definitely in the right place, since in this review how it works, the cost and what it entails to ultimately help you determine whether it is what your kid requires or not.

If I leave out anything that you think is of paramount importance in helping you understand all about this application, then please you are more than welcome to talk to me from the comment section below and I will hook you up with the necessary information.

Great! with that out of the way lets get to the review.

Name : myndlift
Owner: Aziz Kaddan and Ana Abu Mukh
Price: free, 10 dollars every month for premium version
Best known for: mind development
Rankings: 88 of 100

What is Myndlift?

This is an application that was created to make use of neurofeedback systems with the aim of eliminating drugs in the treatment of ADHD, basically this app was created by two Israeli geniuses Aziz Kaddan and Ana Abu Mukh who were only 19 years old when they first thought of the idea.

Kaddan believed in the method of treatment that was created by NASA, which was based on reading mind waves in a neurofeedback system and then using visual that appeared on the screen where the brightness changes with the patients concentration level.

This assists them to concentrate and improve their concentration with time but it was not effective in clinics since they had so many problems including cost which is what he meant to eliminate.

How does Myndlift Work?

This mobile application is only available for android users so before using it you are required to download it on to your phone, there is a free version of the application on Google play store but there is still a premium version where you can make a monthly subscription of 10 dollars or opt for the subscription of 100 dollars every year.

You are also required to have a neurofeed back system, this includes a brain wave reader which are so many in the market.

They include the following :

1.emotive epoc

2.emotiv insight

3.muse head band

4.neurosky mind wave

5.brain driver

6. neuro turnable mobile

to name but just a few. It is important to note that they work with muse headset as their main EEG equipment.

The above named systems utilize neurofeed back by collecting Electroencephalogram EEG(basically they are brain waves) through various sensors placed on different positions of the head, this waves emanate from electricity produced by the brain while the neurons of the brain are communicating with each other.

Since different thoughts and activities of the brain will always produce the same types of waves, for example when someone is frowning it will produce the same type of waves every time that they frown, which means since we can record this waves we can be able to tell the computer when they are frowning, happy or any type of brain activity.

This makes it possible to use our thoughts to control devices which in turn gives us a whole lot of benefits, since you can have control over a lot, for example if you can better control some unwanted vices in your life for example if you could reduce your stress levels your quality of life would generally improve.

This is where the myndlift application comes into play since in order to learn how to better control your mind you require to have an application made for that purpose, which is exactly what myndlift is all about.

Once you open it, you find a nice game but there a few different options, there is a race between two characters where with higher concentration it becomes possible to beat the virtual opponent, this game is designed to help you learn how you can increase concentration which is how it assist children with ADHD since it helps them learn their minds and give them full control of their minds.

There are also other games for example there is a game with fuzzy dot which become clearer as you concentrate and fuzzy as you lose concentration also in the music zone where if you stay focused the tunes volume increases this will make sure you mind does not wander to other things.

What I mostly like about myndlift is the fact that it is created with portable devices in mind since it is known that fixed systems are more accurate such applications are able to utilize the waves that are offered to them by the neurofeedback device.

What is included in the myndlift app?

Basically what is included in this application are games and various means to help one control their mind better or what is commonly known as mind training games to improve their concentration and quality of life in general.

Costs, Free Stuff and Discounts.

There are no discounts in this application but it does have a free version though in any case you would like to try out that one before you make the premium purchase.

The premium version cost 10 dollars every month but you can also make a purchase of 100 dollars for the yearly subscription here you get to save 20 dollars for the year.

How to Use Myndlift App to Improve your Concentration?

Using this application is fairly simple and straight forward all you have to do is start it and put on your head set then choose a game of your choice and watch as your concentration gets better as time goes and the more you use the application.

My Personal thoughts.

This is a great app created with a heart to help, it has fine games and the idea behind the design of the games is amazing it is reliable and does work if used for quite sometime and with the right means.

my only problem with this app is the number of downloads since it was launched they are very low meaning people do not trust in it


This is a great application that can help your kid increase their concentration there is a free version in any case you feel you would like to test it first I would recommend it since it makes the brain do simple and very helpful exercises.


  1. Paul Anderson

    My wife suffers from Post Concussion and has been doing neurofeedback for the last 6 months. She has seen good progress and we are looking for home application that will help continue her recovery. Will this assist in this?

    • Hallo there Paul.

      Sorry to hear about your wife.

      I hope she gets well soon.

      Well, while I may not specify the best neurofeedback system for her condition as I don’t know the intensity of her health issue, I would recommend you try out a few and see which one responds well with her.

      The first one I would recommend you start with is muse. I have seen many people say they had great results with it.

      The second one is neuroptimal. Another great stuff.

      And the last would be mindlyft.

      Try them out in that order and I am confident you will get her best fit before she gets to the last one.

      I will be doing more research to see if there is something for her specific condition and I will let you know about it.

      Hope this helps.

      Have a good day mate. 🙂

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