1. Furkan

    I really liked it. In these days, I really want to sleep deeper and better. I tried drinking some herbal teas and do some exercises but nothing worked. So I am thinking of giving a shot to Endless Energy Bundle.
    How long later will I start seeing some good results?

    • Dave

      Hey Furkan, 

      These days sleeping has become very hard especially with all the technology and stuff going on in our lives. Herbal teas and exercises do help, but not always as they are sort of quick fixes.

      But if you want something that will solve the problem, which involves the subconscious mind and what you perceive to the problem, you should definitely go for the subliminal messages.

       You will see a huge improvement.

      The endless energy bundle is something you will love, trust me. 

      I have been on it and I know how amazing it really is. I would like to get your feedback on the bundle once you have tried it out. 


  2. Julia

    Hi – well I have just come across this because I have woken up in the night. I dreamt we had intruders,then a car pulled up outside, then I noticed there was a light on downstairs so I came down to switch it off, then I decide to have a cup of tea and now here I am browsing on the computer instead of sleeping. Sounds like I should take a look at these.

    I am also interested in lucid dreaming and I wondered if the “Remember your dreams” might help with lucid dreaming which I would love to be able to do?

    • Hey Julia,

      It means you must have had a nightmare, really sorry about that.

      If you are interested in subliminal messages for lucid dreaming, I would advise you to go for the “Master Lucid Dreaming” track in the same store, Subliminal Guru.

      This one is far better than the “Remember Your Dreams” one. Although getting the two would be even better.

      Let me know if you need more help. 🙂

  3. rjkennedy

    Good deep and restful sleep is something we tend to not get enough of. Subliminal messages to induce sleep, appears to be the ‘new sleep aid.’ Something I want to know more of.
    What I find interesting is that there are many techniques and tools offered to assist people having restless nights.

    Good sleep is detrimental to our health. Without enough of it, we as humans, tend to loose focus getting through the day concentrating on the task at hand. More and more, as we tend to function we tend to run into difficulties which we can’t overcome due to lack of sleep.

    • Dave

      Hey Kennedy, 

      I really can’t stress about good sleep further, you’ve said it all.

      And we always need to strive to make sure we are gwetting the right measure of sleep everyday, if we want to be fresh  and read to handle the following day.

      And effective subliminal messages for sleep like these can surely come in handy as sleep aids. 🙂


  4. Marta

    Hi Dave! Thanks for sharing. It’s a great tool you are talking about and I totally agree with this. I’m already listening to some tracks, I’m trying to do so but after 2 nights I feel annoyed and stop listening to them… How can one have a consistency with this kind of tracks? The tracks I’m listening to are useful but need at least 21 days to have an effect. What about the tracks you’ve written about? Do they have an immediate effect or you should listen to them for a while?

    • Dave

      Hey Marta, 

      I am sorry for the bad experience you are having with the subliminal tracks which you are having at the moment. This happens quite often, so you shouldn’t beat yourself down over them.

      When it comes to using subliminal messages, it pretty much depends on how generally receptive your brain normally is. If it is easy for it take in external stimulation, the faster you get to feel the effects with the subliminal messages. 

      But if it takes time for it to process the whole change and stimulation, it may take sometime. This means, you have to determine if your mind is easily receptive or not.

      And you can do this by listening to the subliminal messages for 3 days and seeking to know if there is any change you feel has happened within you. If there is, then your are receptive, but if there isn’t, you will need to exercise some patience. 

      I hope I have helped you out. 🙂

  5. dreamgirl93

    I liked your post a lot. Sleep is an important part for your productivity. I have noticed that exercising helps a lot to fall asleep. Endless Energy Bundle seems like a great product to try to further the effects.

    In hours, do you sleep less or more with this product?

    • Dave

      Hey “DreamGirl” , 

      The endless enrgy bundle will really come in handy for you.

      If you have not been sleeping well, you are surely going to sleep better and longer with the subliminal messages for deep sleep here.

      It is hard to say the exact amount of time you will sleep when using them because we all have different lives and ways of living, but ideally you are going to sleep more since they are meant to enhance your kind to sleep better and longer.

      Hope this answers your question. 🙂

  6. Richard

    Due to a neck injury – the pain keeps me awake sometimes. Medication helps relieve the pain but I am still awake sometimes.

    I have tried the herbal teas which do work incidentally and the herbal sleeping tablets. I am very curious about your program. I have subscribed and will try out these free tracks on offer

    • Dave

      Hey Richard, 

      Sorry about your neck injury. You are going to get well.

      The subliminal messages for deep sleep that I have given you here are going to come in handy for you. I would want to say many things about how great they are, but I would like to have you try them out yourself and see how they actually are.

      I look forward to hearing your experience with them.


  7. John

    I think getting the whole package will be good for me. I have so much trouble sleeping off easily and when I do, getting up early in the morning is a major problem. Waking up comes with so much stress. sometimes I feel it is the stress of the day but sometimes I try sleeping off early enough to get up early and all still amounts to same. Thanks for the article

    • Dave

      Hey John, 

      You are not alone when it comes to struggling with sleep. There are hundreds of thousands of folks having trouble sleeping well.

      And I think it is as you say. Stress and thoughts of how hectic the day was keeps sleep at bay. 

      But these subliminalmessages for sleep will help rewire your mind and get your thoughts, and beliefs working towards getting you quality sleep. I also encourage you to get the whole bundle, it is really going to come in handy for you.

      Do let me know how you find them.

      Cheers. 🙂

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