1. AnxietyPanda

    Thank you so much for this article and introducing us to Subliminal Guru! There seems to be a great variety of subliminal message tracks available. This is a valuable resource for anybody struggling with positivity!
    We are conditioned to think negatively, so we can be conditioned back to happiness and positivity again! Is there any other track/s you would recommend besides the one you covered?

    • Dave

      Hey there, 

      I also recommend you try out hypnosis sessions that are equally effective to the ones I recommend here, from a store called Hypnosis Live.

      They have the best hypnosis sessions that will really blow your mind.

      If you want more subliminal messaging for your mind, I would recommend you go for the subliminal software called Subliminal 360. This software is really great as it helps build the good virtues into your mind by flashing the positive affirmations on your computer screen as you work.

      It also has subliminal audio tracks that play the affirmations as you work and will really help you achieve your goals. 

      I believe this will greatly help you.

      If you need more help, just reply to this comment and I willl be happy to keep the conversation going. 🙂

  2. Erick

    Yes having a powerful mind is really essential for anything. Its our feedback mechanism and it make sense to train it to withstand all the tough challenges that life throws at you. Life will be full of change but one thing we can change is our perspective and attitude towards replying and not reacting.

    This is what I really need. Thanks

    • Dave

      Way to go Eric,

      That is the sprit of a winner. 🙂

      The thing is, most people tend to think that life is constant and that the things you faced yesterday and overcame are the same ones you will face and overcome today and tomorrow, when it its quite the contrary.

      Tough times are sure to come and positive thinking is what will get you through the challenges and the change you have to initiate in your life.

      I am sure you are going to love the positive thinking experience that the subliminal tracks are going to bring you. 🙂

      I would really love to hear how you find them once you get immersed into them.

      Will be waiting for your feedback on them.

  3. Jamila Jones

    I think these tracks will help someone suffering from mental health. A family member of mine is going through a rough time and is very negative about most things which is affecting her confidence. I know that words are very powerful. I will check out the recommendations and take it from there. Thanks for the information

    • Dave

      You are always welcome Jamila,

      And thanks for stopping by too. 🙂

      The tracks are going to be of benefit to the family member you want to recommend them to. The affirmations you will get with the tracks are surely going to transform her life, if she is really willing to do end this negativity once and for all.

      Be sure to let her know and give them a go, and then let me know how you find them.

      I will be waiting for her feedback on them in this post.

      Can’t wait. 🙂

  4. Karen Noone

    Subliminal Guru sounds like something worth trying. I am a positive person generally but often find my self getting sidetracked into negativity internally.
    I like the idea that the affirmations come in different versions. They clearly know one size does not fit all.
    I have signed up for their newsletter and 2 free mp3s.
    Thanks for introducing this to me

    • Dave

      You are always welcome Karen, 

      Subliminal guru tracks sure are worth trying, they are things you are going to gain so much mental value from.

      I can also relate to your life. I also perceive myself as a positive person but at times, life can throw so much in my way that I find myself thinking negatively, but with subliminal messages with you to keep steered towards positivity always, things can’t go bad for you.

      I am also glad that you have signed for their newsletter, they share pretty powerful stuff there. Moreover, I know you are going to see the great benefits the tracks have through the 2 mp3’s.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  5. Jen

    I love this post! It is a great reminder that thinking positive really does have its benefits. Sometimes I find it difficult to always have a positive attitude, especially when things are going badly, but subliminal messages is a great way to ensure you handle the situation in the right way.

    It makes you put a positive spin on things and you see things in a new and different light than you normally would. The Subliminal Guru will definitely put you on track. Thank you for sharing this great tool / resource to put our most positive face forward!

    • Dave

      You are welcome Jen, 

      Sometimes life throws very bitter lemons our way and we can’t help but focus on the bitterness of them and the fact that they are blocking our way to where we want to be.

      This is human nature, we all want smooth things. But it doesn’t work that way.

      Always keeping our mind in the right frame is what helps us go through the bitterness and get to where we want to be. And subliminal messages for positive thinking are the sure way to keep us firm on the right track. 

      I believe you are going to find great value in them. 

      Have a good one. 🙂

  6. Derek Marshall

    Thank you kindly – I have never heard of that online place for subliminal messages – Subliminal guru has absolutely everything! – quite a few that I am tempted with!.

    In your opinion, what constitutes a good quality subliminal recording? Must they include binaural beats or any other such technology?

    • Dave

      Hey Derek, 

      The subliminal tracks in Subliminal Guru sure are tempting. 🙂

      As for things that matter the most in subliminal recordings, I would have to say two things, the kind of affirmations used and the delivery method.

      Firstly, you should ensure that the affirmations you will be working mention things you can relate to. They should be simple yet touch deeply on the topic you want them for so that they really move you mentally and emotionally.

      Secondly, the delivery method goes into the way the subliminal messages get to your mind, through your ears. Here, you should ensure that you have some fantastic music or sounds that will help you make the messages more memorable so that the effects of the messages last longer in your mind.

      The tracks don’t necessarily have to have brainwave entrainment beats like binaural beats as these train the kind for different states like focus and concentration, but don’t really help much with subliminal messages.

      However, if you would want to use the recordings with binaural bears included there is no problem as this is a great add on to the messages.

      I hope I have answered your question. If you need more help I’d love to hear from you. 

      Reply to this comment to keep the discussion going. 🙂

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