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25 Most Loved Meditation Podcasts by Meditation Enthusiasts


When it comes to excelling in meditation, gaining as much information as you can about the practice is helpful as it provides insight and understanding into various aspects of it.

Meditation podcasts are a rewarding way to increase your knowledge of meditation as they feature interviews with meditation experts and enthusiasts who discuss the practice in-depth and at times, they offer valuable meditation sessions that can enhance your overall experience.

To help you find the right podcasts for your needs and desires, here are the 25 most loved meditation podcasts by meditation enthusiasts.

1. Ten Percent Happier Podcast

This is a podcast channel run by Dan Harris who is well-known as the TV anchor who had a heart attack live on air while everyone watched. Since then, he considered a health and wellness practice he was always skeptical about, meditation. After giving it a try and seeing how much value it had and how life-changing it actually can be, he began spreading the good word about it and went on to write one of the best-selling books on the practice known as “Ten Percent Happier”. The podcast channel, named after the book, features influential people from different walks of life such as popular scientists, celebrities, and meditation teachers who discuss various topics including meditation, happiness, enlightenment, relationships, and productivity among others.

Good For: People who are not sure about meditation

Where to Find it: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Ten-Percent website, and Stitcher

2. Meditation Oasis Podcast

This is a podcast that features meditation music and guided meditation sessions that help you relax and find peace amidst your stressful day. The episodes are as short as around 5 minutes but you have the option of listening to longer ones during your long breaks. The meditation resources you get in the channel help you keep meditating through your day to beat anxiety, stress, and any other negative feelings.

Good For: People with busy schedules

Where to Find it: Spotify, Meditation Oasis website, Stitcher and Apple Podcasts

3. Tara Brach Podcast

This podcast channel is focused on sharing knowledge of how modern psychology blends in with eastern spirituality. Tara Brach, the host of the podcast, is a clinical psychologist, meditation teacher, and the author of “True Refuge: Finding Peace And Freedom in Your Own Awakened Heart” and “Radical Acceptance: Awakening The Love That Heals Fear And Shame”. She brings different experts on the channel to share ways in which people can improve various aspects of their lives including humility, meditation, self-compassion, loving-kindness, equanimity, and resilience.

Good For: People interested in the combination of meditation and modern psychology

Where to Find it: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Tara Brach website, and Pandora

4. The Daily Meditation Podcast

This is a meditation podcast that seeks to enrich people’s lives through short guided meditation episodes that handle varying areas of our lives such as fear, confidence, peaceful walking, freedom, self-esteem, affirmations, intuitions, and many more. The daily meditation podcast is hosted by Mary Meckley, a certified yoga and meditation teacher. You can follow through with the meditation sessions and get to experience the life-changing effect that comes with each meditation episode.

Good For: Busy people with an interest in solving different problems through meditation

Where to Find it: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, The Daily Meditation Podcast website, Pandora, Stitcher, and the Sip and Om Meditation app

5. Happy Mind Podcast

This is quite a diverse meditation podcast channel that features different cultures and how they engage in meditation and techniques to improve their minds and overall well-being. Religions including Islam, Taoism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and platonism are accommodated and masters from these religions and their teachings are discussed at length. Simply put, there is something for everyone in the podcast. The meditation sessions offered in the channel also address different areas of our lives and they are led by Zebediah Rice. There are both short and long guided meditation sessions available on the channel.

Good For: All people with different beliefs that are interested in meditation

Where to Find it: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Listen Notes

6. Meditation Minis Podcast

Just as the name “mini” hints, this is a podcast channel that provides short meditation sessions that vary between 5 minutes to 12 minutes that can be easily accessed by anyone for dealing with different negative emotions at any time of the day. When you feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, or low in terms of self-esteem, all you will need to do is look for an episode on the channel which addresses the particular aspect you want to deal with and listen as Cheryl Hamilton, the host, walks you through the relaxing and uplifting meditation session you need, to get back stronger on your feet.

Good For: People who want to deal with negative emotions fast

Where to Find it: Meditation Minis website, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Stitcher

7. Peace Out Podcast

This is a story-based meditation podcast channel that works wonders for kids. Short stories on every episode are designed to help walk kids through visualization as well as breathing techniques that will help them calm down and relax, be more loving and kind, and make it easy for them to drift off to slumberland. The episodes not only work well for kids but for use by teachers and parents who want to introduce kids to meditation, self-improvement, and self-regulation. The stories help kids understand and experience what it’s like to meditate, be mindful, and cultivate other useful attributes in their lives. The episodes are led by Chanel Tsang, who is a yoga teacher, educator, and family support practitioner.

Good For: Teaching kids meditation and self-improvement

Where to Find it: Apple Podcasts, Audible, Chanel Tsang website, and Spotify

8. The Mindfulness Minute Podcast

This podcast is designed in a way to accommodate people who want to get into meditation as well as those who want to establish a long-term meditation practice despite having a tight schedule. The episodes of the podcast feature different lengths of meditation sessions that walk you through meditation in an easy but effective way to ensure you and everyone else get worthwhile value from the practice. If you are too busy, you can work with the 10-minutes meditation but if you have more time you can dedicate to your practice you can go for the 30 minutes sessions. The podcast channel and the meditation sessions are led by Meryl Arnett who is a meditation teacher and enthusiast.

Good For: All types of people interested in meditation, busy or free most of them as well beginners and advanced meditators

Where to Find it: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Meryl Arnett website, and Google podcasts

9. I Should be Meditating Podcast

This is a podcast that gives guided meditation and talks about various angles of meditation. The host, Alan Klima, is passionate about meditation and uses his personal experiences to help other people understand how they can build the habit of meditating and remain committed to it. He talks about the challenges all meditators face and provides real and workable solutions that everyone can use and benefit from. His 2 decades and a half worth of experience and knowledge and training in various meditation-based techniques including the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program help him relay knowledge in a very insightful manner.

Good For: People who wish to be long term meditators but are having a difficult time achieving that

Where to Find it: I Should Be Meditating website, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher

10. On Being Podcast

This podcast provides a wide array of talks and discussions on meditation, self-improvement, and how techniques like meditation and mindfulness play a part in various areas like science, spirituality, culture, poetry, maths, social healing, and arts. The podcast celebrates spiritual figures from all over the world including Thich Nhat Hanh, Desmond Tutu, and many more. The host of this podcast is Krista Tippett, an author whose books are New York Times best-sellers and is also a National Humanities medalist, just to mention a few of her achievements.

Good For: People who want to understand how meditation and spirituality are applied in work and personal life

Where to Find it: On Being website, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and TuneIn

11. Yoga by Nature Podcast

Yoga by nature is a podcast that helps you calm down and relaxes your way into your meditation and yoga classes when you feel too overwhelmed. The podcast features episodes that go deep into seated meditations and different aspects of yoga as well as guided meditations. The episodes are as short as 10 minutes and as long as 90 minutes so you have the choice of the ones you feel are good for you based on the amount of time you have for self-care. If you are into Hatha yoga and guided relaxation meditation, this podcast is definitely for you. Morven Hamilton is the host of the podcast and a well-experienced yoga trainer. She also records and uploads episodes of her yoga for cancer classes to the podcast so that you get an episode that feels real and you can easily relate to.

Good For: People who are into yoga and meditation

Where to Find it: Libsyn, Yoga by Nature website, Spotify, Audible, and Apple Podcasts

12. Audio Dharma Podcast

This is a Buddhism-focused podcast that shares wisdom and knowledge on varying aspects of Buddha teachings. Dharma itself means the nature of reality perceived as a universal truth that was taught by the Buddha. The podcast show is hosted by several figures from the Insight Meditation Center including Diana Clark, Gil Fronsdal, Andrea Fella, Matthew Brensilver, and others, and they last from 12 minutes to a little over an hour. They discuss various topics including the four noble truths, aspiration and intention, teachings by Thich Nhat Hanh, and even offer guided meditation sessions.

Good For: People who are into meditation and Buddhism

Where to Find it: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Audio Dharma website, and Listen Notes

13. The 12-Minute Meditation Podcast (Mindful Meditations by

This is a podcast from the popular Mindful magazine and website that talks about mindfulness at length along with other interesting wellness topics such as our 5 senses, compassion, self-acceptance, gratitude, and more. The podcast from the website features meditation sessions that are less than 20 minutes and which target different areas. The speakers and teachers include Barry Boyce, Lili Powell, Rhonda Magee, Priti Patel, Rasheed Hughes, and more.

Good For: People interested in meditation and mindfulness

Where to Find it: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Listen Notes, and website

14. Roaming Yogis Podcast

This is a podcast held by Natalie Perez, a yoga teacher and host of the podcast, who helps you through meditation and yoga sessions and other topics like awakening your intuition, tree visualization practice, meditation for patience, calming breath, and setting intentions, among others. Most of the episodes are under 20 minutes which makes them suitable to listen to during your tea and lunch breaks.

Good For: Meditation And Yoga enthusiasts

Where to Find it: Apple Podcasts, Listen Notes, and Roaming Yogi website

15. Sleep Whispers Podcast

As the name hints, this is a podcast show dedicated to sleep and meditation. It provides a variety of techniques including soothing meditation sessions, whispered readings, stories, and poems that help you drift off to sleep fast. The episodes are up to 40 minutes long and are divided into “Whisperpedias”, “Acorns” and “Story Time” for the mentioned approaches.

Good For: People interested in Meditation and better sleep

Where to Find it: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Listen Notes, Audible, and Sleep Whispers website

16. Untangle Podcast

Untangle is a podcast that is full of humor, insightful information, and transformative experience as the hosts, Patricia Karla and Ariel Garten discuss various meditation and self-improvement topics and have interviews with experts around the world from different fields including neuroscience, leadership, meditation, psychology, nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, and Buddhism, just to name a few. Personal stories from these guests can help transform your life and learn deep information about life and meditation that will help steer your meditation journey in the right direction.

Good For: Meditation and self-improvement

Where to Find it: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Muse: the brain sensing headband and Meditation Studio

17. Meditation For Fitness Peeps Podcast

This is a fitness and meditation app that provides short meditation sessions directed toward fitness topics to help increase your motivation to improve your physical fitness. It covers topics including meditation, mindfulness, yoga, running, CrossFit, Paleo, Keto, and Barré. It also looks into experts such as Alan Watts, Deepak Chopra, Mark Twain, Tao te Ching, and many others. The podcast also features brainwave entrainment episodes with the focus being isochronic tone and binaural beats.

Good For: Meditation, mindfulness, and fitness

Where to Find it: Stitcher and Listen Notes

18. Rubin Museum Mindfulness Meditation Podcast

This is a podcast that was brought to life by New York’s Rubin Museum of Art, a museum that deals with art that is based on the Himalayas and its surroundings. The meditation sessions on the podcast direct their focus and attention to art and use it as a tool of meditation. Several well-known meditation teachers like Sharon Salzberg, Tracy Cochran, Rebbeca Li, and Keira Jewel Lingo lead the sessions. The duration of the episodes is around 40 minutes which means it works well for you if you have plenty of time to spare to go deep into meditation.

Good For: Buddhism and meditation

Where to Find it: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Rubin museum website, and TuneIn

19. Guided Sleep Meditations Tracks to Relax Podcast

This is a sleep-based podcast that provides a wealth of sleep meditation sessions to help you get into the “other dimension” much faster and have restful sleep throughout the night. The podcast is packed with bedtime stories, nap meditations, sleep meditations, sleep, and self-care sounds. There are actually a number of episodes of “Alice in Wonderland” read for you soothingly and softly that will see you relax and fall asleep without struggling. The episodes vary in length with some of the shortest ones going for less than 10 minutes and the longest, slightly over an hour.

Good For: Meditation and sleep

Where to Find it: Apple Podcasts, Audible, Deezer, and Tracks to Relax website

20. The One Mind Podcast

This podcast is all about spilling over the experience and effects of mindfulness and meditation into our daily lives and if you are someone who is having a hard time doing that, then this podcast can give you a good kick forward. The episodes are led by Morgan Dix, a meditation and yoga expert, who brings guests that work with meditation and mindfulness in their everyday lives to share their tips and advice for making it work. Guided meditation sessions are also available and they range from a few minutes to more than 1 hour.

Good For: People who want to know how to incorporate meditation and mindfulness into daily activities

Where to Find it: Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, and About Meditation website

21. Meditation Station Podcast

This is a podcast hosted by Stin Hansen that looks into meditation for various aspects such as managing anger and pain, dealing with a crisis, personal responsibility, relationships, panic attacks, trauma, and sleep. The episodes last 5 to 30 minutes.

Good For: Meditation for various life issues

Where to Find it: Spotify, Listen Notes, Deezer, and Apple Podcasts

22. Hay House Meditations Podcast

This is a podcast that is more diverse and which focuses on several topics on health and general wellness. It brings some of the most loved self-help authors to share their wisdom and guide listeners through meditation sessions aimed at self-healing, self-growth and overcoming life’s challenges. Some of the guests are Louise Hay, Diana Cooper, Marianne Williamson, Michelle Anise, and many more. Most of the episodes are long (above 10 minutes) although some are as short as 2 minutes.

Good For: People who want to improve their overall lifestyle

Where to Find it: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn, Audible, Discover Hayhouse website

23. Radio Headspace Podcast

This is a podcast from the popular meditation app, Headspace. Here, you get to be walked through guided meditation sessions by various hosts like Eve, Kessonga, Andy Puddicombe, and Dora for dealing with different situations such as anxiety, letting go, fears, and others. Andy Puddicombe is the co-founder of Headspace, a meditation teacher and expert who has been featured on various reputable organizations including TEDTalk. And he shares his learning and wisdom through the episodes on the podcast which last for less than 5 minutes. The podcast also features guests like John Legend to provide more motivation for self-improvement.

Good For: Meditation and Mindfulness

Where to Find it: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Audible, Deezer, Headspace website, Listen Notes, and TuneIn

24. Wake Me Up: Morning Meditation And Motivation

This is a podcast that aims to help people wake up fresh and energetic enough to tackle the day. There is calming and refreshing music along with guided meditation sessions to help you understand how to make your mornings productive in a way that sets the pace for your day to be more fruitful. Tyler Brown, the host, walks you through sessions of mindfulness, yoga, and meditation, not to mention motivation in a smooth and easily relatable way that will ensure you feel inspired to get out there and take on the day’s challenges. The episodes vary in length, and you can choose the 3 minutes episodes if you are short on time or the longer ones that go almost up to 30 minutes.

Good For: People who want morning inspiration

Where to Find it: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Audible, Listen Notes, and Wake Me Up Podcast website

25. Get Sleepy

This is a sleep-focused podcast that works with two resources, sleep meditations and bedtime stories. It features a variety of sleep and meditation experts, authors, and artists to be narrators so that they can provide you with a different experience that is more soothing for you and which makes you fall asleep easily to. Some of the narrators include Elizabeth Grace, Thomas Jones, Simon Mattacks, and Abbe Opher. Almost all episodes are above 30 minutes with some going for a little over 1 hour.

Good For: People who have trouble sleeping

Where to Find it: Apple Podcasts, Audible, Deezer, Spotify and Get Sleepy website

There you go! The best meditation-based podcasts to consider working in your personal development journey.

We encourage you to take your time to look through each of the podcasts and determine which one is more suited for you, make an effort to listen to them, and put into practice what you learn from them every so often so as to fully benefit.

Which podcast sounds good for you? Which area of your life are you trying to work on and which category of podcasts are you interested in? Let us know in the comments below. 🙂


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    I have been looking for podcasts to help me to learn more about meditation, but also music to soothe me, so this list is incredibly helpful for me. I will start with the Meditation for Fitness Peeps podcast, and the 12-Minute Meditation podcast, before moving through your list. 

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