1. Geoff

    In truth, I had no idea such a machine was available to the public and appreciate your description of this fascinating machine. I take it that as you work on your computer the machine monitors your brain waves and then gives you feedback on how you can improve.

    How effective are the solutions it gives?

    • Dave

      Hey Geoff, 

      The effectiveness of the solutions pretty much depend on how you apply them.

      If you are don’t take them seriously, you will not get the full effect they can have in you. But if you take them and work hard on every one of them, you are surely going to find some pretty interesting results.

      The solutions are usually provided by brain experts who have been researching and experimenting with them. So you will be getting good stuff. 🙂

  2. Eli

    anything that can improve the brain power is welcome. Your article is clear and gives an inside review of the MindReflector. I have never hear about it before but from what you write it sounds like you get a good value for your money. I wonder though if it has long term advantages or is it the kind of thing you use a few times and then forget about it.
    Thanks for the informative article

    • Dave

      Hey Eli, 

      If you are a huge brain enthusiast, this software should be a long term investment for your brain health. It will be helping you keep constant track of your brain improvement.

      You can first use it to see where your mental health is at currently and the areas you require more effort in.

      You then go and work hard on those areas and come back to use it to know if the work if really paying off. This is something that can help up your mental game slowly by slowly, and use it for a very long period of time.

  3. Louie Limosnero

    It’s been said that we only use 5%-10% of our brain power. So is this something that can help us use the full potential of our minds? Is it a practical tool? do you mind sharing the benefits you experienced in using the mindreflector?
    Thanks for the post! I learned something new today!

    • Dave

      Hey Louie,

      You won’t get to access the full ability of the brain with Mindreflector. 🙂

      You will be getting to improve your brain little by little by helping you work on the areas your mind is weak at as shown by the application.

      And getting to reduce the mental weaknesses, you will notice an improvement in your level of focus and managing your moods.

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