MindPeak Store Review – The Store is Too Limited!

So you are into monitoring and improving your brain, or you a in the field of nuerofeedback and biofeedback either as a professional or as a patient if so then keep reading.It is not every day that you find a company that you can rely on and fully trust to manufacture devices and software’s and especially for sensitive activities such as for neurofeedback purposes.

In this review I tell you all about about MindPeak a neurofeedback equipment and software manufacturing company, to help you understand their products, how reliable they are, the time they have been manufacturing, their reputation, experience in the field and generally about the products they produce.

I will do everything i can to make sure i tell you everything that you need to learn about this company, but if by chance i do leave out anything that you feel is of paramount importance or you just want to know please feel free to drop your question in the comment section below and i will get back to you.

Cool! now straight to the review!

Name: Mind peak
Website: mindpeak.com
Best known for: Manufacturing neurofeedback and biofeedback equipment
Price: varies with product
Overall Rank: 85 of 100

What is MindPeak?

Mind peak is a manufacturer of low cost/ very cost effective high quality neurofeedback equipment and software’s located in the US, California, Petaluma.

Their products are targeted for professionals, clinical use, home users and institutions, they have very popular designs and quality assurance to back each product, they provide full support for installation, set up of their equipment and for the full protocol design.
They are mainly known to manufacture both two channel and four channel neurofeedback systems.

Some of the equipment they manufacture includes:

1. Wave rider pro neurofeedback system.
2. Wave rider 2cx neurofeedback system.
3. Head electrodes.
4. Ear electrodes.
5. Lead wires.
6. Finger clips.
7. NuPrep gels.
8. Ten 20 conductive paste.
9. Disposable electrodes.
10. Bio explorer.

Basically you can get all the neurofeedback and biofeedback equipment and accessories.

How does MindPeak Work?

They are majorly known for manufacturing both two channel such as the waverider 2cx and four channel neurofeedback systems such as the waverider pro.

WaveRider Pro.

Full and complete neurofeedback system inclusive of hardware, software and all accessories which also includes full support for installation and the initial protocol development, it uses the bioExplorer software.

Has the ability to include all the most popular neurofeedback applications,

which include;

1. alpha theta

2. beta theta

3. SMR-theta

4. alpha

which can be modified or extended via a point and click interface.

Comes with four low noise multi use channels and uses a single nine volt battery which is not included in the purchase, connected to the computer with a USB cable for neurofeedback, connects to the head with sterling silver electrodes and for peripheral biofeedback it uses disposable electrodes, the connector jacks on the device are compatible with any standard protected pin electrode.

It weighs four pounds and dimensions of 16 by 12 by 4 inches and consideration of the power line frequency where it comes in both 50 and 60 hertz. With all of that it comes with a price tag of $2100.

WaveRider 2cx.

It also a complete neurofeedback system inclusive of hardware, software and all accessories, the wave rider neurofeedback hardware uses the BioExplorer neurofeedback software, it come with the most popular neurofeedback applications.

They include;

1. alpha theta

2. beta theta

3. SMR-theta

4. alpha

It also give you a chance to modify and extend the included designs with a point and click interface.

It has two low noise multi use channels and a single dedicated skin resistance channel (GSR). any of the channels may be individually assigned to the brain, heart, or muscle signals, it runs on a nine volt battery that is not included in the purchase package.

It is optically isolated from the computer and connects to the computer with a USB cable connects to the head with sterling silver electrodes for efficient neurofeedback, and disposable electrodes for peripheral feedback and the connector jacks on the device are compatible with any standard protected pin electrode.

It has a weight of 3 pounds with the following dimension of 12 by 9 by 3 inches and also comes in considerations of 50 or 60 hertz depending on what your country uses. It brings along a price tag of 1700 dollars.

The BioExplorer.

This is a software that is used for neurofeedback and biofeedback training as well as biological signal acquisition, this software is super easy to use, flexible and extremely powerful.

This software reads, stores and displays biological signals that is very useful for audio and visual feedback, they are fully customized to the needs of each individual with numerous options available. It comes loaded into the systems but can also be purchased separately from the system at a price of 400 dollars.

In the activity of neurofeed back brainwaves are collected through sensors and the information send by the hardware to the software as feedback for analysis and action, which is how one controls the game or the music on the screen of the computer so the importance of a good software cannot be over emphasized.

What is included in this Company?

The company deals with different products of neurofeedback and biofeedback systems they are inclusive of the hard ware, the software, the entire systems and the accessories that accompany such systems.

Cost, Discounts and Free Samples.

Costs of products differ from individual products as indicated there above and they provide you with simple means of payment like PayPal, visa and master card.

They give you a 30 day money back guarantee no questions asked of course a return policy exist where it 15 % less as restocking fee and it does not apply to products such as opened software, software upgrades, books and accessories.

They have a limited warranty for every one of their products, where the computer hard ware has a one year warranty, the software also has a one year warranty and the electrodes come with a 90 day warranty.

They do not provide any free samples, there are a few discounts here and there though for example if you buy the software from them instead of getting for a price of 425 dollars you get it for 400 dollars.

How to Use MindPeak Products?

This products come with full support and installation guides in which case they do not pose such a huge problem after they fully setup since all you have to do is attach the electrodes on their respective positions seated and start either the music or the game then play and see yourself learn how to control your physiological activities to improve your body and health.

My Personal Thoughts.

This is a great company with the right leadership, you can trust them to deliver on their promise and provide good and reliable hardware.

It is important to mention that before you make purchases you should familiarize yourself with the warranty policy to ensure that they are safe.


As much as there is no much information available about the company and their website is not the very best on the planet there is enough out there to help you decide.

If there is anything that I did not handle that you would like to know please feel free to drop it in the comment box below I will be sure to get back to you.

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