Mind Workstation Torrent Review

Mind Workstation Torrent Review – Not the Best!

Brainwave Entrainment Neurofeedback

This review will be looking at the brainwave software called Mind Workstation created by Transparent Corp. I say this because there are many mind workstation systems online and might get you all mixed up.

This software has become very popular among brain improving enthusiasts and this review will be getting into the specific areas people are mostly asking about with regards to it.

Some of these areas include, what it really is, a software or a brainwave program, how it works, why I don’t recommend it for beginners, what is included, how to use it, people that shouldn’t use it and cost, discount and activation key as well as other areas.

It is short but goes really deep into the system.

If you get any questions, you can always reach through the comments below. Leave your question there and I will be more than happy to help you out. Okay?

Awesome! Into this software. 🙂

Name: Mind WorkstationMind Workstation Torrent Review

Author: Adam Hewitt under Transparent Corp

Cost: depends on package ( $179, $279 or $489)

Best Place to Buy: www.transparentcorp.com

Best For: various mental states

Overall rankings : 88 out of 100

What is Mind Workstation?

This is a brainwave software meant to help you create your own brainwave entrainment musical tracks and listen to them to help boost the quality of your mind.

The software comes with almost everything used to create almost all brainwave audio tracks you know of like holosync and the rest, which alter the brain into different states whenever you need them.

I know this whole description may sound a bit confusing so I wouldmind twist program want to boil it further down. Have you ever used any brainwave entrainment tracks?

Those audio recordings you hear and they have an effect on your mind? If you want to sleep, there are such audios that will help you fall asleep faster.

If it is increasing your focus, creativity, concentration, relaxation, meditation and other states, there are also tracks that will help better the experience.

Good examples of these systems which sell these tracks are brainev or Sleep Salon or even nitrofocus.

Now these tracks and systems I have just mentioned have been created by a software like Mind Workstation.

It helps create the audio and visual effects you need to see your brain work at an elevated state than you are currently in.

How it Works

This is a software so it will be working with a PC. You can’t use mobile devices.

Now, as earlier said, the software will help you create and perfect your brainwave audios and files which will be boosting your mind in various ways for various purposes.

If you haven’t heard of brainwave entrainment audios, or the technology itself, let me shed some light for you.

Brainwave entrainment is a form of brain technology that lets you change the state of your mind or feel it at a deeper level by listening to audios made by special frequencies.

These frequencies have the ability to influence your brain’s waves brainwave entrainmentand get them to move in a pattern that will bring the actual state, in a deeper level, the track is meant for.

The tracks you get out of this technology help you to sleep better, be truly happy, be uniquely creative, meditative, sharp, relaxed and many more.

Mind Workstation now helps you create these tracks for yourself. The software has an EEG machine and other great but techy features which design the audios as well as other tools you will need to create something of substantial amount of value.

My Advice to You

If you are just starting out with brainwave entrainment, I don’t recommend using this software because it is complicated (extremely geeky and techy), and is mostly used by neuro-researchers and practitioners.

If you want a system that will help you improve your brain without any hassles, I would advise you to go for Brain Salon. This the best system for boosting your brain in many states.

It is very easy to use and comes well packed with value. The tracks in there are very effective and bring faster results than any other system I know of.

Learn more about Brain Salon here

However, if you still want something that can help you with neurofeedback, that is using brainwave entrainment to study your brain, a very effective equipment for that which I would recommend to you is Emotive Epoc+ or Muse.

What is Included in the Program

Well, this program has a lot of technical features that you are going to love if you are into creating your own tracks.

It not only uses the brainwave entrainment with EEG machines, but also includes other features for complete success with it. These features are:

Features for Brainwave entrainment – For people who love using brainwave entrainanment, there are isochronic tones, harmonic box x, sound filtering, screen flashing, audio strobe, control frequencies in real time, EEG and biofeedback driven stimulus.

Features for Biofeedback – If you are into biofeedback, you will get onscreen visual feedback, brain frequency control and ability to collect biofeedback data and detailed information for your research, connect with many devices, and bioOptimize your sessions.

You will also get other great features for:

• Sound and visual effects

• Content and creationMind Workstation Torrent Review

• Graphing

• Screen display

• Editing

• Sound and Light devices

• Recording and text to speech

• Flexibility and programmability

• Special effects and filters

• And any more.

How to Use Mind Workstation

The idea is to get you to use quality tracks that will enhance your mind. You can either use some of the tracks the software comes with or just choose to make your own the way you like them.

Both ways, you get a user guide and a book which is more than 350 pages to help you know how to handle the whole system.

There are also tutorials and screenshots to help you know different features and how to make them work right. But the user guide is better placed to give you deeper insights than the tutorials.

You can search the book and the guide and print them if you like. But you will need an activation key to get into the software. And this will be sent to your email once you buy it.

Who Shouldn’t Use Mind Workstation

Firstly, if you are not well acquainted with virtual systems for neuroscience, this one is going to be very tough for you during your first few early days.

Secondly, there are those folks who can and mostly are affected by these tracks. And this can at times pose danger to your health.

So, please if you are in this list, try to avoid this software as well as other brainwave entrainment tracks, systems and softwares to keep away from any health complications.

These are the people who are not encouraged to use it:

• People who are epileptic

• People who have gotten any brains injuries

• People who have any mental health issues

• People who wish to use the tracks when working on dangerous machines

• Children under 18 years of age

Mind Workstation Cost, Demo’s, Free Trials and Discounts

The software is sold in 3 versions basing each version on the pocket of people who use it and the tools included.

To start with, there is the regular version, which is meant for all Mind Workstation Torrent Review downloadpeople out there who love biofeedback and brainwave entrainment products. There aren’t so many tools here, but they are sufficient to help you get much value off of the system.

You will pay $179.99 for this regular version.

The second version is the professional version, which is more advanced than the regular. It has all the features you get in the regular version plus a few other ones like addition presets, advanced engine features, professional sessions and templates, and capabilities of graphing.

The professional version goes for $279.99

Finally, there is the Enterprise version. It is also called the Professional + EEG Version Support version. This is the real deal for those who are into this stuff, like therapists and practitioners.

With this version, you get all the features in the regular and professional versions, and even more. The extras include real time control console, EEG device support, advanced support level, and a .Net plugin support.

This one goes for $489.99.

Choose Your Preferred Version Here

There is also a free trial of the system and you can get a link to download it by giving your name and email address.

For discounts, you will be given a coupon codes for the system if you will go and like the Transparent Corp Facebook page.

They will give the code immediately you do that. On the tab labelled “Tcorps coupon” is where you will get yours.

There are also great offers if you decide to upgrade from the lower version to the higher ones like professional and professional +EEG Version Support. They are actually very affordable if your are determined to make it work for you. Be sure to check them out.

See the offers page here

And that is the gist of Mind Workstation.

Again, if you feel this software is way too much for you, you can always use a standard, more guided version for a number of brain states using Muse or Emotive Epoc+ or use brainwave tracks of Brain Salon.

They are the best alternatives I know of thus far.

Learn More About Brain Salon here

If you need any help with the system or brain stuff, I would be happy to give you a hand. Leave your comments below and I will help you to the best of my abilities. I’ll be waiting. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Mind Workstation Torrent Review – Not the Best!

  1. They never update the software, their “tech support” is a Bad joke, and the program is no longer compatible with the latest updates of Windows 10.
    Stay Away!

    1. Sorry to hear that Patrick,

      There are some programs that just don’t put in the effort to keep their systems right, or even bother updating them after new updates of the resources they are using have been released.

      As an alternative, I would encourage you to look into zen 12 for meditation, nitrofocus for focus and productivity, Brainev for concentration training, sleep salon for sleep or brain salon for many great mental states. These are the brainwave entrainment products I know to be the best in the industry with really great support.

      You can also check out the raikov effect if you are a real brain ethusiast. It is really awesome.

      Hope you have yourself a lovely day. 🙂

      1. Thanks a lot! I will check out raikov effect.
        I’m interested in being able to Create tracks myself. I’m a Hypnotherapist and teacher, so I like creating my own tracks and want good tools to do that. Thanks again
        – Patrick

        1. You are welcome Patrick,

          At the moment, I don’t know any good systems you can use to create your own brainwave entrainment tracks. Keep looking, I am sure you will find them. In case I find any, I will let you know. Also, Raikov effect is a great program, you are going to love it.

          Have a good day. 🙂

  2. There is an alternative to Mind Work Station that is worth examining. It’s called SHARM.
    It’s similar to MWS but in some ways more user friendly and it’s cheaper.
    MSW has Terrible Customer Support.

    1. Glad you got one Patrick 🙂 ,

      I also see it is something you loved. I have never heard of SHARM myself, but it is something I gotten interest in based on the way you describe it.

      It is a system I may review in the near future when I have known it well.

      Thanks for letting me know. 🙂

      Have an awesome day.

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