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Mind Movies Matrix Review – I Highly Recommend it!

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If you are looking for more information on the Mind movies matrix, it means you are a huge self development enthusiast and you want to be sure what the program is all about and how effective it really is, right?

Well, since we are like minded, I am sure I will be of great assistance to you. I learnt about this program a long while ago but didn’t give it much thought until someone I respect recommended it to me again.

After that, I spent time in the trenches looking for more information about it and I will be sharing with you all that I learned about it here.

My mind movies matrix review will be delving into the most essential aspects of the program including what the program is all about, how exactly it works, what is included in the program, how to use it, who should use it, who shouldn’t use it, customer reviews, video reviews, costs, discounts and bonuses.

And just in case you have a question about a specific area of it you’d want more clarification on, feel more than welcome to let me know about it in the comments and I’ll be more than happy to help. Agreed? 🙂mind movies matrix program

Fantastic! Let’s dive right into it.

Name: Mind Movies Matrix

Creators: Natalie Ledwell and Morry Zelcovitch

Cost: ($297) one time payment or 2 payments of $178.99

Best Place to Buy: www.mindmovies.com

Best Known For: Personal Development

Rankings: 96 out of 100

What is the Mind Movies Matrix?

Well, this is pretty much a program that is aimed at helping you improve your subconscious mind, which is an essential aspect of the brain that deal with your beliefs, values, culture and habits that you have, to help you get to achieve in life what you have always desired.

It makes this possible through 2 main brain improvement techniques, which are Visualization and Brainwave Entrainment (which I will be getting deep into in a few minutes).

The techniques have been blended into 3 minutes videos (which are commonly referred to as Mind Movies) that have positively inspiring images of your goals and music to help work your subconscious mind to get into you into a flow state of positive vibes, creativity and consistent productivity.

By listening to the 3 minutes videos every morning and evening, combined with personal effort, you will be able to rewire the subconscious mind and become all the more geared towards success.

Personally, what I love about this program is the great science behind it as well as how simple and convenient it is work with, as I will be explaining in detail, in a few.

The Creators of Mind Movies Matrix

The minds working behind the system are Natalie Ledwell and Morry Zelcovitch.

I’m sure if you’ve been in the self improvement industry long enough, you must have heard either of the names somewhere.

Starting with Natalie, she is one respected figure in the industry.owner of mind movies matrix

She is the one who wrote the bestselling book called “Never in Your Wokdest Dreams” which you can actually get yourself a free ebook copy of here.

She is also one of the owners of Mind Movies, which is a company that has become reputable in selling top notch brain and self improvement products like this program and the ultimate success masterclass, among others that work for all categories of enthusiasts, from students to teachers and even business people.

She also hosts “The Inspiration Show” which is in the same line as her business and books. She has actually helped almost 6 million people thus far and she believes she can reach out to more than 10 million folks.

Based on how long I have been in this industry, I have to say I really trust her because she stands for quality work and genuinely helping people, something you will see when you get to try the program out.

And then we have Morry Zelcovitch, a highly sought after brainwave entrainment expert.co owner of the mind movies matrix

This is a guy I have heard many brain experts and life coaches mention and recommend, very often.

And he is one experienced person with brainwave entrainment, a science that helps you get into different states of the mind faster and longer to achieve different goals.

He has even been sought by the Brazilian government to help improve the productivity of their police force, and has done more than that.

These are two people you can be sure have the utmost abilities and are willing to help you make the better version of yourself, if you are determined to acheive your goals

How the Mind Movies Matrix Works

As I had earlier mentioned, the program makes good use of Visualization and Brainwave Entrainment.

Visualization, to begin with, is a technique that has been used for decades to improve motivation levels.

People have often used it while working with the law of attraction as well as for getting themselves to have their goals sink in them well enough to have them believe in themselves and work towards the goals.

A good example of visualization is the vision board.

vision board
A vision board

This was a traditional method that involved creating a board with images of all the things you want to achieve together with inspiring messages to keep you in the zone and constantly inspired to make effort to see them achieved.

Now the Mind movies is more of an advanced vision board, or should I say a virtual vision board.

It helps you have with you a board that you don’t have to work hard to create, as they have done it for you.

Moreover, they have added subliminal messages and strong affirmations that will impact your subconscious mind in a great way to get your goals firmly rooted in your mind more than what a regular vision board would do.

After that we have brainwave entrainment.

This is a technique that I have come to love over the years.

I have used for a long time and have seen its amazing benefits.

It uses special wave frequencies that communicate with the waves in your brain to create a higher mental state in you that will help you do diffferent things better than you normally do them.

You can use it for improving your productivity, meditation, sleeping, happiness and other states.

It works very fast and its benefits are long lasting when you use it consistently.

Now it has been used here to help you become more open and receptive to the images of your goals and inspirational music as well as improving your levels of productivity.

So, in summary, you get a program that only needs about 6 minutes of your time, 3 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes in the evening, and uses the best methods to help you believe in your goals and yourself, made by well respected industry experts.

What is Included in the Program

When you order your copy of the program, this is what you will get in the package:

1. The 4 Mind movies with brainwave entrainment matrix – Here, you get the 3 minute videos I talked about which have been combined with brainwave entrainment. There are 4 movies in total that handle 4 of the most common yet demanding areas of life, wealth & achievement, enhancing deeper relationships, weight loss and optimal as well as finding and nurturing the perfect person for you.

2. The 4 mind movies with subliminal messages matrix – Here you get the same videos as you get with the previous resource, except that , instead of brainwave entrainment, they have been combined with subliminal messages. These are really awesome!

3. The 4 subliminal audios (1 hour long each) – This includes 4 audios lasting 60 minutes each that will help you in different areas like improving upon your emotions, manifesting power and your thoughts.

4. The soothing sleep meditation audio – This audio is pretty much meant to improve the quality of your sleep. It comes with 2 versions, the guided meditation and the unguided one. So you can choose what you feel is best for you. It helps you calm mental chatter to get restful sleep all the while keeping your motivation levels at peak. I actually saw someone say this audio changed her life completely.

How to Use the Program

This is very simple, all you have to do is this:

how to use mind movies matrix

Who Should Use the Mind Movies Matrix

If you are someone who has been struggling to achieve goals in your life, and you still believe you can make it happen, then this is a program I highly encourage you to work with.

It will help you clear all the mental blocks that have been holding you back all this while and also help you work on them everday.

In short, the program will take you to the next level of working on the goals on a constant basis till you actualize them.

Who Shouldn’t Use the Program

As a person who has been in the brainwave entrainment industry, it is essential for me to make you aware that the brainwave entrainment based mind movies in the program are not for everyone.

Since they use special wave frequencies that work directly with your brain, some people may find them harmful to use and experts recommend you don’t use them for your own safety.

The people I discourage from using the videos are:

1. Those who are epileptic, since they can trigger seizures

2. Those who are below the age of 18

3. Those who will use the videos while driving

4. Those who will use the videos while running heavy machines

5. Those who have had brain injuries

If you are in this category, please avoid using them. You can go ahead and use the subliminal messages based videos in the same program, those are safe for you,

Customer Reviews

Personally, I like seeing what previous customers have to say about a product before I actually buy into it. And am guessing you are just like me, true?

Wow! Don’t we have so much in common?

Well, here is what users have to say about the mind movies matrix.

mind movies matrix customer reviews

I believe you have also seen it is one credible program, even more so because of the people who have created, their level of  expertise and their experience.

Cost, Discounts and Bonuses

The Mind movies matrix goes for only $297. Personally, I find this price to be very fair considering the cost it takes for brainwave entrainment to be included in the program.

There are other programs I know that go for more than this and are based on brainwave entrainment only.

But here you get both brainwave entrainment and visualization for a lower price.

This is a huge discount in my books.

And you also get the option of either paying a one time payment of $297 or  2 monthly payments of $187.99.

But please note that, the creators have said that there is a possibility of increasing the price soon due to the cost of production.

That is why I would encourage you to get your copy of the program sooner to avoid the additional charge.

Secure your copy of the program here

On top of what you get in the package, there are really wonderful bonuses given like:

1. A whole year’s access to the Subliminal Success Accelerator (valued at $444) – The subliminal success subliminal software of USM programaccelerator is a paid monthly program that goes for $37 every month, but you get it for free for a whole year. It includes exclusive training, live coaching calls, awesome self growth tools, and subliminal audios made by Morry Zelcovitch, just to name a few. You are going to love it!

2. The uncut footage of the closed door mind mastery world summit seminar (valued at $249) – This is a package that contains some high end events for personal development where great minds like Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Bob Doyle (the teacher in “The Secret” movie) and T. Harv Eker among many other have been featured. You will get all these resources that you can actually download and fit in 11 DVDs.

See how these guys are actually determined to help you get all the resources you need to really steer your life forward?

This is what willingness to help people is all about.

The Mind Movies Matrix Is Just Awesome!

If you ask me, I have not seen a better self growth program that has combined visualization, subliminal messaging and brainwave entrainment this good.

Yes, there may be other great programs based on brainwave entrainment like Zen 12, Brainev and Nitrofocus and subliminal messages software like Subliminal 360 and Subliminal Guru, not to mention great law of attraction courses like the no bs manifesting course, which I love and recommend, but when you want a program that combines them all, you should definitely get Mind movies matrix.

Order your copy of the Mind movies matrix here

And that is all there is to this program.

I hope I have helped you understand it well enough.

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below. I will be more than happy to strike a conversation with you about the program or brain improvement at large.

I’ll be waiting! 🙂


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