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Mind Lab Pro Reviews – A Quite Effective Product!

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I’m sure you have heard a lot of good stuff about mind lab pro, or would like to, from a number of its users. Right? And you also wish to know it well it so see if it can make your best brain fit, isn’t it?

Well, this mind lab pro review will be digging deep into this product with regards to how it works, ingredients, what it really is, dosage, customer reviews, how long it takes for it to release effects, where to buy it online, benefits and side effects.

I’m going to keep this review very short and interesting. If you would like more explanation of this supplement, you can always get it here. Feel free to drop me a comment below to have things cleared up for you. Okay? πŸ™‚

Fantastic! Into the mind lab pro.

Product: Mind Lab ProMind Lab Pro Review

Price: $65

Best Place to Buy: www.mindlabpro.com

Servings: 60 Capsules

Guarantee: 30 Days guarantee

Mind lab pro Reviews

Well, those who have tried the supplement were surely pleased with the way it worked. Almost everyone who has given it a go say it has had special as well as amazing effects on them that are very rare to see with other brain supplements.

I have also not seen anyone making complaints about it, and the good thing it has no side effects, which means it very safe to work with it, without worrying about the side effects.

It is something I confidently recommend it to anyone out there who wants to try it out.

Get Mind Lab Pro from the main website here

The Best Alternative

There’s another great mind system I found to work just as brilliantly as Mind Lab Pro, and it could work great for those who fear using supplements, the system is calledΒ Brain Salon.

It aims to improve good moods, focus and attention, creativity brain salonspark, relaxation and sleep among others. And what made me get interested in it is the science it uses.

It doesn’t work with natural ingredients, as mind lab pro does, it uses quite an amazing brain science which you are going to love. It also doesn’t have any side effects.

The only difference is that it works faster than Mind Lab Pro and you can’t run out of it, because it is a brain based system, not a supplement which you have to keep ordering.

Learn more about Brain Salon here


The ingredients used in this product are quite common within the brain improvement industry, and you will see them in many other supplements.

But the outstanding thing about Mind Lao supplement is that has brought together almost all of them, and has added enough quantities of each ingredient to make the final product as potent as it can be.

Here is the list of ingredients you will get in Mind Lab product:

β€’ N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (175mg)

β€’ L-Theanine (100mg)

β€’ Phosphotidylserine (100mg)

β€’ Citicoline (250mg)

β€’ Bacopa Monierri (150mg)

β€’ Maritime Pine Bark Extract (75mg)

β€’ Rhodiola Rosea (50mg)

β€’ Lion’s mane (500mg)

β€’ Vitamin B6 (2.5mg)

β€’ Vitamin B9 (100mcg)

β€’ Vitamin B12 (7.5mcg)

What is Mind Lab Pro

This is a dietary supplement that has been made to address and improve blood flow, mental energy, brainwaves, brain health, neurotransmitters and the flow of the blood to the brain.

And by doing this, it makes it possible to increase moods, Mind Lab Pro Reviewcognitive focus and the memory.

The company that is responsible for the creation of this product is Opti-Nutra, which has become quite reputable after the success of this product.

The company is the only distributor of the supplement. You won’t find Mind Lab Pro in Amazon or Walmart, GNC, Target or any other store.

How Long it Takes to Have the Effects Kicking in

People who are using it say that they get the strong mental effects of it after a few minutes, with a maximum of 30 minutes.

For others it takes longer, while for others, a shorter time. I think it depends on how receptive your body is to medication.

For those who are starting out with it, it will take about 30 days, the longest time, for you to start seeing the benefits it brings.

So be patient with it when you don’t see anything for the first few days, it takes time to get the medication to influence the body.


You are supposed to take at least 4 capsules per day, in two doses spread throughout the day. For other people, it takes about 2 capsules to be powered through the day.

But if you don’t feel enough power, you can work with 4, but don’t exceed that. Only this much should be taken within 24 hours, taking more than this will only be risking your life.

It is recommended that you have it with food, early in the morning or early afternoons.

You can also take it when you want to work on something mentally demanding like deadlines, or studying for exams.

How it Works

Well, we will see what the ingredients do in the supplement.

To start with, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine is the synthesized form of tyrosine which is known have a higher bioavailability than the normal tyrosine.

It has been used to help boost neurotransmitters like dopamine, norepineprhine and epinephrine, after being overwhelmed by stress and depression.

L-Theanine is known to increase the levels of dopamine, GABA, and serotonin, as well as brainwaves like theta waves to bring relaxation, relief and creativity.

Phosphotidylserine is another ingredient that helps with getting neuroreceptors at optimal level, increasing the fluidity of the brain cell membrane and boosting dopamine and acetycholine.

This in turns help with brain health, neurogenesis and brain repair, not forgetting maintenance.

When taken in the body, citicoline breaks down into choline and cytidine, with the choline helping to boost the level of attention and focus, moods, concentration and learning abilities.

Bacopa monierri also contributes to a better mood and learningbacopa monierri abilities. It also adds to the value of your memory by influencing GABA, acetylcholine and serotonin.

It is possible that it may also increase the flow of the blood in the brain.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract is known to help increase the flow of blood by getting the blood vessels in the brain to relax.

The three B vitamins have been used to work on the red blood cells, mental energy and the formation of brain cells.

Rhodiola Rosea is responsible for growth of neurons and repairing the old worn out ones. It also provides neuroprotection from oxidative stress.

Lion’s mane has a lot of functions in the brain including regenerating new brain cells, protecting the brain, neuroplasticity, and acting as an antidepressant.


The known benefits of using Mind Lab Pro are:

β€’ Improving your learning abilities

β€’ Improving creativity and neuroplasticity

β€’ Improving your verbal fluidity and speaking

β€’ Improving your focus, attention and concentration

β€’ Protecting your brain

β€’ Relaxing and relieving stress

β€’ Improving your memory

Side Effects

There are no reported side effects with using Mind Labs. All of the users have not experienced any negative impact with the supplement, which means it is all the more great.

The guys at Opti Nutra really did a good job with balancing the ingredients.

Where to Buy it Online

As I had hinted earlier, you only get to order your bottle of this supplement from the main website, www.mindlabpro.com (Mind Lab Pro).

The site has clearly said that they have chosen not to use other reputable stores to sell their products because most stores rank even great products poorly which makes people see them as ineffective.

And, to some point, I agree with them.

It is very hard to get a good product in those stores without having to rely on the best sellers, which are mostly the best ranked ones.

Most folks buy the most bought products, which are not oftenly the most effective ones.

Also, I didn’t see any discount for it, so the set price remains.

Get Mind Labs Pro from the main website here

And that is it with this great brain supplement.

If you need any clarifications or have questions, please leave them below, and I will be more than glad to help you out. πŸ™‚


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