Melon Neurofeedback Headband Review -Essential Things to Know!

So you want to exercise your brain, you want to increase your focus and gain more control over your mind and the way it works, you want to learn how to control various mobile application with just your mind which will eventually help you control vices in your life such as stress levels.

Then this is the right review for you since I am going to tell you everything you need to know about the Melon neurofeedback headband, the price, how reliable it is, the kind of data it collects, the type of design and where and how to use it, to ultimately help you decide whether it is what you require to develop your healthy brain life style.

If I do leave out anything in this review that you feel is important in helping you make the right choice then please do not breathe twice before you contact me via the comment section below and I will make sure to inform on what you want to know.

Name: melon headband
Owner: kickstarter
Cost: $149.99
Field: personal development
Rankings: 95 out of 100

What is the Melon HeadBand?

This is a slim head band accompanied by a mobile app that reads your brain waves and uses the information to control various activities meant to help you improve your focus in line with the activity that you are undertaking.

The head band is designed to be won while engaging in various activities for example studying, running, dancing, playing football or whatever activity you are undertaking it does not matter the intensity of the activity since this band will hold on tightly but comfortable at the same time.

It was manufactured through crowd funding but was later acquired by DAQRI a company that was formulated in 2010 for an undisclosed amount.

How does the Melon HeadBand Work?

The head band uses neurofeedback ;electroencephalography (EEG) to measure your brain activity from where they use computerized algorithms to detect various metrics such as your level of focus then turn it into something that is understandable, measurable and that can be worked on for improvement.

They use the data collected to suggest activities that can help you improve from a personalized perspective.

Neurofeedback is a process of the brain releasing different waves while conducting different activities, either while you are working consciously or while the brain is conducting homeostatic functions without your influence.

These waves are produced as a form electricity as the brain cells are communicating with each other and they are measured by EEG, which is by far a very safe method, it is a non invasive method that involves reading electrical activities by placing sensors on the scalp.

Scientist grouped the patterns of brain waves into five;
1. Delta waves when in deep meditation and deep sleep with frequencies between 0.1 and 3 Hz
2. Theta waves when in normal sleep and normal meditation with frequencies between 4 and 7 Hz
3. Alpha waves normally when in relaxation or in acts or self reflection running frequencies between 8 and 12 Hz
4. Beta waves when in active thinking or a state of focus anxiety and high alert running frequencies between 13 and 30 Hz
5. Gamma waves this is in conscious perception running frequencies between 31 and 50 Hz

Using the melon head band you learn how to consciously control your brain waves to have the ability to achieve any of the desired brain state so you can learn to control various vices such as stress levels.

This head band has four sensors that have to touch your fore head that have the ability to measure basic brain signals which basically means you do not get the same measurement as if you were using expensive equipment. It also comes with an app that is meant to help you get better at focusing your brain on various activities; they work on both android and iOS.

Each day you get to play 3 little games while the head band measures your brain signals and provide you with real time feedback and also indicate whether you have achieved or not.

Each time the melon head band collects the information, analyzes it and learns of what either helps you or affects you as you are trying to focus, giving you incites at the very end and stores that information in the trends for future use.

What is Included in the System?

This product has a slight touch of the experts in the field of neurofeedback; NeuroSky, since it has partnered with neurosky to advance in the benefits of signal amplification, filtering protocols and notch filters meant to filter the electrical noise from the grid, this one depends on where one is located where you can get either 50 or 60 Hz of electrical noise.

The chip used by the melon head band to filter out the ambient waves present in most uncontrolled conditions is manufactured by neuro sky and gives it the ability to effectively measure neural activity in hypothetically any condition providing accuracy in the range of 96 percent.

It comes with a software development kit for iOS and android to help those who wish to get to the development of apps for this product and to make it even better it brings along an instructions manual that assist a developer to hack melon’s hardware so as to create other devices that can connect to the device.
Also included in the system is the charging which is done the micro USB and a single run goes for about 8 hours.

Cost, Discounts and Free Stuff.

This production has not yet hit full production as it request funds from clients to start the full scale production so there are no free stuff or discounts but the product itself cost about 149 dollars.

How to Use Melon HeadHand?

All you have to do is put it around your head regardless of the activity that you are undertaking it will record the necessary data and analyze it, and present it to you in form that simple for you to understand and work with.

Follow the suggestion of the system so as to improve your level of focus day by day and increase the control of various activities of your brain.

My Personal Thoughts.

This is a nice product and the fact that it is being produced from an aspect of crowd funding then it shows you how much faith people have in the product.

It comes with instructions on how to crack the hardware for further development if any one wishes to create a hardware that can connect to the device and if you wish you create a compatible software then then there is support for that too so i think that is amazing.

This device cannot record raw EEG due to the failure of the device to completely filter out muscle activity.


This is a great product with some great some really useful functionalities and end result, it was one product that was successfully funded by the clients indicating the strength and believe many people have in this product.

In my thoughts it is great as it gives people the opportunity to develop their own apps of mind development, and even if it provides basic readings it provides useful information and helps the clients to improve by giving them suggestions via the app.

I recommend this product as I find it useful and reliable at the same time.

If there is any part that i did not take care of that you deem important please feel free to contact me via the comment section below.


  1. Mirz

    How do you access the Melon Headband App? I’ve been unable to log into the Android App for years… Melon stopped keeping up with the app software, so I’m surprised to see you wrote a review when the product has been unusable for years. Would you mind updating us on how you got the headband to function again with the app? Thank you!!

    • Hallo there Mirz,

      Sorry for the delays. I have been trying to get solutions for your problem and I am sad to say I haven’t really found the right solution for that. However, I have seen that their facebook page is pretty active. You could try contacting them there or through their mail.

      This helps a great deal and I have seen so many people get help that way.

      Please try that out and let me know how you find it.

      Have a fantastic day. πŸ™‚

  2. John Lewis

    You should be aware that as far as I can determine, the Melon is an orphan product.

    Melon was acquired by another firm, DAQRI, prior to completion of their entire fulfillment to backers. DAQRI stopped supporting the device not long after, leaving any Melon owners with an orphaned, device they had financially backed yet now had no warranty, repair center, or software for.

    The claimed Version 2 of the device DAQRI announced was never developed.

    DAQRI has since run into problems itself since the acquisition of Melon, laying off some 25% of their workforce worldwide in early 2017 in an attempt to pare costs while trying to raise additional funding to add to the estimated $132 million USD previously raised in pursuit of Augmented Reality product development.

    I covered this in a book on crowdfunding called Scams, Flops, and Failures: Crowdfunding They Never Warned You About, to be reissued later this year with additional material on Amazon.

    • Thanks a lot for the update Lewis. I will be looking into this soon and will update my post.

      I’m glad you pointed that out.

      Have a nice day. πŸ™‚

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