Meditation Within Eternity Book Review

People often confuse spirituality with religion. People can be both religious and spiritual, but it is also possible to be religious without being spiritual, or to be spiritual without being religious.

Being spiritual is what drives us to make connections and follow a path that leads to the unlearning of fear, and uncover love as the ultimate truth (self-love included).
How we arrive at that is very individual and deeply personal.

Have you been struggling with spiritual growth? Then the book ‘ Meditations through Eternity’ will help you with that!

In this review, i will take you through what the book is ,what it talks about,its cost and finally my thoughts about the book.

I will try all my best to give you every single detail about this book and if by any chance i do not tackle one of the things you really wanted,you can as well ask in the comments area and i will be happy to help you out .

Lets then,get started on this book’s review:

Name : Meditation Within Eternity: Becoming One with the Consciousness of the Universe

Author: Eric Pepin

Best Place to Buy:

Genre : Self Help Book

Language: English

Publisher : Higher Balance Publishing

Publication Date : December 15 ,2013

What It Is
This is a book that offers simple methods to gain unlimited spiritual energy, forgotten resources and the reason why most seekers fail to grow spiritually.

It also solves the missing link to accessing higher consciousness. It is the natural magnetic sense, or sixth sense, each of us possesses.

This guide offers simple methods to gain unlimited spiritual energy, a forgotten resource and why many fail to truly grow spiritually. It also solves the missing link to accessing higher consciousness.

Eric J. Pepin is a teacher, philosopher and author dedicated to helping others achieve metaphysical and psychic experiences for themselves.

He spent his childhood reflecting on the workings of the Universe, investigating paranormal activity and utilizing his unique sensory abilities to give readings to family and friends. By the time he was 15 years old, he was a sought after psychic and began teaching his friends to have similar experiences as himself.

He found his passion in teaching and for many years that is what he did. In 2003, he founded Higher Balance Institute. The organization gave him the opportunity to reach beyond his circle of friends and share his knowledge with people around the world.

Shortly after, Eric Pepin published his first book, The Handbook of the Navigator, which became an Amazon best-seller. Over the next 10 years, he traveled the United States and countries around to the world, speaking at retreats and lectures.

During this time, he also developed and released more than 100 audio and video courses covering nearly every spiritual topic imaginable from the construction of the universe to manifestation to remote viewing and energy healing just to name a few. He published six additional books on spirituality, including his most recent book, Prescient Visions, all of which became best-sellers on Amazon.

When he teaches, Eric Pepin remembers that his path to becoming a philosopher and teacher was based on his own experiences and reflections. He reminds his students constantly that while the information he offers is profound, it is really their own efforts that determine their success.

Dedicated to the success of his students, Eric Pepin continued to grow and evolve Higher Balance and recently launched the Higher Balance Collegiate Program. This new program has been designed to help students progress and achieve spiritual experiences while meeting the demands of the modern world.

After growing Higher Balance from the ground up, Eric Pepin used his skills and experience to help students not only achieve great spiritual experiences, but also have success in their career and business.

Eric Pepin continues to travel to teach at events around the United States and throughout the world at locations including Paris, Mexico and India. He is based in Santa Rosa, California where he develops new cutting-edge training and technology.

What The Book Talks About
Lessons From The Book:

We can’t be expected to understand more until we are enlightened. The most we can hope for is to have the patience and compassion for ourselves to get there through work, effort, and learning.

Many people cut themselves short thinking, falsely, they’ve got it all. Limited by their own ego, and also by their lack of vision for how vast the Universe really is.

They get to a pivotal point and believe that’s it. They are seeing universes; their whole body is humming and vibrating this love of God. They don’t believe it can be greater than that. Even at that level they become self-consumed.

Therefore, meditate strictly on the Chi chakra (just below our belly buttons), heart chakra, and mind chakra between our eyes (the third eye chakra).

These are the only three on which we meditate. The one we meditate on first is always the lower chakra, where the Chi resides. We want to pull the lower energy in this powerful chakra point up to enhance the other two chakra points.

When we’re finished with this area, it doesn’t matter whether we go to the heart or mind chakra. What we will find is, with all the other chakra points below, above, or in-between, different chakra points will bleed their energy into the other two.

We’re still getting the benefits of the other two without having to spend a lot of time focusing on that chakra.

Remember, this system has many systems designed within. We only have so much time in the day. Why practice multiple kinds of meditation, for hours each day (as many people do), when we could shorten our time and walk away with the equivalent of five hours worth of meditation work in one thirty-minute meditation using this method.

The meditation is working on what we need first. We cannot get to a higher place or find that other door we discussed until our frequency is right.

If we have emotional issues that need to be healed, it’s going to work on that first. It’s going to take the amount of time it needs to fix it, but it will be fixed.

If we don’t currently have emotional problems, and are straightened out in every other area, we’re going to start having these other experiences more than likely.

It’s tuning and setting us in a certain way to ready us for what we’re going to be. It will never push us into something we’re not ready for. It doesn’t work that way.

It’s putting all our parts together like a car being tuned up. While the car is out of shape, we’re not going to be able to do one hundred miles per hour; it’s going to putter and jerk around.

However, if it gets a tune-up, it will perform at a more optimal level. When we meditate we’re tuning ourselves up, especially under this system.

We will be rewarded by our meditation efforts each time with a better experience, until we’re ready to perform flawlessly and effortlessly in higher regions because we’re meditating at our highest performance level.

We’ve been working our energy. It gains progressively as we work with it. It rewards us so we can have greater experiences to get to where we’re trying to go.

When most people pray to God, they talk at God. When we meditate, we’re listening to God.

6 Reasons to Read Meditation within Eternity

1. Easiest Way to Meditate
This meditation was specially designed to give you maximum results with minimum effort. It’s really an “all in one” technique where one single action allows you to maximize your results.

2. Rake-in Spiritual Energy
The technique is direct and unmediated. It is a new meditation method that you will not find anywhere else that allows you to absorb massive amounts of spiritual energy.

3. Feel inner peace and serenity
Improve the flow of your energy, release your emotional blocks and re-balance your energy body.

4. Unfold deep inner experiences
Develop your sixth sense and inner powers to have direct, real spiritual experiences.

5. Learn To Sense, Feel And Affect Spiritual/Psychic/Metaphysical Energy
This energy controls, manipulates and directs you every day of your life and 99.9% of people have no idea they are being affected by it. Remove negative energy, replace it with positive.

6. Develop your “bubble of personal energy”
Multiply the synchronicities in your life (chance meetings, opportunities, luck), connect and communicate with your Higher Self, and Find the source of that feeling that is calling you all by creating a perfect, ‘magnetic’ bubble of higher energy.

Best Place to Buy The Book

The best place I recommend you buy the book is on Amazon. The price there is fair and according to my research, it is the most trusted online store at the moment. It will also be very convenient for you to buy there if you were planning to do more online shopping today.

Buy Meditation within eternity here

My Thoughts
This is a great book with so much to teach you about how to meditate within eternity.
I think it offers a lot on the topic of spirituality.


Feel free to leave in your comments as well
as your questions.

I hope you found this review useful to you.

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