meditation improves love life

Here’s How Meditation Improves Your Love Life


Meditation is known to bring a wide range of benefits and many people are taking it up every year to get to enjoy the benefits.

And while it’s mainly used for mental and physical benefits, meditation goes a long way when it comes to matters of the heart, in all sense of that term.

It not only helps with maintaining a good cardiovascular system but also strengthens the relationships we have with our spouses, fiancés, girlfriends or boyfriends, or any other type of relationships we may have.

Let’s take a deep look at the different ways this old-aged practice helps with our romantic relationships.

Ways in Which Meditation Enhances Your Love Life

It Deepens Our Connection And Feelings

Relationships are more like a roller coaster. There are times we feel very connected with our significant others and times when we feel a bit distant. We desire to be closer to each other but feel like something is stopping us from making that happen. Many reasons might be the cause for this, for example, it may be something within us, or something the other person has done or said that makes us feel unloved and uncared for, or other factors surrounding the relationship, among others. All these can slowly make the flame of love between two people start dying slowly and the connection will be loose and soon lost.

Meditation forms such as compassion meditation, loving-kindness meditation, forgiveness meditation, and mindfulness meditation can help us deal with the problems that keep us apart. For instance, if we feel we have a problem with forgiving our partners for something they did but we still love them, we can train ourselves in forgiveness through forgiveness meditation.

It may help us let go of the bitterness we have and let love in so we can feel free and let our entire selves love the person. This applies to other problems that may be straining our relationships including stress, being different, and others. We can look for meditation-based practices that are specifically targeted towards handling those issues and we can be able to slowly solve them so that they don’t get in the way of the love we have built with our loved ones.

It Reduces Distractions

Being constantly distracted as a partner can have 2 negative effects. First, when communicating with our loved ones, we may barely be able to listen and understand what they are saying, including the serious things which are dearest to their hearts. Communication breakdown like this can end up bad when we do the same things our partners asked us not to, but which we didn’t hear because our minds were elsewhere when they were telling us.

Second, it can lead to bad sex life. When our minds are occupied with worries of the future and regrets of the past, we can hardly perform well in bed. We lose that romantic connection and end up having a bad experience. Over time this can become a serious issue in the lives of both partners.

Meditation has shown abilities to regulate the alpha rhythm, a key brain wave that is linked to information that brings about distractions (1).

It Allows For More Contemplation

Meditation forms such as mindfulness meditation allow us to create some mental space in our minds for contemplation before we take action. In our relationships, we make mistakes often that keep us distant from people we love because the mistakes hurt them.

And through the help of meditation, we can think, learn, make better decisions and take better actions that can prevent us from future mistakes that will further destroy our relationships. When we get angry and feel like saying or doing things we know will make our partners question our love for them, the ability to better act and react which comes from meditation can protect us during such times.

It Makes us More Grateful And Compassionate

Meditation allows us to have the mental peace and clarity that enables us to look at how far we’ve come in our relationships. From where it all started, where we are now, and the many things we’ve been through, and be more grateful for what we have now. It also allows us to be aware of the sacrifices our partners make for us and the relationships, the many things they loved but chose to give up to be with us and feel loved. This in turn also makes it easy for us to be more loving and compassionate towards them.

It Allows us to Know Ourselves Better And Try to Be At Our Best

Before we can love other people, we first need to love ourselves. We all have flaws and shortcomings and us realizing that, and being able to first see them within ourselves and be able to accept ourselves even as we try to overcome them, is the first step towards working towards being the best version of ourselves.

With this knowledge and ability, it becomes possible for us to love and accept other people into our lives, just as they are. Vipassana meditation, also known as insight meditation helps us achieve this ability and transform ourselves. We first learn to observe ourselves and our experiences which give us knowledge of who we are. From there we use this knowledge and awareness to examine various aspects of our lives and better them to become the kind of people we desire to be. Here’s a complete guide on vipassana meditation.

By being better versions of ourselves, we can love and appreciate others as well as understand they can never be perfect. In turn, we allow space for mistakes and therefore create a sense of understanding within ourselves and our partners which makes one of the factors that contribute to a successful relationship.

It Improves Our Health

As earlier mentioned, meditation not only improves the mind and soul but also the body. Consistent practice is linked to a reduction in stress, anxiety, and depression. It also helps with regulating blood pressure, the ability to reduce sensitivity to pain, reducing the quality of sleep, overcoming addictions, and others. Here is a list of 15 top health benefits of meditation.

Now, when are under stress, it is very easy to get into needless arguments with our loved ones. These arguments may escalate into fights or even lead to a permanent breakup. Many of us are not able to manage our stress and anxiety, and that may cause us to end something beautiful we have taken years to build over one unnecessary argument.

Keeping up with our meditation routine can help us remain well-balanced and able to handle our stress so that it does ruin our love life. It can also help us overcome negative addictions that can also be a threat to our relationships.

It Makes us More Positive

When things start going downhill and we are almost about to hit rock bottom, keeping a positive attitude and belief that things will be better is often difficult. What we mostly do during such times in our lives is chew ourselves up for mistakes we made or feel regret for what was done to us by others. We slowly become negative and start forming negative beliefs that may affect us even in the future.

Loving-kindness meditation, gratitude meditation, forgiveness meditation, and mantra meditation can be good techniques to help us through such phases of our lives. They elevate our spirits and make us more positive. Moreover, they give us the energy and mental clarity to look for practical long-term solutions to our relationship problems.

It Makes Our Sex Lives More Exciting

On the same point of the ability of meditation to reduce stress, it can help enhance our sex lives. When we are stressed, it is very hard for us to make love passionately. For men, stress has been linked to erectile dysfunction and for women, studies show it can be a cause for little to no orgasms. This happens because when we are under stress, the stress hormone called Cortisol is produced in high levels which then restrict the proper flow of blood to the brain and to the organs in our bodies that are involved in making love (2)(3).

Meditation has been found to reduce the high levels of cortisol in the body that bring about stress and also increase the production of feel-good chemicals in the brain such as serotonin and dopamine which go a long way in increasing our sexual desire and enhancing our sexual experiences.

It Makes us Read Our Partners Better

Meditation forms like compassion meditation and cognitive-based compassion training (CBCT) have shown great potential in helping us become more empathetic and improve our empathetic accuracy. This means that the practices can help us be able to infer other people’s mental states accurately with the help of facial expressions, including our partners.

A study that was carried out to investigate how cognitive-based compassion training helps with empathetic accuracy showed indicators of improved accuracy. 21 healthy participants were involved in the study who were taken through the training and later did the Reading The Mind in The Eyes test. The results of their test scores came out higher than the control group (4).

Meditation may help us read the minds of our partners in their eyes which can then help us understand their hearts well and even hear what they are not saying verbally but which they would want to be heard by us.

It Helps Make Us Feel Complete as An Individual And Happy as a Couple

Meditation is said to be food for the soul, and when you feed the soul with the right food, you feel whole and fulfilled. In relationships, we tend to want the other person to put effort into being the missing part of our lives, to complete us in one way or the other. This perception of love often results in heartbreak when we realize we are not experiencing the kind of happiness we thought we would get when we came together with someone we love.

We ought to have found peace, completion, and happiness within ourselves before we get together with someone. Meditation helps us works towards these 3 aspects and work to establish them in our lives so that we are happy as unique individuals and so that we can even spill the happiness and peace to the other person.

In essence, meditation gives a boost to our relationships in the right direction. We become more able to love better and navigate our love lives in a deeper way that is more connected and fulfilling.

If you don’t meditate or have been meditating inconsistently, we encourage you to consider taking meditation a little more seriously and having a meditation routine that you follow in order for you to enjoy its benefits.

Taking action now on that is what improves the chances of bettering your life in terms of relationships and also as an individual due to the diverse benefits of meditation. How have you been approaching meditation? And what are your thoughts on it when it comes to love? Please let us know in the comments. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Here’s How Meditation Improves Your Love Life

  1. Hi, Meditation is good because it helps you to better handle stressful situations in life. When you are able to meditate, you’re able to get into a quiet, mindful space on a daily basis and you’ll feel calmer overall.

    Meditation will allow you to regulate your emotions and better handle the daily stressors that typically might send you over the edge. With daily meditation, it’s easier to create and live a happy life.

    It’s an amazing feeling when you are able to connect with your authentic self. Meditation is a way for you to get to know yourself, from the inside out.

    In my opinion, your love life gets better with daily meditation, when you enjoy the clarity, focus and awareness that meditation provides you. Meditation creates a deeper form of selfless-love and it makes you a better lover as well.

    1. Improve Your Brain Power Team says:

      Hi there Bushra, 

      Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your thoughts on the topic. 

      We really appreciate it and we couldn’t agree more with you. 🙂 


      The IYBP Team 

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