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Luminaryv Reviews: Worth Your Time & Money?

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Do you sometimes feel foggy or lack focus and concentration when performing day to day tasks?

Luminary V promises to help you out with all that. But does it really live up to its claims?

Well, my LuminaryV review here tells you everything.

I will be covering the important aspects of the supplement such as what it is, it’s ingredients, how it works, how to take it, benefits, customer reviews, video review, the pro’s and con’s, the side effects, where to buy it online and finally, my personal opinion on it.

So, without any more delays, let’s dive in.

Name : Luminary V

Best Place To Buy :

Servings : 60 capsules

Ratings : 8/10

What Luminary V is 

This is a supplement formulated with selected active and natural ingredients to help boost mental processes.

The supplement helps with brain functions such as attention, intelligence, motivation and concentration.

It is claimed to work fast, actually it does its thing immediately you take it. When taken, it works by supplying signals to the brain.

The ingredients used are said to be safe and 100% natural therefore good for you to use.

The company behind the product is called NextGen Health Solutions. Although it is not known that well, the company is legit and does make good quality products that can be relied on.

The Ingredients

Here is the list of ingredients that make up Luminary V:

* Vitamin E

* Vitamin B12

* Vitamin B6

* Folic Acidluminaryv review

* DMAE Bitartrate

* Phosphatidylserine complex

* Bacopa Monierri


* Gelatin

* Alpha Lipoic Acid

* Ginko Biloba Leaf Extract

* Silicon Dioxide

* Calcium Silicate

* Vegetable Magnesium Stearate

* Soy and Fish

* Brain Blend

* Microcrystalline Cellulose Vinpocetine

* Hyperzine

* Omega 3 Complex

How it Works

This supplement works by facilitating good blood flow in the body and the brain, thereby ensuring that there is transport of oxygen and nutrients. 

Once you take the supplement you will notice improved brain performance and your brain also gets nourished in all the right ways.

When this happens, you remember information much better, get more focused and even concentrate much better among other benefits.

Benefits of Luminary V

These are mostly brain related owing to the fact that, that’s the reason behind supplement being formulated.

The benefits include;

* Improve learning abilities and help with concentration

This supplement can help with increasing your concentration levels and learning abilities as a result of the amazing ingredients that are popular in boosting general brain functioning.

* Boost long term memoryLuminaryv benefits

Luminary V boosts memory because it has been formulated using natural ingredients which help promote nerve growth and as a result of improves your memory.

* Helps with brain fog

The supplement helps protect your brain walls hence facilitating brain function.

The ingredients in the pills help your brain work well and fight brain fog syndrome.

* Improve blood circulation in the brain vessels

This helps the brain stay active and sharp always.

Customer Reviews on Luminary V 

Although I didn’t find many reviews of the brain supplement, the few I saw showed the product is actually working. But sadly, I can’t post the photos of the reviews here due to privacy issues.

Video Reviews

To help you understand more about the supplement, here is a short but helpful video presentation on the supplement. The grammar may not be as good but the information is quite valuable.

How to Take The Supplement

To start with, the container has 60 capsules in it.

You should take one capsule in the morning.

However, here are the restrictions that come with taking the supplement.

First, you should only work with it if you are 18 years.

If pregnant, the supplement is not advisable.

If you are using any other medication or anti coagulants, then you should consult your doctor before taking the supplement.

The Side Effects

This is an important area to find out before taking any drug or supplement.

This is to help you know what kind of drug you are dealing with and what exactly you will experience when taking that supplement.

So, with Luminary V, because the ingredients used are natural, you will not experience any side effects.

There haven’t been any for those who used it correctly.

The drug is safe for consumption and there are no major risks involved with taking the drug.

 Pro’s and Con’s of Luminary V

The Pro’s

* The supplement does help with cognitive abilities.Phenylpiracetam pro's

* The ingredients used are natural and backed up with research.

This means that the product was throughly thought through and aims at helping you perform at your best.

* The company provides a return policy.

If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 30 days from the day you purchased the product.

However, you are responsible for all the fees involved.

The Con’s

* The product is expensive.

This makes it unaffordable for most people and limits its use by most people.

However, the quality of it matches the cost.cons and disadvantages

But I think this is something the company can work on.

* Not FDA approved

This limits its stocking by local retailers and also scares away some users.

Most supplements are not FDA approved and there is nothing much that can be done about this.

What you need to keep in mind is that not all unapproved products are counterfeit nor unsafe.

Actually, there are many supplements that are not FDA approved yet they are the best in the market.

* Ships only to the US

This is another crucial area that the company should work on so that the product reaches people from other countries.

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Where to Buy Luminary V Online 

The best places to get this supplement are the company’s website or Amazon.

Here, you can buy the product in three plans based on what you find suitable for you.

You will be charged a fee for shipping and handling for the cheap plan, and free for the others when you choose to go with the product’s main website.

LuminaryV is unavailable in most top retailers platforms and I don’t know why but I think it has a lot to do with it not being FDA approved.

Although, you can also get on I usually recommend buying from Amazon if you were also planning to buy more products online. The store has almost all the products you want and there are also great benefits that come with shopping there.

Buy Luminaryv From Here

My Personal Opinion on The Supplement 

I feel that this is a good cognitive boosting product that you can take to perform at your best. 

The supplement is packed with so many benefits and I highly recommend it to you.

It’s an expensive product, yes, but truly worth the money.

 If you have used it, I would like to request you to share your experience with us, below.

And that’s pretty much it with Luminary V.

In case you need a hand with anything about the product, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments and I will be glad to give you a hand with that.

I normally reply in a few hours, at times minutes! Feel free to try me out! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Luminaryv Reviews: Worth Your Time & Money?

  1. Hi Dave

    Nice review! This is a great product. It’s really helpful for student, I think. I wish I had access to such supplements when I was a student. It would have made my studying time much easy. I hope the company will improve on there delivery zone. 

    But I was told that such cognitive brain power effect on the brain doesn’t last, is that true?


    1. Hey there Adyns,

      Well, it depends on a number of factors, mostly, based on the individual and their health status. 

      But generally, if you are in good health, the effects should last a couple of hours.

      And I can say for a fact that the hours really make a difference.

      I encourage you to try them out and see off yourself.

      Let me know how it goes. 🙂

  2. Sometime i do feel lack of focus and concentration doing daily activity. Looks like a good supplement to improve cognitive ability. Ingredients are all natural and seems there are no side effects . That makes it a good product to try.

    I’ll try it out and let you know how I found it. Thanks.

    1. Hey there Pranali, 

      Nice to have you here.

      Do give it a go and let me know your experience with it.

      We’ll be waiting for it here. 

      Have a good day! 🙂

  3. Okay. Thanks for the response.

    I will be sure to let you know.

    Have a good day as well.

  4. marlasmith says:

    This is some great information.  Most of the ingredients I am familiar with, and several of them I am already taking individually.  I am not familiar with GABA  or Alpha Lipoic Acid.  Do you know what the benefits are from those 2 ingredients?  

    Do you have any information in regard to if they are trying to get this product FDA approved.  My guess that a doctor is never going to recommend this, even with all the great benefits, if it doesn’t get FDA approval.  

    So I take medications for a chronic diease that I have, Folic Acid being one of them along with B12 to help with the actual medication, so is your recommendation that I discuss this with my physican before I would start taking it?  It seems since it is all natural, meaning I probably could get many of these things in food, that it should be safe.  

    1. Hey Marlasmith,

      Nice to have you here. 🙂

      Well, GABA is known to help with improving your mood, treating ADHD, bringing down high anxiety levels, stabilizing your blood pressure, relieving pain and more.

      As for lipoid acid, it is popular for boosting nerve function, reducing inflammation and slowing aging of skin among others. 

      About getting it FDA approved, I am not sure whether the company is trying to get it approved but I believe that if the product becomes popular and the reviews of it are positive and with no side effects, it should be approved by the FDA body.

      Finally, I would say that it is always important to check with your doctor before trying out any supplement, if you are on other medication of a serious health condition. 

      It helps keep you away from any risks.

      While some people who have mild health issues go ahead and use the supplements without the doctor’s recommendation and get good results, this doesn’t work for everyone (especially those with serious cases)

      My advice still remains you consult a doctor first, but you are free to do what feels right. 

      I hope I have answered all your questions.

      Have an awesome day! 🙂

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