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Lion’s Mane Review: Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & More

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Have you heard of Lion’s Mane? Do you want to know more about it and why it is unique?

Well, for whatever reason you are curious about it, I am sure this review will help you learn something new that you probably didn’t know about Lion’s Mane, among other important things.

In the Lion’s Mane review here, I will take you through key details about Lion’s Mane such as what it is, how it works, how to take it, benefits, customer reviews, pro’s and con’s, side effects, where to buy it online and lastly my personal opinion on it.

So, having said that, let’s jump right into this review.

Name: Lion’s Mane

Appearance: White, globe shape fungi with long, shaggy, dangling spines.

Best Place To Buy:

Servings: 60 or 120 Capsules

Ratings : 70/100

What Lion’s Mane is

This is a type of mushroom that belongs in the tooth fungus group, used as a medicinal plant in traditional Asian medicine and as an ingredient in Chinese cuisine.

Its scientific name is Hericium erinaceus and can be found in Asia, Europe and North America.

Its other names include pom pom mushroom, monkey head mushroom, bearded tooth fungus, satyr’s beard and bearded Lion's mane reviewhedgehog mushroom.

If you are wondering what’s with its name, “lion’s mane” comes from its unique look of long dangling spines instead of the usual mushroom cap.

This mushroom can be enjoyed as a health supplement through its extracts, cooked, raw, or even as a tea. 

It contains bioactive substances that have amazing health benefits for your brain, gut and heart.

We will be looking at these benefits in depth later on in this post.

How it Works

 This mushroom works in the following ways:

– Stops cognitive decline by;

  • Breaking up the beta amyloid plaques which are biomarkers of Alzheimer’s.
  • Raising levels of acetylcholine thereby stopping mental decline.

– Encourage formation of the nerve growth factor (NGF) through its unique compounds, erinacines and hericenones. 

As a result, nerve cells are stimulated, protected and healed.

– It also works to rebuild myelin which acts as a protective coating for your nerve fibres that insulate the nervous system.

How To Take Lion’s Mane

Lions Mane is taken as a supplement and is available in powder or capsule form.

As to how to take it, you are advised to take 500mg to 100mg per day. That is 1 to 2 capsules a day.

If you are getting started, start with smaller doses to monitor your body’s reaction.

The Benefits

Cancer Prevention

Cancer has become a major health issue recently and measures to combat it are being highly sort after.lion's mane benefits

Good news is, through lion’s mane antioxidant properties, these mushrooms may play a role in prevention and treatment of cancer.

Studies conducted on it showed that extracts of this mushroom may fight gastric, liver and colon cancer cells.

Studies have also indicated potential protection against leukemia in humans.

Improve heart health

Though research conducted to confirm this has been conducted on animals, research done on rats indicates this mushroom extracts’ could lower cholesterol.

Improve Digestive Health

This is due to to its powerful anti inflammatory properties.

As a result it, protects you from gastric ulcers.

This was proven through a study conducted by The Mushroom Research Centre in Malaysia.

Boost Cognitive Function

Also to substantiate this, research was conducted which showed that the mushroom helped with recognition memory and object recognition.

Other research carried out has proved the mushroom’s potential to prevent and even treat diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Boost Immune Function

Lion’s Mane through research showed potential to boost the activity of the intestinal immune system.lion's mane benefits

Another study also showed its potential in encouraging growth of good gut bacteria that in return strengthens immunity.

Treating Depression and Anxiety

A study conducted showed lower depressive behaviour after consuming the mushroom.

Also, a study conducted through a group of Japanese women indicated lower anxiety and levels of irritation once they consumed cookies with lion’s mane extracts.

Side Effects of Lion’s Mane

In humans, there hasn’t been reports of many side effects and this has a lot to do with most of the research being conducted on animals.

However, even when high dosages were administered to the rodents used for research, there weren’t serious effects on them.

I have however seen a few people complain of an upset stomach and headaches and also if you are allergic to mushrooms, take care.

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Pro’s and Con’s

The Pro’s lion's mane pro's

– It’s a natural supplement.

– Easily available in retailer shops.

– Boosts cognitive function

The Con’s 

– Due to supplementation, people could experience side effects.

Customer Reviews of Lion’s Mane

Here is what some of the users of the brain supplement had to say about it:

– A user of the supplement said that it was miraculous for him and that it helped a lot in his pain as he has idiopathic neuropathy.

He also and added that even his neurologist was impressed.

– Another customer said it helped her with brain fog.

– There was also a user that said the product is absolutely amazing.

 – Another customer also said her son’s vision was greatly improving.

Negative reviews

  A customer said she never felt anything at all after taking the supplement.

– Another one said the supplement gave her digestion discomfort.

Of course the mixed reactions are expected, but one thing is clear from the above reviews, that the product worked for a good number of people and for some, it didn’t.

This shows that it’s not guaranteed that the product will work for you or not, but it is well worth the try.

Best Place To Buy Lion’s Mane is the best place to buy this product in form of a supplement since it offers great benefits for its customers such as :

– Cheap and fast shipping

– Good prices

– Products are available everyday

– Its a reliable and trusted place to buy all other products you had planned on ordering online today

Buy Lion’s mane on here

My Final Thoughts

Lion’s mane is edible and has been used for a long time as a medicinal supplement because of its proven benefits.

And most of the users of the supplement are loving the experience with it.

However, how well it works for you, is something determined by your health status and how you body interacts with the supplement.

If it works for you well and good, if it doesn’t, you can try out other supplements out there like Bacopa Monierri, Phosphatidylserine, Alpha Brain or Rhodiola Rosea.

These are also great nootropics.

Something very crucial to remember is, to consult your doctor if you are just getting started with the supplement so as to advise you on how to go about it.

And that is all about Lion’s Mane.

Feel free to ask any questions or make any suggestions pertaining this supplement as well as this review in the comments and I promise to get back at you as soon as possible.

Happy roaring with lion’s mane! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Lion’s Mane Review: Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & More

  1. You really did a great job with this post, answering almost all of my concern about the subject. My remaining question is, can I still get the same effects or benefits when I eat the mushroom directly? Is there any difference? Or which form can give the best result?

    Because, I am not really a fun of taking it in pills or powder. In powder form it will be easier but I think taking it as food will be best for me..


    1. Hallo there Adyns,

      Nice to have you here. 

      Well, I normally recommend taking the capsules themselves as they are what offer the listed benefits. 

      When you take the mushrooms directly, you will get the benefits but not as quick and with the same quality of benefits as when you have the powder or capsules.

      Most stores that make lion’s mane supplements add some few other valuable ingredients that top up the quality of it which results to you getting the benefits in a very short time since they use a high concentration of it.

      So, if I were you I would go with the capsules.

      Hope this answers your question. 

      Have an awesome day! 🙂

  2. Hi, interesting information, I’ve never heard of Lion’s Mane ever. I could definitely use it for depression and anxiety at certain times, wouldn’t we all? Thanks for presenting this very good solution to many problems, I would advise anyone to read this article and possibly try it. How long does one package last and how much does it cost?

    1. Hey there, 

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Well, how long a bottle of lion’s mane lasts depends on the bottle you choose to go for. There are options of getting a bottle with 60 capsules or 120 capsules.

      The 60 capsules bottle should last you about a month (going by the 2 capsules per day dosage). And the 120 bottle will take about 2 months.

      About the cost, I don’t want to give a specific price because they change from time to time. I highly encourage you to check it out on Amazon.

      This way you will have an accurate price.

      Hope this helps. 😉

  3. Shui Hyen says:

    Hi Dave,

    l never knew that Lion’s Mane has so many great benefits and have to the  capability to prevent and cure certain health issue. For your information, l have been diagnosed with bipolar mood and depression, and currently on medical treatment but there are many side effects.

    In your opinion, can this lion’s mane able to control depression? Or any other supplements, can prevent or help to reduce depression level.


    1. Hey there Shum, 

      Nice for you to stop by.

      I’m sorry for the health issues.

      Lion’s Mane can help you with depression but I would encourage you to go for Aniracetam as it is much popular with treating stress and anxiety.

      I hope I have answered your question. 🙂

  4. Thank you for your review on Lion’s Mane supplement. I grew up in Asia, I am sure I might have seen the Lion’s Mane but just never used it as a supplement. You are absolutely right that the supplement might work on one person and might not work on the other person. One size cannot fit all after all. I love the fact that this is all natural and I would love to give it a try. I discovered 2 months ago that I have a tumor in my uterus. This might help slow down the growth of it. How do you take the supplement? Can you take it on an empty stomach?

    1. Hallo there Nuttanee, 

      Thanks for the comment.

      I’m so sorry to hear about the tumor.

      The dosage for lion’s mane is 1 to 2 capsules. If you are just starting out, I would strongly encourage you to start with 1 capsule first to asses your reaction to it. 

      After that, you can increase the dosage. 

      Also, on whether to take it on an empty stomach or not, there is no place that specifies which way to go.

      However, it is advisable to take it after you have eaten so that you avoid the common side effects that come with taking on an empty stomach like headaches and stomach upsets.

      I hope this has answered your question. 


  5. Hi Dave,

    I’m always amazed at how many amazing things natural herbs can do for us, and Lion’s Mane is no exception. 

    While I have heard of it before, I had no idea what its properties were. I’m particularly interested in the nerve growth factor (NGF). Since everything that happens in our bodies is dependant on a fully functioning nervous system, if some nerve repair is needed, it’s good to know that Lion’s Mane may offer a natural solution. 

    Very informative article Dave, I enjoyed it!


    1. You are right Tom, 

      It is always amazing what natural resources can do for our health. 🙂

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