Lifeflow vs Holosync – Holosync Seems Powerful But…

You are wondering which program, lifeflow vs Holosync, is much better than the other, right? You want to know which one of them is the very best program to use before you actually take the plunge, isn’t it?

Well, my review on the main differences between the two Lifeflow vs Holosyncmeditation programs will be looking into the aspects most people use as they make the purchases of quality brainwave products like the cost and payment method, effects and how long it takes for them to kick in, brainwave entrainment method and free demo as well as free trials, and others.

I hope this comes in handy for you as you get your best pick of the two. If you want more answers on different areas of both holosync and lifeflow, you can always leave your questions below and I will answer them soon enough. Okay? 🙂

Sweet! Straight into it.

Lifeflow vs Holosync – Quick Introduction

Lifeflow and holosync are brainwave entrainment products used to enhance your brain for various purposes.

They use brainwave technology to get you into deep states of mind to help you experience a particular state like meditation, sleep or concentration, at deeper levels than you normally do, thus increasing the benefits you get from them.

This means that when you listen to the audio tracks mixed with holosync side effectsbrainwave entrainment, the wave frequencies in the tracks influence the waves in your brain, your brain takes up the frequencies and gets into the state the actual track is meant for.

Lifeflow, for instance, is meant to bring deep relaxing effects which are best felt when you are doing meditation.

The system is owned by Project Meditation ( It comes in a series like audio CDs with 10 levels. You start from level 10 down to 1, which is said to be the deepest.

Holosync (also called awakening prologue), on the other hand, comes with a variety of audio tracks which are meant to bring about different states like happiness, focus and concentration, acceptance to change and sleep, to name a few.

It was created by Centerpointe Research Institute owned by Bill Harris.

Holosync vs Lifeflow – When You Start Feeling Effects

With lifeflow, you start feeling effects a few minutes after you have plugged in your headphones or played the tracks on the speakers.

When using it for meditation, the effects start kicking a few minutes into the actual practice. As for Holosync, it may take a while before getting any substantial amount of effects.Lifeflow vs Holosync

This may range from 20 minutes to about 4 weeks to get the full effects.

And note that, 20 minutes is for those who have been meditating for a long time, while from 20 minutes to 4 weeks, is for those so are just making their entry to meditation.

I think the problem with Holosync is the fact that they have used tracks that favor people who’ve been meditating for long (as we will see in the method of entrainment used).

And it may be quite confusing at first, and really takes time to get into the flow with it.

Lifeflow vs Holosync – Short and Long Terms Benefits

Lifeflow offers you both short and long term benefits. Starting with the short term ones, lifelows comes in 10 different levels, as said earlier, all of which are differently designed to help you achieve a deeper state.

You get to enjoy the short term benefits of getting into profound meditative states while you meditate, only for that time. And on the long term, since you are starting out at level 10 decreasing to level 1, each track is set to calm you down from alpha towards delta state, which is best for meditation.

So, by the time you are done with all the levels (which may take months), you will have grown to be much calmer and quiet. Working in this progressive manner is really great for brain training.

It is more like brainev, another great concentration program I recommend for training your mind to concentrate.

When it comes to Holosync, you only get to enjoy short terms benefits.

The tracks in this program are only meant to induce certain states for the duration of time you are listening to it. It is a great short term benefit since it is very effective in states like sleeping.

But, you don’t get to enjoy any long term benefits since there is no brain training involved. It only influences your brain when you want it to but once you stop listening, the beauty of it goes away.

Holosync and Lifeflow – Free demo and Free Trial

You get the advantage of listening to a free demo with lifeflow that takes about 9 minutes.

There are some instructions on how you should go about doing that, that have been given in the main website.

But the problem is, you can’t download the demo, you have to listen to it online. After that, you got to buy Lifeflow 10 to get even more effects, you don’t get free trials.

For Holosync, there is also a free demo which has two options. Theholosync free demo first, is 20 minutes long and has the voice over of Bill Harris quickly running you through the program.

The second, takes 14 minutes and is just purely the demo, no voice over. This, as with Lifeflow, you have to listen online, either from your browser or SoundCloud.

You also don’t get to download anything.

Lifeflow vs Holosync – Price and Payment Methods

Lifeflow is sold in packs based on the types of wave frequencies used. Ideally, you are advised to start with level 10 which goes for $67 and then go to alpha waves (level 9, 8, 7 together with creative flow and optimal learning) which you pay $197.Lifeflow vs Holosync price

From there, you will proceed to theta waves pack (levels 6, 5 and 4) which you will have to pay $197 more.

Finally, the delta pack (levels 3, 2 and 1 along with the Gamma awaken track and Nirvana awaken track) for another $197.

If you calculate the total price for the whole program, it goes to about $650. This is very expensive if you plan on buying the whole package.

I recommend using brainev instead which is more advanced than this and almost half the price of Lifeflow.

They say they offer mp3 versions which you can burn into CDs but I didn’t see the links for buying them.

Holosync mp3 downloads go for $159.

But you have the option of paying the whole process all at once or paying 6 installments of $29 each month. The CDs or the mp3 downloads with the CDs cost $179 with the same option of paying the full price, or 6 installments of $32 each month.

Holosync vs Lifeflow – Side Effects

No serious cases of lifeflow side effects except for a guy who claimed to get no benefits, and got jumpy when he used it.

But he had endocrine issues which he ought to have visited a doctor first to find out if meditation was fit for for him.Lifeflow vs Holosync

Holosync, however, has had some serious cases.

People have complained of mild side effects like lack of concentration, low libido, dizziness, feeling lost and unmotivated, uneven patterns of sleeping.

There are also horror stories of the restless leg syndrome or temporary memory loss.

But this is not in all people. It is usually prevalent to folks who have never used any meditation programs before.

Lifeflow vs Holosync – Brainwave Entrainment Method

Lifeflow uses three types of beats, monaural beats, binaural beats and isochronic beats which are known to work harmoniously for whole brain synchronization.

These beats start with alpha waves, then to theta waves and end up at delta. Every type of beats has its own benefits and all these are mixed to power up the whole brain.Lifeflow vs Holosync

Holosync uses binaural beats only with waves that succeed each other in descending order.

It begins with alpha, goes to delta then to theta.

So holosync here kind of takes a huge leap from alpha to delta, instead of starting with alpha to theta then to delta. This is also the probable cause why most people are getting the nasty side effects the system has been reported to have.

Final Verdict

Well, based on brainwave entrainment technology, price, purchase and payment methods, side effects, free demo and trials, when the effects kick in as well as the short and long term benefits, Lifeflow has aced it!

There are so many advantages with Lifeflow than there are with Holosync.

Personally, what makes me frown upon Holosync is the side effects. Although they are not evident in all people, you never know if you could among the few who will get them.

So Lifeflow is the best between the two. Although comparing Lifeflow with other brainwave products, I find brainev and zen 12, way better than these two.

This is where I rest!

If you have any questions, as always, am ready to answer you, just send them down here and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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