Lifeflow Meditation Review

Lifeflow Meditation Review – Great But Not Really The Best!

Brainwave Entrainment

You are looking for a thorough lifeflow Meditation review, right? You want to find out what this meditation program really is, and how well it can help improve the quality of your meditation sessions, isn’t it?

Well, my brief but deep lifeflow meditation review will be looking into essential aspects of it including how it works, the benefits, what is included in the program, why it is not the best, side effects, who shouldn’t use it and many more.

It’s my hope you are going to find this really helpful. If you want to know more about a certain area of the system, you are welcome to ask a question, and I will be delighted to answer you. Okay?

Sweet! It’s now time to know lifeflow better.

Name: Lifeflow Meditation ProgramLifeflow Meditation Review

Size: 10 meditation CDs (in different packages)

Author: Project Meditation

Cost: Depends on the package you choose

Best Place to Buy:

Best known For: Meditation

Rankings: 93 out of 100

What is Lifeflow?

Well, this is a set of meditation CDs that are meant to supercharge every session of your meditation practice to help you get more benefits than you are getting at the moment, and more.

The idea here is, if you are just starting out with meditation, chances are you are not feeling the deep effects it brings like someone who has been on it for years.

And this may, to a certain extent, be discouraging for those newbies who seek immediate results.

Now, Lifeflow comes in to bridge the gap between the time you begin meditating to when you get to enjoy the calming effects and control of your emotions, among other advantages of meditation.

How it Works

It uses brainwave entrainment approach which is more targeted at your brain. There is a unique way your brain behaves when you have meditated for years.

The waves in your brain have a much stronger pattern when you have been doing it for a good while than when you are in your early stages. And the effects between these two are different too.

So, Lifeflow helps you feel the effects of someone who is experienced in meditating even as a beginner by altering the patterns created when you are meditating and get you to form patterns that indicate deep meditation using specially designed audio tracks.

With this new pattern, your whole experience of life changes.

The audio tracks are divided into 3 sections based on the wave frequencies they carry.

There are 3 types of waves used in Lifeflow.Lifeflow Meditation Review

• Alpha

• Theta

• Delta

These waves are used for different purposes as they induce various states like concentration and mental clarity, meditative state, sleep and others.

The tracks are in 10 CDs and you are supposed to start with level 10 all the way down to level 1.

Level 10 starts with high Alpha waves, and then levels 9, 8 and 7, which also use alpha waves.

From there, you go to levels 6, 5 and 4 which have lower theta waves, and then you get to the deepest levels 3, 2 and 1 which come with lowest but well suited for meditation, the delta waves.

So, in a sense, you will be decreasing the wave frequencies as you listen to the tracks, which will help you calm down your nerves and mind and get into the deep meditative states like the zen masters.

How to use Lifeflow Program

As said earlier, the system has different packages divided in different levels.

Level 10 is the highest level and is the one you are recommended to make your start with. After that, you go to level 9 and then to 8, and follow that order to level 1.

This is if you are using it for meditation.

If you want other specific states like focus and attention, or sleep or creativity, to name a few, you should get a specific package.

To be more specific, Lifeflow 10 gets you to relax by taking you from high beta waves to relaxing alpha waves.

• Lifeflow alpha pack (levels 9, 8 and 7) helps you perform way better in different activities than you Lifeflow Meditation Reviewoften do, by increasing your energy. The tracks can help you out with your workouts, your studies and creativity-demanding projects.

• Lifeflow theta pack (levels 6, 5 and 4) helps you relax, sleep and provide more insight into your creative projects. You can also use it to meditate and support your immune system.

• Lifeflow delta pack (levels 3, 2 and 1) helps you go to the greatest depths of meditation. The wave frequencies here are the most famous for profound meditation.

Now, for any of the 10 levels you choose, here is how you should go about listening to the tracks:

• Make yourself comfortable where you are seated.

• Plug in your headphones or earphones.

• Listen through the tracks as you meditate, work or relax.

Who are Not Allowed to Use Lifeflow

Just for a heads up, it’s not Lifeflow only, but all other brainwave entrainment products.

There are people who are highly discouraged from using these kinds of systems for their own safety. And these people include those:

• With epilepsy, so as to keep seizures from occurring.

• With mental illnesses and brain injuries

• With less than 18 years of age

• Who are driving or working on seriously dangerous machines while listening to the tracks (to avoid excess relaxation which may be dangerous).

If you are one of these people, you can consult with your doctor to know the way forward or simply use nootropics, for some cases.

What is Included in the Program

I have detailed all the packages the system comes in, in the “how it works” section, so I won’t go deep into details here. I will only highlight the packages and what they entail.

Here you go.

Lifeflow 10 – The first level (from beta to alpha waves)Lifeflow Meditation Review

Lifeflow Alpha pack – The second level (contains alpha waves)

Lifeflow theta pack – The third level (contains theta waves)

Lifeflow delta pack – The fourth level (contains delta waves)

The best way to make the most of this system is by listening from level 10  to level 1 it has the most brain training benefits.

But you can also buy any single package among the four packages for the specific need it tackles like performance, relaxation and sleep.

Lifeflow Cost, Discount, Demo and Free Downloads

The packages have different prices. This means you are going to pay differently based on the package you choose to settle for. Here is the breakdown of the prices:

• Lifeflow 10 goes for $67

• Lifeflow Alpha pack goes for $197

• Lifeflow theta pack goes for $197

• Lifeflow delta pack goes for $197

In total, the whole system goes for $658 (pretty expensive)

Although, you can buy level 10 alone and use it for a few months till you are done.

And then, buy alpha pack alone, and continue that way until you clear all the levels. Meaning, you don’t have to buy all the of them in one go, you can buy one by one, according to convenience.

At the time of writing this post, there is only one offer. You get a discount for Lifeflow 10, allowing you to get it at $7 only instead of $67. Yes, $7 only.

Get Lifeflow 10 here for only $7

There is also a 9 minutes free demo which you are not allowed to download. You get to hear it from your browser. From there, you gotta buy the system, no more free stuff.

Get the 9 minutes long free demo here

Please note: Make sure you buy the system from the main website (, nowhere else. Other copies in Amazon, and other stores may not be 100% authentic.

Why I Don’t Think Lifeflow is the Best (Hint: The Cost)

Well, to start with, I have to admit that this program is on top on terms of the value you get off of it. The packages are well designed and will truly deliver great results.

But, the price, to me, seems a bit over exaggerated. If you compare it to other systems of its kind, there are quite a number that offers greater value and cost way less.

For instance, if you want to meditate only and gain deep benefits of an experienced meditator, you can use Zen 12 meditation program.

But if you want to train your brain (which I highly recommend as it offers more value than the former) for intense meditation as well as pure concentration, you can use brain evolution system (brainev), which is more valuable.

And the good thing is, the whole system goes for less than the half price of Lifeflow’s total cost.

Check out brainev here

If you want to improve your brain’s genius capabilities in your work, talents, character traits and personality, or even intelligence, you can use the Raikov effect system. It’s the best.

Learn more about the Raikov Effect here

And that’s all about Lifeflow.

If you have any questions about it or want more explanation, be sure to leave a comment below and it will be a pleasure to clear the mist for you.


14 thoughts on “Lifeflow Meditation Review – Great But Not Really The Best!

  1. Christine says:

    That is wonderful. I have done some meditation, but I am not very experienced at it. I would like to do it more often though, and I think that this CD will surely help me. I agree that the cost is a little high. Are there any payment options or do you pay the whole cost at once? I also liked that you included the Raikov Effect link in this article as an alternative. I should look into that too. I think that the CD’s or the link you provided will help me considerably to take up meditation again and do it more regularly.

    Thanks for this great review!

    1. You are always welcome Christine, 

      Thanks for stopping by.

      As for the price, you can just choose the package out of the 3 offered and buy that first. Then when you are done you can go for the others. 

      This is the best solution as far as price goes.

      Hope this answers your question.

  2. Nightwulf29 says:

    As much as the world is on such a “go go go” pace, I feel that it is great that meditation is utilized to bring us back to some peace. I found that meditation is a great practice to use. I may not be as big of a practitioner of meditation per se, but I truly respect the practice of it. It’s great to come across such a practical review of this program and I see it being really useful to the average meditation practitioner. Great post!

    1. Thanks a lot, we appreciate it.

  3. Very nice that I can finally come across the review of lifeflow before buying it. Meditation has been a difficulty for me of late and I need the help of anything to help me get back to that state where I would be able to meditate and be more focused when doing it. I heard a lot about lifeflow and also some products it has been compared to. I think lifeflows is more better and since I would be using it for meditation majorly, I can simply go for everything made available here on it. Thanks

    1. You are always welcome, Shelley. 🙂

  4. Henderson says:

    The side effect of life flow can be a very big hindrance for me to Jump into it, even the price too as you have said. I dont understand why you could give it such a good rating though. I suppose it works really well after all seeing all the good things the CD offers. I’d rather go for brainev since it offers more for even cheaper. Nice review overall.

    1. Hallo there Henderson, 

      Nice to have you here.

      Overall, Lifeflow is good if you want to work with it. Although as you say, brainev sure does offer some better stuff.


  5. Russ Green says:

    A few years ago I decided to read up and find out all about Buddhism and I have to admit, I found it very interesting I learned that meditation is a big part of Buddhism and the fact that meditation has many benefits including lots of health benefits, however, I have never been able to successfully meditate, I just can’t seem to clear my mind of all thoughts, though I have tried on many occasions, I would also be very interested in improving my brain capabilities in the way you have pointed out with the Raikov effect system, so this is something I am very interested in, thank you so much for sharing.   

    1. You are welcome, Russ. 🙂

  6. Hi there,

    Thank you for this thorough review! I was looking on the net for meditation CDs so that I could meditate at home. I have concentration problems. It’s tough for me to focus on my work, and this is really annoying. I also wake up often in the middle of the night and get very anxious about it:) Anyway, these CDs seems to be great, but it’s costly. I’ll try first one CD and see how it goes. Then if it works well, I’ll buy the rest. I also want to check the Raikov effect system. I’ve never heard about this until now. My daughter finds it difficult to study at school. She is 15 years old. Is there a program you would suggest for her? 

    Thank you very much for this excellent review

    1. Hallo there Daniella, 

      Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your thoughts.

      As for your daughter, it is hard to recommend a product for her use based on her current age. We recommend checking with a professional health specialist to help her based on her current health conditions and age.

      Most brain improvement products are not recommended for teenagers. Hope you understand.

      Have a lovely day! 🙂

  7. I have to admit I am not all that familiar with meditation or how different waves affect your brain. I certainly feel more informed now, so thanks for that! Its pretty incredible that certain waves are able to affect your brain differently. I have to agree with you, however, that the cost is a big deterrent to purchasing this particular product. If someone had the money to do it though, is the quality of what you are getting that much better that it might be worth the price?

    1. Hallo there Steve, 

      Glad to have you drop by. 

      Well, overall, Lifeflow is a good product to work with. You can definitely give it a try. 


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