L-arginine Review – Well Worth the Try!

You want more details of the famous L-arginine supplement, right? You want to know how great it is when it comes to memory loss, erectile function and increase workout time and others, isn’t it?

Well, my l-arginine review will be handling the basic but most important bits about it like how it works, dosage, health benefits, side effects, where best to buy it online, and a comprehensive statistics for customer reviews on it.

With this, you are going to be well informed to make a wise decision. But in any case you need more info on some other aspect of it, let me know in the comments below and I’ll gladly help you out. Okay?

Awesome! It’s now time to know more of l-arginineL-arginine Review

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What is L-arginine?

This is a supplement which has become quite popular among fitness enthusiasts and folks who mind about their sexual as well as brain health.

Although it has a wide variety of uses, the most common are boosting erectile function, boosting function of the immune system, improving memory, elevating endurance for bodybuilders and other fitness related activities.

L-arginine is a well known dietary supplement which is also found in the body as an amino acid which plays a huge role in making proteins.

In the body, it is made in citruline, although in very low quantities, which explains the reason why it is important to supplement it frequently to maintain optimal health.

L-arginine Review

Some of the foods which contain this amino acid are fish, red meat, poultry and most dairy products.

It is also able to make it in the lab, effective enough to help with various health issues.

Moreover, it helps with producing nitric oxide, which in turn helps to boost the rate of blood flow in the body.

Another name for l-arginine is Arginine.

How it Works

When it comes to bodybuilding and weight loss, Arginine has been found to bring double the benefits.

Firstly, it has been found to boost the growth of muscles. It is able to make way for nitric oxide which helps widen the blood vessels. This in turn increases the rate of blood flow in the body.

For most athletes especially men, blood flow is key as it means more oxygen, proteins and a good number of other essential nutrients are being transported to the muscles and speed up their overall growth.

Secondly, it helps with reducing fatigue and increases productivity by improving your endurance.

It also helps with learning and memory improvement.

It is really good for treating memory loss, hiking general cognitive function and calming anxiety down, although not as great as aniracetam with anxiety.

Some of the health conditions it has been effectively working on include angina (chest pains), high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction (ed), nitrate tolerance, leg pain due to poor blood flow, infant digestive tract inflammation, hastening recovery immediately after a surgery and many others conditions linked to poor flow of blood in the body.

Customer Reviews

Based on the the personal reviews of most its users, arginine seems to be doing a pretty good job. The majority of the users have rated it highly meaning it is really delivering. See, 5 star ratings are the only ratings given, which means it is worked for everyone who’s used it.

But there are also people who made some complaints about it in a few other places out there.

Many of these are those that used it while they were on other medications as well as those who had other illnesses other than what arginine is known to handle.

So please be careful while you take it. I’d recommend you get in touch with your doctor before using it so that you are well advised on how to go about it.


The health benefits associated with supplementing with l-arginine are:

• Improving growth of muscles

• Increasing endurance

• Helping with neurogenesis

• Boosting cognitive function

• Treating blood-flow related conditions

• Boosting immune system

• Boosting sexual health in men and women

• Increasing efficiency of kidney

• Keeping common cold at bay

• Enhancing memory


The dose depends on the main issue you are addressing.

But it ranges from 400mg to 20g per day by mouth. You are advised to take it in three doses, preferably in the morning, afternoon and evening for maximum benefits.

It is safe to take this supplement in the recommended dosage through the mouth, applying on your skin or by administering it as a shot.

Side Effects

When taken in extremely high doses, it poses the risks of getting blood abnormalities, diarrhea, airway inflammation, bloating, gout, abdominal pain, low blood pressure and making asthma elevate.L-arginine Review

So be careful how you use it.

Also, pregnant women and children are allowed to use it on the short term, but it would be wiser to follow a doctor’s prescription.

Some people who are discouraged from using it include people with:

• Asthma

• Herpes

• Allergy

• Cirrhosis

I think the best way to determine it is entirely fit for your use is by visiting a doctor because you never know how your body might react to it.

Where to Buy it Online

The best store I highly recommend you buy from is Absorb Your Health. It has been deemed great since it has third party testing, and a reliable support team.

I personally get brain supplements from them and I can’t point a defect in their service thus far. They have always delivered quality.

Their prices are among the cheapest, and they do give discounts if you buy in bulk.

They also give free shipping to the United States for orders above $75 but they will also ship to Canada, Australia, and the UK and other countries.

Wherever you are in the world, they’ll gladly get it to you.

If you want wholesale prices and private labels, they also offer that.

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And that is pretty much the gist of l-arginine.

If you got any questions, I got plenty of answers. Just leave yours below and I will get back to you soon as it hits this side. 🙂

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