Julia Cook’s Bubble Gum Brain Book Review

Amazing how a book can have such an interesting name,actually something we love to chew on,bubble gum!

You want to find out what bubble gum brain book is right? And you want to find out what how it can help you isn’t it?

Well,my review on this book will come in handy for you as it will help you know all about it regarding ,what it really is, what it talks about ,cost and finally my thoughts about this book.

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Name: Bubble Gum Brain

Best Place to Buy: www.amazon.com
Genres: Fiction, Children’s Literature
Author:  Julia Cook
Reading level: 4-8 years
Publisher: National Center for Youth Issues
Publication Date: April 25, 2017
Language: English
Pages: 32

What It Is
This is a creative story centered on growth mindset that teaches children (and adults) the valuable lesson that becoming is better than being, which can open the door to a whole new world of possibilities!

Bubble Gum Brain and Brick Brain are two kids with two VERY different mindsets. Bubble Gum Brain likes to have fun adventures, learn new things, and doesn’t worry about making great mistakes. Brick Brain is convinced that things are just fine the way they are and there’s not much he can do to change them, so why try? When Bubble Gum Brain shows Brick Brain how to peel off his wrapper, Brick Brain begins to realize just how much more fun school…and life… can be!

Julia Cook was born and raised in Salt Lake City Utah. While living in Utah, she became actively involved in teaching children how to ski. That experience led to a love of teaching in general.

Julia now lives in Fremont, Nebraska. She has a Master’s degree in Elementary School Counseling. While serving as a guidance counselor, Julia often used children’s books to enhance her classroom lessons. She is now nationally recognized as an award-winning children’s book author and parenting expert.

Julia has presented in more than 800 schools across the country, regularly delivers keynote addresses at education and counseling conferences, and has published more than three dozen children’s books. The goal behind all of Julia’s books and efforts is to actively involve young people into her fun and creative stories and teach them to become life-long problem solvers.

Inspirations for her books come from working with children and listening carefully to parents and teachers. Julia’s books have been referenced in such publications as Parent’s Magazine, The New Yorker, Green Child Magazine, The Huffington Post, The Chicago Tribune, Yahoo.com, DrLaura.com and BabyZone.com has. She has also been featured on CNN’s HLN News, and several large metropolitan networks.
In her spare time, Julia enjoys spending time with her husband and family.

What The Book Offers To Kids
In this book,Julia Cook uses two characters – one with a bubble gum brain (representing growth mindset) Bubble Gum Brain likes to “chew on his thoughts, flex, bend and stretch his brain.” He turns mistakes into learning experiences. When things are difficult he keeps trying or finds a different way of doing things. He’s open to trying new things, even if it’s hard. and one with a brick brain (representing fixed mindset)

Brick Brain, likes things the way they are and doesn’t want to change things. He always complains that things are difficult, he’s afraid of failing, or has anxiety over not doing something correctly. He gets frustrated, angry, depressed and upset very easily when things don’t go his way.

The boy with the Bubble Gum Brain convinces the Brick Brain boy to “take off the bubble gum wrapper from his brain and he’ll start to grow, “taking charge on how he thinks.”

Readers will quickly see that having a bubble gum brain, one that can flex, stretch, and expand his/her thoughts, leads to a lot more fun and a lot more learning!

One important message in this humorous story is that having a growth mindset is a
choice! The words colorfully show that all of us can choose to stay stuck in our negative thoughts, or we can choose to try, make mistakes, and learn how to be hopeful. What an important, life-changing conversation for children to have!

Another important aspect about this book is the way Julia Cook uses adventure and fun to draw young readers in, while teaching a critical social-emotional skill – growth mindset – in a very real, life-like way.

There is just so many uses for this book, including classroom lessons, individual “booster” sessions, as well as guiding parents to help their own children develop growth mindset using the convenient “Tips for Growing a Child’s Mindset” in the back of the book.

Lets now look into the importance of childrens literature.

The first value to note is that children’s literature provides students with the opportunity to respond to literature and develop their own opinions about the topic. This strengthens the cognitive developmental domain as it encourages deeper thought about literature.

Second, children’s literature provides an avenue for students to learn about their own cultural heritage and the cultures of other people. It is crucial for children to learn these values because, “developing positive attitudes toward our own culture and the cultures of others is necessary for both social and personal development”

Third, children’s literature helps students develop emotional intelligence. Stories have the power to promote emotional and moral development. Children’s literature “contains numerous moments of crisis, when characters make moral decisions and contemplate the reasons for their decisions,” an important skill for children.

Children’s literature also encourages creativity.

Children’s literature is of value because it fosters personality and social development. Children are very impressionable during the formative years, and children’s literature can help them develop into caring, intelligent, and friendly people.

Children’s literature is extremely valuable in both the school setting and at home. Teachers and parents should both be able to differentiate between quality and mediocre literature, in order to give students access to the best books to encourage these important values of literature and considering development in kids.

Children’s literature is important because it enhances development of language skills and other critical thinking skills that provide the foundation of learning. … Because reading children’s literature stimulates a child’s imagination, reading provides animportant visual experience.

Best Place to Buy The Book

The best place I recommend you buy the book is on Amazon. The price there is fair and according to my research, it is the most trusted online store at the moment. It will also be very convenient for you to buy there if you were planning to do more online shopping today.

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My Thought About This Book

This is such a great book to read to children who have “brick brains” and deal with some of the issues above. I love how it reinforces positivity, even if things are difficult. I think many kids would benefit from this great book, whether they had “bubble gum brains” or “brick brains.”


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