1. Linda

    I am not sure which one I want to order. I would like you to call me so I can get some input as to which one to buy.


    • Hey Linda,

      You only need to identify which area of life you want to work on and get the bootcamp package for it. 🙂

      If you want to attract money, you should go for the Attract Money bootcamp. If you want to boost your confidence, you should simply go with the confidence bootcamp.

      Do you see the theme or idea?

      You get the bootcamp for the aspect of life you want to build in your life.

      The company also advises that you buy the whole Hypnosis bootcamp package with all 5 aspects tackled because it is way cheaper if you will buy one now and then have to buy another later on.

      They are giving discounts now for all the singles and the whole package, but the discounts will not last long because they have been there for long.

      That is what the company that created them say. So I advise you to choose the package that best fits you and simply go for it, before the set time for the discounts is up.

      I hope you now understand. 🙂


  2. Olonisakin Kehinde

    excellently put together.  Good post here. I think choosing from the packages might just be a bit difficult especially if you want to go for only one. Which of these do you think might be the best for a starter? And how will you advise him to start up with respect to speed of assimilation. 

    How about those you mentioned should excempt themselves, if they are interested in the brain hacker, would you advise the to still take it?

    • Dave

      Thanks a lot Kehinde, 

      It is also a pleasure to have you here. 

      Well, as far as choosing which package to start with, I would say it depends on your personal preferences and tastes. What do you like most? A good brain power, gaining confidence, loosing weight or the others?

      The one that you feel is the dearest to you is the one I would advise you to go for. 

      Personally, I am a huge fan of the brain and iits immense power so the brain power package makes my best fit. But please note that it is my opinion.

      All the packages are fantastic. 

      You only need to evaluate your priorities and you should get down to that one you really prefer to start with. 

      I wish you the best in your choice and experience with the program. 

      If you need more help with that, let me know and I will be happy to help you out.

      Have a great day mate. 🙂

  3. jessie palaypay

    I would definitely be interested in the Wealth and health hypnosis boot camps as both have been lacking in my life lately. 

    I am curious to know how this program has done with people who are cynics or are skeptical about whether or not it truly works? Did a lot of them end up changing their mind about it? 

    • Dave

      Hallo there Jessie, 

      Sure thing! We all want to healthy and wealthy and this is the opportunity to get your subconscious mind directed towards that which willl go a long way in helping you get there.

      As for folks who were skeptics at first, I have seen a number of them doubting its effectiveness.

      But with the security of the guarantee, I was able to help them give it a try.

      Thus far, I have not heard any complaints about it, meaning it is doing a great job.

      You are going to love it as well. 

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