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Innapeace Reviews – I Like it But I Don’t Recommend it!

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Do you wish to see innapeace reviews to see what users are saying? You may also want some deeper information about it, right?

My innapeace review will show a few testimonials from some of the customers, and also tackle some areas of it like how exactly it works, why I don’t recommend you use it, how you are to use it, the people who are not supposed to use it, what is included in the system, the cost, discounts, free trials and downloads.

I hope this review will be able to answer every question you have about it. If it doesn’t, you can always send me any question below the post, and I’ll gladly get back to you, okay?

Fantastic! I’ll get right into the review now.

Name: InnapeaceInnapeace Reviews

Size: 6meditation CDs

Author: Brainwave Research Institute

Cost: $77 per track/month (there are 7 tracks)

Best Place to

Best known For: Meditation

Rankings: 94 out of 100

Innapeace Reviews

Generally, there are a good number of folks who find innapeace program very great. They say that it has changed their lives. In fact, I found many people who listened to the whole system, rinsed and repeated and they are almost in their third round.

Although they say it is a bit expensive, they have loved every session of it. You can see some of them below.

Innapeace Reviews

As I said, people love it, and according to me, it is worth giving it a shot.

Try innpeace program here.

What is Innapeace?

This is a program that offers meditation enhancing tracks that are progressive with each level forward. You get about 7 tracks starting from the highest to the deepest to help you get into great depths of meditation and boost your inner and outer peace.

The system uses a number of styles with brainwave entrainment playing the biggest part. Three blends of brainwave entrainment have been mixed with sounds of nature to make the experience much more effective.

Brainwave entrainment has been very much leveraged across most the famous brain power enhancement programs. And this style employs the idea of the tuning fork to make your brain feel the strong meditative effects like the ones an experienced meditator gets.

If you hit one tuning fork, it will start vibrating. If you place it somewhere as it vibrates and then bring another one which isn’t vibrating close it, something ‘magical’ happens. Both the tuning forks will start vibrating in the same frequencies.

This is how the tracks in this program get the brain to do.

How Innapeace Works

Brainwave entrainment is pretty much the one at work here. And this is the best chance to delve deeper, in terms of description, into it.

As the names hints, it is a form of brain alteration that uses tracks with wave frequencies which induce particular states of the mind when listened to.

In innapeace, the tracks are meant for meditation which means you are working with a number of Innapeace Reviewswave frequencies that will take you from distraction to complete mental silence.

The system uses three types of brainwave entrainment beats to help you get the most out of it. These are binaural beats, isochronic beats and monaural beats.

The most popularly used beats for meditation are binaural beats.

But the producers insist that new studies show that using all the beats help with whole body effect. They say it is better than using binaurals alone, which only touch the brain as you need to use headphones.

But with the beats together, even on open speakers you get to reap the benefits it brings.

No affirmations or guides have been used as they believe that doing these things yourself and writing down your affirmations have proven to be more efficient than getting recordings for them.

How to use Innapeace program

This uses a style called the structured progressive approach. This means that you get tracks to kind of train your brain to access profound states of meditation easily.

Just as it takes a monk meditating traditionally a long period to get very deep, this helps improve the speed taken in each step you make towards the desired state.

So you listen to one track which is followed by another deeper one to improve your overall experience. You will listen to each track for about 1 month and then move to the next, up to the 7th track.

You can repeat the whole system after you have gotten finished.

Also, you have the option of using headphones or listening the track over the speakers. Both ways they are effective as they are using 3 blend of beats which work great even on speakers.

People Discouraged From Using Innapeace products

Innapeace tracks as well as any other tracks that use brainwave entrainment are not good for all people. They alter the brain waves and this can be at times dangerous to some people. This is why they are discouraged from buying these products.

The people who are safe without using innapeace and other brainwave systems are:

• Teenagers below 18 years

• Those who have had brain injuries

• Those who have mental health issues

• Those with epilepsy to keep away any stimulus for seizures

• Those who are running life threatening machinery

• Those who plan to listen while driving

What is Included in the System

Other than the actual tracks, you also get a number of other bonuses especially when you decide to work with the free 30 days trial. After you have given out your personal information, you will receive these products free of charge:

Innapeace Track 1 – This is the first track of innapeace to give you the taste of the system. It lasts Innapeace Reviews30 minutes and is meant for relaxing, focusing and peace, to name a few.

Innapeace Schumann Protection Kit – This includes two tracks, each 60 minutes long for protecting you against the radiation that comes from most appliances and electronics.

Innapeace Instant Creativity and Effortless Learning Package –  This is for increasing your abilities to learn and creativity. You should listen to them while you study or work on creativity-demanding projects.

Personal Innapeace Coach and Success Bonus – This gives you access to a personal success innapeace coach as well as documented support to ensure the most value.

Innapeace Cost, Demo, Free Trials and Discounts

The price of Innapeace is calculated per track. You are advised to get a single track every time which should last for about a month and then buy the next track which also lasts for month.

There are 7 tracks altogether and each track costs $77. So, if you calculate the price you will have to pay if you are set to pay for all the 7 tracks, it comes to about $539, in 7 months. To me, this is very expensive.

There is a demo for quite a number of topics. So you will have to chose the main benefit you want to test with the system and then give your name and email and they will give you access to it.

Listen to the demo here

Also, there is a free trial lasting a month which comes quite packed. It includes the products I’ve mentioned in the previous section, the innapeace track 1, protection kit and the rest.

Get access to the free trial here

I’ve seen no other discounts thus far but I think those ought to be enough especially if you consider what you get in the free trial.

Get the Innapeace program here

Innapeace is Great But is Super Expensive! (Why I Don’t Recommend it!)

I know you also agree with me on that, right? Paying more than $500 for just 7 tracks can be quite something. Although, I don’t say that the quality isn’t worth the money. It is definitely worth it.

If you can buy the system, by all means do. You will enjoy every minute of it.

But if you can’t manage to meet the hefty price but still want to up your meditation game, I would suggest you use other alternatives like brainev. It is great for meditation and concentration and uses the progressive approach too.

Learn more about brainev

The other alternative is Zen 12. You get 48 meditation CDs for 4 styles. The whole system is superb and it goes for almost an eighth of the price of innapeace program. To be more accurate, the whole of zen 12 costs almost the price of one track of innapeace. Although, brainev is better than this program.

See zen 12 here

And that is what you need to know about innapeace.

If you loved the review, you can let me know in the comments or ask me anything. I’ll be waiting.


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