1. Joanne Hakaraia

    You’re so right – I do have most of these in my kitchen! 10 out of 12, in fact.
    Some of these foods, I eat only on occasion however, many of them I eat on a regular basis. It’s so good to know that I am ingesting foods that aid in improving brain power… we could all use a bit of a brain boost that’s for sure!
    Thanks for inspiring me to look into different ways of incorporating these foods into my daily diet.

    • Dave

      I told you! 🙂

      Most people tend to think the foods needed to improve their brain power are some strange foods full of vitamins and heathy oils and other crazy nasty stuff, when they are just the same sweet foods we eat, which most of us have as favorites.

      But the main probem comes in at taking the right amounts to help with brain functioning. Take something like chocolate or nuts. Many folks eat more than they need just for sheer pleasure, and this takes away the benefit they would have gotten for their brain health.

      It all boils down to how well you are using these foods as opposed to how much of them you have. It is a lesson I had to learn the hard way.

  2. NicoA

    Wow great article writtten by you Dave. I do like eating healthy as well, but I am not that faithfull that it will increase my brainpower that much. Do you know (with your genius brain 😉 ) if there are any studies out there proving to improve my IQ by eating blueberries and avocados? Looking forward to your response. Kind regards.

    • Dave

      Hey Nico,

      Blueberries and avocado sure make a good brain power smoothie.

      You can make the smoothie by running 2 cups of blueberries, a half piece of avocado, 1 ripe peeled banana, 1 spoonful of chia seeds and 1 cup of pomegranate juice and ice cubes on a blender.

      This is my second sweetest smoothie for enhancing brain power after almond blueberry and banana smoothie.

  3. Chris

    Hey there, I love this article and have posted something similar on my site about how foods impact your mood and improve your cognitive ability. I like your angle, pointing out that we can find most of these ingredients cheaply, given the majority are in our cupboard already. Tumeric is a fantastic ingredient and when cooking with this and black pepper you have a powerful anti-oxidant!! Chris

    • Dave

      Yeah Chris,

      Black pepper makes a really powerful antioxidant when cooked with turmeric. The heat and cooking makes up for the strong antioxidant.

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