iFocusband Review – Get to Know if It’s Worthwhile!

Are you wondering what to do with your current mind state or why you are struggling in life? Well, I am pretty sure that is the very reason why you are here so that you can find out if the iFocusBand which uses the neurofeedback concept to help monitor your brain activity can also help change for the better. Right?

Well,my iFocusBand review will be very useful to you so as to assist you know this product well regarding to what exactly it is, its functionality, what the product is made of, benefits of buying this product, customers reviews on it, cost, free stuff and the discounts that come along with it.

If by any chance, you realize that I have not tackled a particular part in my review, please feel free to ask in the comments section below and I will surely help you out to the best of my ability.

Great!Let’s rolling with the iFocusband review.

Name: ifocus band
Website: http://www.ifocusband.com
Author: Graham Boulton
Cost: $600
Best for: monitoring your brain activity.
Rankings: 80 out of 100

What is the iFocusBand?

This is a brain sensing headset where people wear it and what it does is that it will track your mental
process so as to assist improve your performance. All that is required of you is to put the iFocusBand on your head and it will do the rest.

Ideally, this particular system will then measure the brainwaves and there after analyze your brain activity and even offer some real-time audio or visual feedback to help you out. The iFocusBand has 3 sensors which are meant for measuring your brain waves and those neurosensors are used for measuring your brain’s electrical signals.

The innovative mind behind this unique product is one Henry Boulton who was an Australian electronics engineer who due to his consistent and vigorous research with his father developed the product back in 2009 hence making it become a success.

How the ifocusBand Works?

The iFocusBand uses the already famous and proven neurofeedback method which is ideal for training to help one be in a better chance of regulating their functioning for example the breathing techniques, meditation, self awareness hence making your body be in a better chance of taking better care of itself.

The iFocusBand has three sensors which will measure the brainwaves. Then the algorithms made into the iFocusBand will translate the waves where stand alone audio-visual will then translate the data in your own mind.

What is required of you is to use their mobile connect mode through their unique avatar and then you can control the application using your mind and you can play games and compete with other people.

There are three sensors inside the headband which will measure the brain activity and thereafter link this data to a smartphone application. By simply following the exercises in the app and responding to visual sounds the user will be in a better position to change the reading on the app’s brain avatar from red when you are thinking to green when you are creative.

Through the iFocusBand, when your brain is in a moment of distraction, the EEG can detect all this and report all this back to the person using it via the iFocusBand app. EEG is where the electrical activity that is produced by the brain is measured.

This app can therefore better people by educating them on their internal processes and therefore they will be able to condition their brain to entirely focus basing on the reward they will get from the outcome that they are focusing on.

Boulton is also doing some research on the the newest iFocusBand element known as GPS Brain Tracka, which will give individuals a precious chance to review their brain state with each shot then showing the what comes along with each shot one takes.

What is included in the iFocusBand?

You will get the:
1. iFocusband which has three sensors

2. an app which will encourage you to achieve a more desirable mental state by using the real-time.

3. Avatar and the Neurofeedback tools.

4. Real time avatar

5.Audiovisual feedback

Cost, Discount and Free Stuff

The product goes for only $600.

There are no discounts which come along with this product when one purchases it and no free stuff given out only that one can download the free stuff and check if it is performing well.

How to use it?

First and foremost you have to buy the product. Then after buying it,you have to first download the app from the Apple app store then you turn on bluetooth on your phone an then connect with the iFocusBand.  Shake so that they can pair, when it pairs you wear it and then press the start button.

The band has three sensors which will measure the analogue frequency of your head then the iFocusBand hardware will convert this into digital format and transmit via bluetooth to your mobile device.

The app will run the data to make it use able to you and then presented to you in the easy to understand Avatar for the audio and visual response.

My Personal Thoughts.

This device is pretty comfortable and you can use it while you are doing anything, what ever it is whether running, reading or exercising.

It is ideal for many applications and compatible with many.

On a negative side this app it has only three sensors and it is very expensive for neurofeedback devices in its league since they cost somewhere in the range of $300.


And that is all about the iFocusBand review.

If you may have found anything not clear about this or if you may have any questions, comments or concerns,please feel free to ask and I will surely help you out.

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