1. Fadi

    I’m amazed to see you don’t criticize all the tracks in i-doser. I have seen also that the products you recommend  are better in the specific areas they handle, meaning they are worthwhile after all. 

    You know most people like badmouthing products they don’t like and destroy the reputation of the company, and probably it isn’t as bad as they make it appear. I see you don’t that, you value honesty and this makes me trust you. Thanks. I’ll give I-doser a go and then try out zen 12 and sleep Salon and see how each works for me.

    • Dave

      Hey Fadi, 

      I tend to think those who like bashing other products out there are just interested in selling their recommendations which shouldn’t be the case. People who do that aren’t honest. 

      What should be done is provide the best advice for people who are looking for advice and best products online. Actually, what drives me is the favorite saying, what goes around always comes around, and I wouldn’t want to be pushed on a product I know I won’t like, so I don’t that to others. 🙂

      The idea of trying both the products sound nice, this way you will know which one works great for you. Best of luck mate.

  2. Eddie


    I have had a lot of things about I-doser so I decided to research more about it to see how well it works and how exactly it will be able to help me. 

    I have seen that it does have a few things I like which has made me decide to try it out. I have also read about brainev and Zen 12 and they are really great programs as well. So I will also be trying them out as well. Thanks for the recommendations.

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