Hypnosis Live Review

Hypnosis Live Review – My Personal Best Hypnosis Store!


You’re a huge fan of hypnosis and you like improving different aspects of your life with hypnosis sessions, right?

And you wish to know more of this hypnosis store to understand how great its sessions are and if it can really help with improving some aspects your life, isn’t it?

Well, this hypnosis live review will give you a deep look into the store as it will be telling you what hypnosis live is all about, how it works, how to use it, customer reviews from the users, what is included in the store, cost, free downloads, demo’s and discounts.

This is going to be a short one but quite thorough.

Just in case you need more explanation of any other of its aspects, feel free to use the comments to ask me any questions. I will be more than happy to give you a hand, okay? 🙂

Awesome! Let’s see what we have here.

Name: Hypnosis LiveHypnosis Live Review

Size: More than 200 sessions

Author: Karl Moore and His team (Inspire 3)

Cost: $22 per session and $91 for a whole bundle

Best Place to Buy: www.hypnosislive.com

Best known For: Hypnosis

Rankings: 97 out of 100

What is Hypnosis Live?

This is a store that offers hypnosis sessions for many areas of life like emotions, health, mental skills, personal improvement, sexuality, mindset and self growth, to name a few.

The sessions here are designed to give you immense help withHypnosis Live Review improving a certain area of your life, be it dropping bad habits, gaining strength in given virtues, improving your body parts and many more.

They have been created by the Inspire 3 team which is one of the best mind power companies on the web.

Frankly speaking, this is my favorite brain power company because they know how to treat their clients real nice and also provide the best quality self and brain improvement products.

They have also created Subliminal Guru, Hypnosis Bootcamp, Zen 12, Sleep Salon and Nitrofocus and The Raikov Effect (my personal favorite), just to name a few.

I have been on this brain power thing for quite a while now and I confidently recommend the company’s products to anyone as I have many of their brain boosting systems and have nothing to complain about, thus far.

The quality of the systems and the support system is quite on point.

The hypnosis live sessions have been recorded by a British woman called Julie-Ann Amos.

She’s got a really beautiful British accent and is actually a hypnotherapist as well as a Master NLP practitioner who has done a pretty good job with the audio tracks. I promise you, you are going to love her if you love the British accent as well as hypnosis sessions from experts.

How it Works

The main technique used in Hypnosis Live is Hypnosis. They have also used great NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) technique, which makes their sessions the best quality ones out there.

Most of the sessions out there use plain hypnosis which isn’t quite as effective.

The combination of these two techniques work very efficiently and will reprogram your mind to help you achieve any goal very fast and with much ease.

Starting with hypnosis, I have to admit that most folks have theHypnosis Live Review wrong idea of this technique. Hollywood has painted a not-so-good picture about it, as it makes it appear like it works best for the weakest minds out there.

And this is far from the truth.

These guys make it sound like you are being mentally deceived and always get stuck in trance like states where your mind is controlled.

But this is quite the contrary.

See, hypnosis is not any complicated, or evil (as it is perceived). It simply helps you change the way you see and perceive things.

It first helps you rest and become super relaxed and then through tapping the power of your subconscious mind, help you work on the negative beliefs and concepts that you have built in your mind over the years.

By following the procedure outlined in the system, you are sure to be successful, and you will come to see your goals achieved.

The second technique used is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). This is where you are given a series of exercises that you follow to take you through the reprogramming session successfully.

You are told to do a continuous set of things that cumulatively work towards changing your mind for the better. This technique complements hypnosis, which is what makes hypnosis live sessions more potent than those which use hypnosis alone.

What is Included in the System

You get more than 200 hypnosis sessions in this system that go into literally just every area of life, personal improvement, fears, body improvement, health, self growth, you name it.

And the good thing is, you can get a single track that is targeted at one particular area like Photographic Memory track that focuses on making you a visual person and boost your memory.

Another popular track is the Law of Attraction track which helps with bettering the law of attraction in you and getting you to attract the things you want in your life.

Some of the other single tracks you will find interesting in Hypnosis live are:

• Keep your mind activeHypnosis Live Review

• Be more assertive

• Be insanely productive

• Erase your phobia

• Get funny

• Boost your fertility

If you want, you can also choose a hypnosis live bundle that has 4 single tracks that compliment each other in getting you to achieve some of the good aspects in your life.

For example, if you want to fight depression, you can use the bundle called “Burst Out of Depression Hypnosis Bundle”. It comes with 4 singe tracks that will do a good job with this topic.

The 4 tracks you get in this depression bundle are:

Depression Relief – for reducing depressionHypnosis Live Review

Positive Thinking – for encouraging good thoughts

Feel Happy Now –  for bringing happiness

Energy Surge – for helping increase your energy levels

Personally, I find the bundles more comprehensive as they have everything that is related to what you are working on and have high rates of success than using the singles.

How to Use Hypnosis Live Sessions

Using the sessions is very easy and you only need to do a few things to start benefiting from them. This is exactly how you should use them:

• Download the sessions (singles or bundles) you want to work with

• Make yourself comfortable on a seat

• Play the mp3 files on your device

• Follow the instructions in the sessions

• Get to enjoy the benefits

You can use as many sessions as you like without worrying. They are all safe to use and have no health issues.

Also, you are advised to be listening to them frequently to help increase the benefits. Each time you listen there is always an added benefit in your brain.

Hypnosis Live Testimonials

There are quite a number of folks who have used the sessions in this store. And all people I have met who have used it were happy with the quality effects they got from the tracks.

They loved the great results that come with following the instructions given and the whole quality experience the tracks gave them.

Actually, to show you how great the sessions are, here is what some of the users who have tried out the hypnosis live audio tracks area saying:

hypnosis live review

See? It’s just like I told you.

The sessions do work, and very effectively for that matter. I also recommend you give the sessions a go and see it for yourself.

Hypnosis Live Cost, Free Downloads, Demo’s and DISCOUNTS!

The cost of each of the single track is $22.95 while the cost of a bundle, which comes with 4 tracks is $91.80. Ideally, you get to pay $22.95 for each single track for the bundle you choose.

About the free downloads, you are given the opportunity to choose 1 out of 7 sessions and download it for free, that is a gift they are currently giving and it gives you the best idea of the sessions are as it is a complete session on its own.

The 7 sessions you pick from are:

• “Attract Gratitude”hypnosis live review

• “Eliminate Stress”

• “Find Your Life Purpose”

• “Law of Attraction”

• “Achieve Your Goals”

• “Visualization Success”

• “Positive Thinking”

Choose your free download here

When it comes to the demo’s, you get to listen to a sample session of every track you wish to purchase.

You can get the demo in the information page of the actual session you desire to download.

So you will just have to click on the actual track and you will be taken to the information page where you will get to hear the demo before you buy it.

And finally, the DISCOUNTS!

I have seen people asking if there is a discount voucher code for the tracks. And the answer is a NO.

But you do get to receive great discounts which are on at the moment.

They are currently giving out the single tracks at a discounted price of hypnosis live review$17.95 instead of $22.95 and the bundles are being sold at $32.95 instead of the usual $91.80.

I find this time being the best to take advantage of the offers and buy them at a cheap price before the price goes back to the marked price, which is scheduled to be a few days away.

Get the discounts for the sessions here

And that is pretty much it with this hypnosis store.

If you require more information or help with the tracks and bundles or any other related questions, send them over in the comments below, I’ll be happy to help. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Hypnosis Live Review – My Personal Best Hypnosis Store!

  1. I have always been interested in hypnosis but never really knew enough to take action, this article gives a great explanation of what is involved. I am glad to hear it does not put you into a weird trance like you see on the tv.

    Changing negative beliefs and outlooks is intriguing. The reason i have always wondered about hypnosis is whether or not it can be successful to stop you smoking.

    The tracks looks great – can you really ‘get funny’? ;0)

    1. I really like your sense of humor 🙂

      It is quite interesting.

      I am glad to hear that I have  helped you well enough to know the product. 

      The sessions can help you stop smoking. Go for the stop smoking sessions and you will be good to go.

      I look forward to hearing your feedback about the sessions. 

      Have an awesome day!

  2. Am glad to have come across this review for I have been seeing so many adverts about hypnosis live but I was wondering if it is legit and can it help me overcome some of my phobias. You have well explained how it works and have increased my confidence. The session looks like they are worth it, and am getting them immediately after this comment. Thanks and have a good day!

    1. Hey Anita, 

      Nice to have you stop by.

      Hypnosis live sessions are the only hypnosis sessions I have seen to bring really good results. All the people I know who have got the sessions were happy with the experiences and effects they got from it.

      A good number of them even went back to get more sessions on other areas of life.

      Do try them out and let me know about your experience.

      I will be waiting for it. 

      Have a fantastic day too! 🙂

  3. Whenever I think of hypnosis, I think of those shows that you go to where they control people and make them do silly things. I have never looked further into hypnosis, as I always thought it for people who wanted to be in a trance, or who maybe wanted to give up smoking or something.

    However reading this article, it makes hypnosis look more like meditation with the same benefits. So what is the difference between this type of hypnosis and meditation, and is one better than the other?

    1. Hallo there Michel, 

      Meditation and hypnosis are both great mind improvement techniques.

      Hypnosis accesses your subconscious mind which influences almost everything about you, your beliefs, your culture, personality and character.

      With this access, you can easily change the negative aspects you feel are weighing you down.

      Meditation, on the other hand, will help you gain inner peace, self mastery, contentment and even emotional mastery.

      But you should note that, hypnosis is faster than meditation, if you are just starting out with both.

      However, in terms of effectiveness, I don’t think there is anyone superior to other as each is great for the right person at the right time and for the right purpose.

      So I would say you give both a try, on different occasions, and see which one works well for you, at what time and for achieving what purpose.

      I suggest using hypnosis when you want to improve upon different aspects of your personality and life as a whole while meditation for inner harmony, peace and relaxation. (Although hypnosis also does a really good job with getting you to relax too)

      Experiment with them and let me know how you find them.

      Hope I have answered your question.

      Have an awesome day! 🙂

  4. Michael Achugwo says:

    Wow. I thought hypnosis was a sham but this post changes everything.

    The idea that effective hypnosis from proven experts can change my life and mindset is really appealing. I already downloaded my freebie and I’ll be listening to it to see how it affects me in he next few days.

    I love how you made it super easy to understand their services and how it can help me. I might buy a bundle when I see how the free one goes

    1. Hey Michael, 

      Glad to hear you found the post useful.

      That’s my actual intention. 🙂

      Do listen to the freebie. I am sure you are going to love it.

      Also, remember to let me know how you find it .

      I will be waiting for your feedback. 

      Have a wonderful day. 🙂

  5. RoDarrick says:

    Hi, thanks so much for this detailed and eye opening post. To be honest, I’m among the set of people you mentioned who sees hypnosis as a state of your mind being under another person’s control and I really think its for people who are too feebleminded to settle their own issues.

    Though, your review about hypnosis live has clarified most things concerning hypnosis and it seems that this hypnosis life will only teach me how to master my mind by myself and not being controlled by another. As much as I like buying quality products, I love buying discounted products more. The price seems fair to me and I will give it a try.

    1. Hey RoDarrick, 

      I am glad you find the post mind opening.

      I also admit that hypnosis first came across as an evil technique that helps experts at it control other people.

      But when I got to know it better, I found it did quite the contrary, which I see you have understood as well.

      Do give the sessions a try and I am confidently you’ll love the effects they bring.

      Have a fantastic day mate.

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