1. Karen

    Very interesting product review. I’m extremely interested in this subject matter as it hits pretty close to home. Is Huperzine A approved by the FDA?
    The picture of the label says the tablets are 200mcg, however, you suggest starting with 100mcg. Do they come in 100mcg? The other concern or question I have are the side effects and wonder if the threat of these are only if the dosage is too high or if taken over the suggested 3 weeks.
    I’ll be very interested in your answers to my concerns because I would love to order this product.

    • Dave

      Hey Karen, 

      Huperzine A has not been approved by FDA. And there are so many other products that work really great and have not been approved by it. It takes quite some time for FDA to approve products. 

      Secondly, I have said the best place to buy is from absorb health and the only concentration they have is 200mcg, while I have also recommended starting out with 100mcg. The thing is, when it comes to nootropics, the only store I have come to trust is Absorb Your Health. And this is where I also recommend folks to use, because I personally now them very well.

      Even though 100mcg is great to start out with, 200mcg also isn’t all that ‘crazy’ to bring side effects. But you can also get the 100mcg bottle from amazon.

      Finally, the dangerous side effects will only come when you overdose. Generally, huperzine A has been regarded as safe.

      I hope I have laid all your worries to rest. 🙂

  2. Louise

    Great article. I’ve been looking for a upplement like this for some time so I will be heading over to Absorb Your Health to check it out. It seems like a magic pill and I’m looking forward to seeing some positive results. I’m also going to share this with my friends as I know the will very much appreciate it.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Dave

      Thanks a lot Louise, 

      It gladdens my heart to hear  that I  have helped

  3. Anton

    Lately I have had a lot going on and I have been looking for a supplement to help give me a boost. I have 2 kids age 5 and 12. I start my day busy with the 5 yr old and I have been building an online business plus I starteded a digital marketing company that I have been studying/learning for a few months. By the time the 12 year old gets out of school I get a workout in then help with homework and try to do something fun with the 2 of them before it’s time for me to go to my 6pm night job.

    I am really interested in this supplement. It sounds like something that could help me physically and mentally,

    Thanks for the info!


    • Dave

      Its great to hear how your typical day is  something many people would want to have. 

      And going by the activities you get into, you surely need to have to get an extra boost. 

      I am sure you will love it. 

  4. Nick

    Hey Dave, 

    I saw that one of the side effects of huperzine is increased heartbeat. How often does this happen? 

    Thing is, I have been around people who have been having increased heart beats every often, and I didn’t like the situation. 

    This is what makes me get a bit concerned. I wouldn’t want to suffer such a side effect ever in my life. I wanted to know if it  frequent and see on many users so that I look for better alternatives.

    • Dave

      Hey Nick, 

      I can understand what you are saying very well. 

      Well, you only suffer the risk of increased hearbeat when you overdose. This is only noted in those folks who take more than what has been allotted to them. 

      If you are sure to keep it moderate, you will never get this side effect, unless of course you are on other medications or have other health issues related to your heart or something close to that.

      If you do, I highly recommend checking in with a doc to make sure everything will run smooth for you.

      I hope this helps. 🙂

  5. Matthew

    I have to say that these capsules don’t look safe at all but you have explained them really well and i can see why people would want to try them if they have problems with memory loss. I couldnt help wonder what, or if there were any long term side efects if you were to take them for too long?

    • Dave

      Hey Mathew, 

      The thing is, if you take it for a long period your body might build tolerance for which will make you reduce the effects you get from it.

       That is why you are advised to take it for 3 weeks and then give your body a short break.

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