1. John

    Yes I have been seeing a lot of post about hypnosis working for different issues like confidence and all. I am kind of confused on hypnosis working for those which interestes to know more about. The system looks okay… I will look at it and understand it. I wish there could be a system that works for all addictions generally.

    • Dave

      Hey John, 

      Sadly enough, there isn’t a good program that can help you handle all the addictions in life. There are too many of them out there and need different approaches to bring good results.

      I think it is as they say. There is no one size fits all approach to any system that is to truly bring good results.

      I am sure you are going to understand this very well when you get to try it out.

      Have a lovely experience with the system mate. 🙂

  2. Win Bill Huang

    This sounds like an awesome program. I have a friend who is seriously addicted to alcohol. He occasionally skips work, and his meals just to get that booze. Honestly, I don’t see why alcohol is such mandatory object for it, but I think I have found something that works.

    He wants to change his habits too, but he is way too shy to let other people know about his problems. Getting him to see a psychiatrist is probably not possible. However, a home based hypnosis program sounds awesome.

    He can do it at home without feeling like he is being interrogated or defenseless in front of a doctor. I have heard of neuro linguistic programming before. It helps you rethink what kind of person you are and help you achieve your goals better. I feel that something like this is going to be very helpful to him. It is only a download away which makes it even more awesome.

    By the way, are the sessions long?

    • ​Hey there Win Bill,

      I feel his pain.

      Even though someone who is addicted to alcohol desires to stop drinking, it is actually very hard to get himself to stop doing it because it’s his weakness and at times his consolation.

      So it is really hard to get his mind to detach itself from the problem by seeing a doctor only. It is also very embarrassing to sit through counselling sessions trying to be told how dangerous alcohol is and how hurting the addiction is to your family.

      Even though true, I’m sure many people never like these sessions. They’d rather struggle with the problem on their own. This is something I have seen across most addicts.

      His mind is the one that has taken in the addiction and he will only need to change the self concepts about alcohol in the mind in order to get past this addiction. And the best way for him to approach this issue is rewire the subconscious mind through the hypnosis tracks here.

      This is the best way as it has all the privacy needed, makes him feel in charge of his life and really converts well for these areas of life.

      I am sure here is going to find so much value from the tracks.


  3. jCamden

    Alcohol abuse is a huge problem for so many people these days. And it muddles your brain like no other 🙁
    It’s an interesting idea to use hypnosis to stop people from drinking.
    Hypnosis has always been something I don’t fully understand but the possibilities it presents are incredible!
    The price for the Reduce Alcohol Sessions is actually more than reasonable. How many session do they recommend you go through and how often?

    • Hey there,

      I totally agree with you. Alcohol has snatched so many people’s minds and lives in the world and the number keeps growing as we move in with life.

      But hypnosis has proven through the years to be quite helpful with bringing to rest this addiction. The thing is, alcohol addiction as well as all other addictions are beliefs people make up for themselves about alcohol, and the rest.

      They say that they can’t do a whole day without having a shot or a bottle of it or they say they need alcohol to kickstart their day on turbo. But the truth is, they can stay without having it. They just choose, either knowingly or unknowingly, to set their minds like that and stick to those beliefs, which end up hurting them.

      These beliefs and self concepts about alcohol are stored in the subconscious mind and this is where you can only handle addiction from, if you want the best results.

      And hypnosis is the technique gives you direct access to the subconscious mind. That’s why it is so effective for eliminating addictions, alcohol, sugar, and all other addictions you know.

      Be sure to check these hypnosis sessions out, you are going to love them. 🙂

      The best use for these sessions, is to do them daily and concentrate completely on the voice guiding you. Remember to follow through the instructions given there and accept the message openly so that it works faster and more effectively for you.

      I hope I have answered your question.

      Have a good one.

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