1. henryan

    This has been a very helpful content for me. So damaged brain cells can be repaired or made to regrow. I never thought it would be possible. This information has opened my eyes to a new concept I have been trying to figure out for a really long while.

    So we basically need to stay healthy in order to keep our brain healthy as well. I have read that the right exercise can make our brain to maximal potential. Can reading activities maintain a healthy brain too?

    • Dave

      Hey Henry,

      Reading does improve your brain, especially if you are reading things you love and which require you to think or try to solve some mysteries and puzzles.

      They fire up the brain if you are on them more oftenly.

  2. Amit Misal

    Hi Dave,

    I am glad that you made a site dedicated to improving your brain power.Lots of Information related to the brain you have.I only know of Almonds, tnat they keep your brain generally healthy.

    From your site I came to know lots of Do’s and Dont’s regarding brain health.I will surely bookmark this site for future reference.

    • Dave

      Hey Amit,

      Thanks for stopping by. Go ahead and bookmark it, there is more brain power “goodie” content coming up.

  3. Angie

    wow this is interesting! I’ll start paying more attention to my food and exercise! You know, it is actually true, I have a few friends in their 60-70s and the woman who does yoga, regular walks, swims and eats healthy is much more aware of her surroundings, gets the jokes faster we can talk about deep self improvement subject, and she is, generally, more fun to hang out with.

    Another friend of mine is not doing anything with her life and is just growing larger and larger. She responds slower to my questions, often doesn’t listen and then re-asks “what did you say? Did you say something?”, she find everything boring and has lots of conflict with friends and family. She has moment when she does something without thinking and obviously it doesn’t work – basically dumb actions.

    • Dave

      I guess it’s how keen we are with our bodies and minds that makes all the difference. Although sometimes we are occupied with stuff that we don’t notice how fast life passes by.

      All the same, our minds need tender care because they make the body all what it is. They are what make for a younger looking body and happy life. If only we can pay more attention to improving the simple things we do, like eating and getting more peace for ourselves, we can change our whole perception of life.

      I also know a woman in her 90’s without a single wrinkle. She has the youngest innocent looking face and can only be called old by age. She doesn’t walk on a stick and everything, her memory, her hearing, her sight, and body are all intact.

      She’s actually healthier than most people I see in their 40’s. And the only thing she did was to take care of her brain which naturally led her to being mindful of the things that would make her age faster without knowing.

      I’m also working hard towards that. Hope I can become and remain peaceful and young as she is. 🙂

  4. Simon

    How to recover brain cells is such an interesting subject. Eating junk foods, binging and drinking can certainly have a negative impact. Eating healthier whilst accomplishing plenty of exercise in between is the key for a healthy lifestyle and to maintain the production of the brain’s neurons in my view.

    I’m not into manufactured supplements personally, I keep clear as my belief is that everything is grown naturally for everyone to develop and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

    The foods like fish, fruits and veg you mention here are the key ingredients for healthy brain activity coincided with exercise and I must admit I am the worst for eating fruit and veg however we have found a way round this by purchasing a juicer to make the most fabulous tasting drink containing all the natural ingredients you mention here, so it can be achievable if you are determined.

    Do you maintain a healthy lifestyle to recover your brain cells? Your article has certainly spurred me on to ditch the junk food and replace with more healthier foods.

    • Dave

      That’s true Simon,

      All natural stuff works great. I also love using natural ingredients to help power up my brain. But the thing is, there are times you are weighed down by stuff around you and other demanding tasks waiting to get done.

      This is one few times I get to pop a nootropic pill to give me the extreme focus and energy I need to get the work done. I think taking manufactured supplements is not any dangerous if you are taking them with modesty and making sure that you only take them when you need them, not just as a daily thing.

      This is where most folks fail to understand.

      On the “religiously” keeping at fruits and vegetables issue, I am 100% with you. Most people tend to prefer juicing it up rather than taking each fruit at a time. Kind of saves time when you run all the fruits in a blender. And the blend made, too, is something to look forward to.

      It feels nice to feel all the fruits in your tongue from just one glass in one sitting. 🙂

  5. Joe

    Gee whizz, I forget where I am and where I’m going and don’t even ask me where my keys are out why I just walked into this room!!

    I’ve heard magic mushrooms actually regrow and repair brain cells too – but your suggestions sound more sustainable!

    I’ve heard good things about phosphatidylserine, it blocks cortisol is that right?


    • Dave

      Yes Joe,

      Phosphatidylserine is also another great supplement I recommend. It works very well when it comes to blocking cortisol to help you boost your moods, improve the quality of your sleep and makes insomnia less severe.

      I also love magic mushrooms because of the vividness they bring. When you’ve had them you feel like you are in a dream like state, and things are more lively. And the expanded consciousness sure does come in handy.

      I sure love the few hours of vividness these mushrooms have. They make you feel like you are in an entirely different world.

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