1. Houston

    I really enjoyed your post of how to motivate yourself to study at home. I tend to have an issue with this….especially on the weekends when the kids are there running around making noises. I have never heard of the dream manifesto but it’s such a clever idea. I currently use sticky notes on my computer so every time I log in that’s the first thing I see. Having a picture and an encouraging word would definitely be better than a sticky note. Thanks for sharing.

    • Dave

      Hey Houston, 

      Glad to have here and also happy to see that you find the idea clever. 🙂

      The thing is, most of us tend to have lots of distractions that discourage us from studying. But let’s face it, we have to study no matter what. 

      That’s why I thought this idea would come in handy to complete this seemingly difficult task.

      I also agree with what you say, sticky notes can be a good reminder to boost our memory but we have to keep in mind that most people are visual by nature. 

      And by adding some visual graphics to your computer that keep flashing to remind you of your goals can be an interesting way to keep our motivation working right.

      I am sure you are going to find the whole technique very fascinating and rewarding as well. 🙂

      Have a fantastic day.

  2. Furkan

    I think that I can use it. I have a goal for a really long time and I sometimes need to remind myself what is my goal. Voice remainder is totally a cool idea since only looking at visuals are not enough for me. However will this program be effective for a long time?

    • Dave

      Hey Furkan, 

      Great to hear that you find it useful. 🙂

      Trying to keep up with our goals when our level of motivation is low can be quite a struggle. That is why you will see  that you can take up to 4 months to a huge to achieve a goal you could have easily done within a single month.

      And this is where things like the dream manifesto come in, to reduce the time frame and make the experience thrilling.

      I also see that you do great with both visuals and audios. 

      Then the dream manifesto sure is your best fit. 

      I am looking forward to hearing your experience with the system

      Have a great day mate. 

  3. Apoorva

    Motivation is important factor in achieving our goal and lack of motivation results in less productivity. I have experienced this many times while working in office. If someone motivates me or if I read something motivational I feel energetic and my productivity will be more. But when I am down it affects my productivity. I never knew about this Dream Manifesto which encourages people to achieve their goal which definitely gonna help the people like me!

    • Dave

      Hey there Apoorva, 

      Glad to hear that it is something you find useful for your life. 

      This is what I like seeing, helping people get the best of what they are looking for in terms of their minds and quality of life.

      I am also 100% with you. 

      Motivation really needs attention if we are really determined to get to achieve all our goals since it is the one that determines how passionately we are working on our thing, and how well we are doing it towards the achievement of the goals we’ve set for ourselves.

      I really look forward to hearing your experience with the dream manifesto.


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