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How to Improve Your Brain Function – The Best Strategies!

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Do you feel like you are not making the best use of all the mental power you really feel you have?

Most of all, deep within you, do you feel you have the ability to get your brain to function better than it currently is?

Or maybe,improve your brain function

Have you ever felt like your brain abilities are dropping by the day? Ever felt like you are loosing the mental grip that you once had?

Well, it happens to many people, including myself.

There are times I feel deeply within me I am not fully utilizing my “genius” capabilities and simply feel like my mind is deteriorating as the weeks pass by. 

And if you are anything like me, you NEVER want that to actually happen.

That is why I have compiled a list of simple yet very effective steps to take on how to improve your brain function.

They will only need you to make a few tweaks to your habits and lifestyle to see a huge boost in your mental power and performance.

With that said, let’s get right into them.

Food Based Ways to Increase Your Brain Function

These are the things to look out for when you think about food:

  • Coffee – I am sure many coffee lovers can attest to this. When you drink a good amount of coffee, you feel your level of attention heightened and your short memory becomes great too. It is something you want to keep by your side when you want to perform better.
  • Water and Liquids – It is recommended that you remain well hydrated throughoutwater for improving your brain function the day. Yes, the 8 glasses of water per day rule still holds if you are to remain in proper balance. Water has been found to increase brain performance. A study done on this revealed that those who drank fruit juice frequently reduced their chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease compared to those who didn’t. That is how influential liquids are to your brain.
  • Vitamins – Vitamins have also shown the ability to protect the brain and keep away most of the deadly brain related issues. The vitamins you should be having are veggies and fruits, as well as anything made from them. 
  • Greens (The leafy ones) – If you want to overpower dementia and prevent yourself from getting health issues such as Parkinson’s disease, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease, then you will want to befriend leafy greens. They have antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that do neuroprotection work.
  • Chicken (And the eggs) – Eating both chicken and what it hatches has proven useful in boosting the performance of the brain. They contain choline which is known to help with improving brain performance. If you want more choline, you should be also be a fan of fish, milk, legumes and liver.
  • Milk – While it is also a good source of choline, milk has also been linked to some increase in memory among other brain functions. Plus, let’s admit it. The whiteness of milk is somewhat mind-blowing when you think about it (and this thought might actually enhance your brain function, lol).
  • Omega 3 – This is a type of fatty acid that really benefits the brain as well as the body. You will get most of it in fish and healthy fats and oils. The fatty acid gives your mental performance a really good push.

Hobby Based Ways

If you feel like the food might really inconvenience you as it may make you give up most of your favourite foods, then you might want to try out these direct mind-targeted ways to fuel your mind:

  • Learning a new language – Other than the few native languages youJapanese language
    know, it is a really good move to try to learn a completely foreign language. Doing this changes your brain chemistry as it makes your mind active and needing you to think outside of your normal routine so as to use the language properly. 
  • Playing musical instruments – Have you been thinking of learning to play a violin? The guitar perhaps? Or maybe the piano? Well, now is the best time to get started. This enhances the area of your brain that controls your audio visual skills.
  • Reading novels – If you are true novel reader raise your hand. Well, you have been raising your mental abilities all this while without knowing. Reading novels increases creativity, raises your level of imagination and boosts your cognitive abilities as a whole.
  • Traveling – Visiting new places helps in restructuring the brain as it helps your brain get out of the usual places it has already created a mental map of that gives it time to relax.
  • Playing video games – Everyone who has played the most mentally demanding video games will agree that they make them feel like genius conquerors when they win. Well, they may be well on their way there as video games help in powering your cognitive skills, spatial reasoning and other mental aspects.

Routine Based Ways for Improved Mental Performance

Here are the additions you should make to your daily routine to ensure your keep your mind running in the right direction.

  • Breaking your daily routine – Yes, that’s right. If you keep following the same routine for a long period of time, you make your mind less active as you don’t have to put a lot of thought into the day’s activities. By following irregular patterns of activities, your brain is stimulated and it remains active.
  • Planning – While this may seem out of place, making proper plans in every aspect of your life has proven to increase your reasoning skills greatly. By planning before you take on an activity, you engage your mind as opposed to getting into the activity and then trying to figure things halfway into it. You can actually work with this tip and the previous one by creating your routines by making a whole week’s plan, and then creating a totally different plan the following week. This keeps your mind “on its feet”.
  • Refreshing sleep – Sleep, though not much, has been used as one of sleep boosts brain performancethe ways to refresh the mind and release stress and tension. I think that is why we have days and nights in the world. To exercise your brain through the day and then give it a rest and rejuvenate it at night for the following day.
  • Engaging the less used hand – If you are right handed person, you may want to engage your left hand more as well as vice versa for the left handed folks. It has been discovered that engaging both your hands in demanding work activates more parts of your brain as opposed to using one hand.
  • Fitness and health – Yeap, hitting the gym not only works out your body muscles but also your brain muscles. The activity increases your brain performance and keeps it active throughout the day.

Here is a video that touches more on the areas I have mentioned and a few others.

Spiritual Based Ways

Here are some of the well known spiritual exercises that are known to really impact the brain and the mind in a really positive way.

  • Meditation – As you would have imagined, meditation is quite popular
    in bringing mental clarity, boosting your memory, enhancing your attention and in decision making. The inner harmony it comes with also helps with elevating mental performance.
  • Yoga – More like meditation, yoga has revealed the benefits of an improved mood, raise in concentration and better mental performance. For most adults above 50, this spiritual practice helps in preventing the decline cognitive activity. So, more yoga means more benefits, baby!

Brain Based Supplements for Boosting Brain Performance

Also called smart drugs or nootropics, brain supplements have grown to be more effective in the brain improvement industry. If you have watched the movie “Limitless” by Bradley Cooper, then you know how good they can get.

These supplements are categorized differently, some helping with:

  • Focus – These ones help you improve your attention levels and perform continuously without feeling weighed down by tiredness. Some of the best ones in this area are Huperzine A, GABA and Rhodiola Rosea.

Brainwave Entrainment

If you haven’t heard of this, brainwave entrainment is a technological based process that works to increase the activity of the waves in your brain to induce a state of mind you wish to acquire like focus, sleep, productivity, meditative state and others.

The beauty of the brain improvement programs that are based on this neuroscience technology is that they work within minutes, and at times, seconds. If you get the right ones.

I have used them for months now and they are really amazing. The ones that have worked well for me are:

  • For Meditation – I recommend using Zen 12. It is cheap, has 4 styles to use to help you get in the zone faster while meditating and it is pretty cool. It is by far the most effective meditation program I have seen.
  • For emotional mastery – I encourage you to use Brainev (Brain Evolution Sytem). It has the best 6 levels of brain training that will help you get a good grasp of your emotions and gain really good inner balance.
  • For sleep – I recommend going with Sleep Salon. It has very interesting areas of sleep it tackles including waking up at night, sleeplessness and many more. You are going to love it.
  • Focus – Here, I recommend you go for Nitrofocus. It also has intriguing aspects of focus it helps with including studying, working out and many more. The program really moves your mind in a great way.

These systems help also in other areas of your health and they get to bring results that will stay for long. 

But please note they are not for everyone. 

Each of them comes with its own precaution. Please read carefully and consult with your doctor before using them.

And that is it folks!

In conclusion, trying to slide these different techniques in your normal routine slowly by slowly will hugely improve your mental health and help you see a great difference in the way you think, and do things.

I hope this has been pretty helpful. 

Let me know if it has in the comments.

If you have any questions regarding brain health and the aspects I mentioned, please feel free to drop them below. I will be more than glad to give you a hand. 🙂

I will be waiting.


12 thoughts on “How to Improve Your Brain Function – The Best Strategies!

  1. The things that I have found to be helpful in improving my brain power is playing games, mainly chess and scrabble, and reading.
    I read on a daily basis and have found it helps me with relaxation and also increasing my brain power.

    I haven’t tried this dare though. I am going to try after this. Are you sure it will help see an improvement in 15 minutes?

    1. Oh yes! This simple technique works all the time. It has become my second nature and I’m amazed by the improvement I get all the time.

      Go ahead and try it out and let me know how you feel after 15 minutes. Be sure to put in full concentration. This is key.

      I’ll be waiting.

  2. Dave,

    All awesome tips! I have been super into this stuff lately really learning how to better recall information that I have seen or heard places. Often times as an engineer I need to recall specific instances and form arguments. Patterning has helped a ton.

    You might be interested in this book I read recently called Moonwalking With Einstein, The Art and Science of Remembering Everything.

    It’s absolutely amazing and offers similar tips to what you wrote about here.

    Thanks for the awesome article as always.


    1. Thanks a lot Dalton,

      The book seems to be interesting.

      I’ve always loved Einstein and his philosophy. I didn’t know he wrote this book. I’m surely going to get into it and ‘steal’ more of his ideas. They always come in handy for me. 🙂

      Thanks a ton.

  3. Great post! I definitely am going to try this technique you suggested! When I am overwhelmed, I almost always try to sleep it off. It helps me refocus a lot. Thanks for your post! I really enjoyed it!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it Bailey.

      These techniques off as much relief as sleep it itself, often times more. Try them out and let me know what you experience.

      Waiting to hear your results with them.

  4. Hello, Dave. I like your article because I was looking for information how to stay alert, especially when the lack of sleep is involved.

    I will adapt your technique.

    I’m sure it will calm my mind and relax.

    I think that learning new things stretches mind too. Earl Nightingale , the famous broadcaster in the USA said that the mind once stretched never goes to the previous state.

    I am a woman and dancing helps me immensely. The music lets forget about unpleasant things and lets me to focus about what is important for me.

    Thanks for showing your ways on how to improve brain power, all the best, be healthy and wealthy, Nemira.

    1. Thanks Nemira for stopping by .

      I also love a lot of Earl Nightingale’s philosophy. Surely, the mind can never be undone after there has been a lot of stretching. That man was in his own intellectual level.

      I’m also happy that I have helped. 🙂

  5. From my experience, I think this strategy is quite helpful to improve maybe not only brain power but also life quality. I have done it for years and also wrote a book for people who want to master it and completely adopt it as part of their life. From my point of view, your first 3 paragraphs are kind of what this whole experience means to me.

    Drawing is something I also think is useful to have a peaceful mind which can reinforce our sensation. I also published couple coloring books on Amazon.

    I also practice lucid dream to expand my related power of exploring unknown of my mind. Interesting article and thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey George,

      I like the idea of drawing as a way of becoming peaceful and improving your sensation. The many times I tried it out, I was aiming at boosting my brain power but I didn’t get any worthwhile results. I think I should try it again this time looking for peace and sensation.

      About lucid dreaming, I would really love to know how you go about this. Can you explain how you do it? Do you use nootropics or just purely natural?

  6. BobbyCorno says:

    Dave, that’s an excellent list of thoughts and resources! I’m so glad you’ve thought enough of others to offer these tips! I’ve always obsessed over perfection in thought, and have of course always failed (in itself a bad habit), so your direction in sleep and learning to think like the very best minds is a great help. Very interesting and engaging post!

    1. Thanks a lot Bobby.

      I’m glad I was able to help.

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