1. jerry-prerichbillionaire

    Thanks for the post Dave.

    I’m someone who’s always up for improving his brain so this is something I will look into. I’d researched into it in the past and think there’s something to this as everything is energy and one can tap into different vibrations and mental energies when one gets onto the right frequency which can be induced by music and radio waves as this suggests!


    • Dave

      Sure thing Jerry, 

      This is something you definitely want to try out.

      Best wishes too. 🙂

  2. Maite

    Hi Dave, very interesting indeed:) I read about your post and I think it is worth to try the brainwave.
    I am also one of many who wish to have better memory and more concentration. I used to do many things at the same time but now I need all my attention to what I am doing and many times I get distracted and move to another thing. I am now learning a bit about qigong and meditation in the morning together with some exercise. It is all about vibrational energy in our body and mind. For me anything that makes you feel calmer and better is worth to try. Thank you:)

    • Dave

      You are welcome Maite, 

      You are surely going to love the brainwave experience. 🙂

      It is also good that you are doing meditation. It really helps with the calmness. I also think using zen 12, a brainwave entrainment for meditation while meditating would make things even better as it brings deeper results and faster effects. 

      It really comes in handy too. You will find this very useful. 

  3. freddy

    Hi Dave,

    This is really what I need, I have major concentrating problems and I can get quite irritable. I want to be in this permanent state of calm and in wakeful state.
    I have listened to a few vibration sounds before and they did really calm my mind. If this has helped you so much, it seems like a small investment to make for a better life.
    Living with a lack of concentration is really awful.
    Thank you,

    • Dave

      You are so right Freddy, 

      Living a life which is restless is really aweful. You are always all over the place but can’t quite achieve anything substantial.

      And yes, this sure is a small investment but has huge returns. I am sure you are going to love it, and find it extremely useful. 🙂 

  4. Françoise

    Hey Dave,

    You are so right. Concentration has been highly regarded by many folks who have been able to improve their brain powers.

    And I was looking for a program just like this to achieve that kind of admirable state.

    Thank you very much and I am going to vist  this Website regularly. This is really good stuff.

    Kind, Françoise

    • Dave

      You are always welcomes françoise,

      Feel free to come back anytime. I will be getting much sweeter and helpful  information for you. 🙂 

      Have a geat day 🙂

  5. Angel

    Awesome content!

    I always wanted to know such great ways to improve my brain and to remember things and concentrate more on what i am doing. I’m easily distracted and tend to forget things on an instant, but with your content i know i will improve a lot with my brain. Thanks for the article

    • Dave

      You are so welcome Angel, 

      I am confident that you are going to really improve your brain’s abilities. 

      I look forward to your hearing experience and results with it.

      Be sure to let me know how you find it. 🙂 

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