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I have seen the word “common sense” misused a lot of times. So much so, that I have had the temptations to want to correct people I see and hear making the mistake publicly.

But for love of respect, I suppressed it. (Not sure how long I will suppress it though:) )

To tell you the truth, learning how to improve common sense is How to improve your common sense pretty easy if you can first understand the real definition of common sense and how it works, and that’s what I’ll be showing you here.

So, before we get into it, I would like to ask you to empty your mind of all the ideas you have of the common sense you know of, and learn from me. Please?

Okay, thanks.

I’ll be helping you get the real picture of it and show you how to develop common sense in a slow but steady pace you will love and enjoy, trust me on this one.

Plus, if you have any questions about it you’d want answered, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get to it soon as I get it. Okay?

Perfect! On to it!

What is Common Sense?

You have surely heard many people saying, “I don’t have common sense” or other related statements.

And chances are you have fallen victim of this yourself. The problem is, we tend to think that common sense is a special from intelligence that helps us do things wisely, in a worldly sense.

I have lived almost half of my adult life believing this too.

But in essence, common sense is not that. In fact, it’s quite the contrary.

To be brief, common sense is a special form of wakefulness.

A kind of consciousness that lets you use your 5 common senses, hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling and touching at their ultimate best.

And out of this ability, you get a harmonious coordination of all these senses that happens in the brain and lets you experience life in a higher state than you are right now.

This is what has often been referred to as the sixth sense, and have gotten people wondering how it works and have them wishing to attain it, when they already have it there with them.

For simplicity’s sake, let me boil it down for you a bit more.

Take the sense of touch as one of the 5 common senses.

There are people who have a very strong sense of touch that they will be able to identify a person by touching their hands, with their eyes closed, very easily.

If they have know that person and have shaked their hand before, it means they identified the texture of his hand and attached that texture to the face and the name of that particular person.

Now when they meet the guy again, they only need to touch their hand to feel the texture, and the texture will reveal the face and the name.

This part where they remember all these details is an ability of their mind. Feeling the texture of the hand and recalling all the details attached to it, is a skill, which is also coordinated by the mind.

Let’s use another example.

There are mind activation programs for children that will train kids how to identify different colors with their eyes closed.

They usually use clothes pegs, and will even teach kids to read a book or choose a specific card they want from a deck with blinders on.

How to improve your common sense

What usually happens is that, the kids are taught how to coordinate their mind with their hands and help them reveal the image before them.

Another skill coordinated by the brain.

I hope you are now getting the hang of things here.

I have used touch as an illustration. The same goes for all other senses. And out of this simple coordination of all senses with the brain, is where true intuition is perfected, and the “sixth sense” or the “common sense” gained, which also comes with a high level of maturity.

What Part of The Brain Controls Common Sense

While there is no definite part of the brain that controls all the 5 common senses together, most of the senses are controlled in the cerebrum.

Of the whole brain, it is the largest part and it helps with higher functionalities like hearing, vision, speech, touch, learning, reasoning and emotions along with fine control of movement.

Well, there are other specific parts in the cerebrum that handle each task like the parietal lobe that takes on the sense of touch, occipital lobe that handles vision and others, but we will look into them sometimes in the near future.

How to Improve Your Common Sense

Now you know what the common sense (or sixth sense) really is and where all this magic happens in the brain.

The question that naturally comes up after that is, how do you tap into this aliveness?

How do you get your brain to coordinate with all the 5 common sense and help you experience this special state of the elevated being? In simple terms, how do you get your 5 common senses to optimal performance?

Well, it’s quite simple.

Actually, here are some of the things you should consider starting with.

• Meditation

This is one of the precious jewels of wisdom. To attain this awareness, meditation should be a daily thing for you.

At this point in life, there are so many types of meditation out there taught in very many different forms.

I encourage you to work with the one you feel most comfortable with. Also, you can increase the benefits and positive effects of meditation using a system called Zen 12 which increase the power of your mind during meditation.

Learn more about zen 12 here

If you have never done it before and would want to get into it, I recommend the one from a mystic How to improve your commune sensecalled Sadhguru, from India. This guy knows a whole lot of the anatomy of the brain and being in general, and has written so many books on the topic.

Through my journey of self realization, he has impacted me in a very special way, talking of things I experience in their accurate state.

I don’t know what religion he is or what he believes, but I don’t really pay much attention to it.

As far as he is talking of things I feel and see, he is worthy of getting my attention, to a certain extent.

Truth has has no specific path, and doesn’t belong to a group of people, it is open to all and there is no limitation as to who can get to it.

• Search for Inner Peace and Calmness

I think I should say, search for your inner peace and work hard to maintain it.

You cannot get your outer self to connect with your inner self if you are in conflict with any of the two selves.

And byHow to improve your common sense working hard to remain peaceful, you will help the coordination of the brain with the senses work much faster.

Again, much of this peace comes from meditation. The rest of it is through the things you interact with, in the outer world, your personally, family life, career and all other things you may be involved with.

• Being Virtuous and Noble

There are 2 things that don’t really get along. Vice and Peace.

Even if you spend all your mornings and nights in meditation, you can’t get anywhere if your life is a mess.

First, you need to make sure you are doing the right thing. And through virtue, you will acquire peace. The fullness of peace will be brought by careful contemplation and frequent meditation.

In a justly ordered world, there is no way a wretched man will ever have a minute’s moment of peace. Your bad thoughts, bring forth bad actions which in turn bring forth terrible situations that keep you always uneasy and anxious.

Wash away the bad thoughts, and the wicked actions will escape, leaving only pure, noble thoughts and actions. And these actions will give you peace and joy that will set for you the pace to connect the inner with the outer world.

And those are the few simple steps to improve your common sense, and how happy will you be if you put them into practice.

If you need any clarifications or help with any of them, please don’t hesitate to ask them. Drop them down in the comments and I will do my best to help you out.

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