1. Julian


    You mentioned that if someone intentionally breaks your heart that you should be careful in how you interact with them. But what if you do not want to deal with them at all? You can forgive but not be around that person. I had to forgive a few ex girlfriends but I will never hang out with them.

    • Dave

      Hey Julian, 

      If you have a new girlfriend at the moment, I would advise you to avoid relationships with them but I wouldn’t say that you stay away from them completely. You never know where you might need them in the future.

      You can be saying a quick hi to them though, when you meet but avoid too much talk with them because of your current girlfriend.

      Forgiving someone is all about knowing and understanding the intensity of pain they caused you and choosing to let it go without holding anything in your heart. That is why it takes time to completely forgive anyone.

      Simply be polite but careful.

      Hope this helps. Have a good day.

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