1. Greg

    I think that any form of meditation is good. It just helps with everything as you mentioned. I think the essence is to learn how to stop the stream of thinking. Observe your thought during meditation rather than attach to them. Meditation allows you to look at everything from the distance. Even at yourself and your own thoughts. Any tool that will take your there is worth to have a look at. I don’t know BrainEv, but I can see how it helps you get there. I will be getting it today to start enjoying its meditation benefits. Cheers 

    • Dave

      Hey Greg, 

      Be sure to get brainev. It is a system I have to come to love since I got it. 

      I am also with you on the whole concept of meditation. 

      You have explained it so well that I can add anything to it.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  2. jCamden

    I meditate occasionally, but I had no idea it could offer all these benefits. One of my biggest problems right now is being able to focus on the task at hand.
    As a mother, there is so much to do and it’s hard to focus on anything because there’s always a dozen things waiting to be done. I have to mentally force myself to forget about everything but what I’m working on at the current moment.
    It would help a lot if I did it more often but it’s hard to find quiet time to dedicate to meditation. How often would you recommend meditation and what is the best time of day to do it?

    • Dave

      Hey there, 

      Meditation sure offers lots of benefits, but you only get to enjoy them when you do the actual practice right. This means you can be doing meditation but not getting to experience the benefits because you may not be doing everything right.

      When it comes to the mind, I have to say you are not alone.

      There are so many other people who have this focus issue. I was there too and am lucky I got out of it. Without focus, it is hard to be effective in any area of your life. I say this because, there are always a handful of things you want to do in your mind while you already on something. 

      And all you can think of is doing the next task when you are not even halfway through the one you are on at the time.

      But the good thing is proper meditation helps you gather your thoughts to the task you are working on and get you to finish completely so that you move on it the next when you completely done with the first.

      About the best time to establish your meditation, I would say slightly before dawn, around 5:40 am, in the morning and around 5:50pm in the evening. These are the most productive times of your mind.

      I hope I have answered all your questions. 🙂


  3. Ann

    Thanks for this interesting article.
    There is no doubt of the benefits meditation can bring, not only to your mind but to your entire body and overall well-being.
    Being able to gain deep mental concentration and end the chattering of a busy brain more quickly sounds appealing.
    I’ll definitely check out Zen12.

    • Dave

      Be sure to check it out Ann, 

      You are going to fall in love with the product once you get to experience the great benefits it brings. 

      I’ll be waiting to hear how you find it soon. 

      Have a good one.

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