1. Tyler Redlev

    Self-discipline is the key to success and without it, people usually get nowhere in life. The most difficult part of it is to get organized and building up a disciplined routine.

    These practices can be related to yoga, but a mental one. At past, I really had a hard time with building a self-discipline also I had mental issues and couldn’t concentrate, but this kind of practices help a lot!! So I highly recommend it.

    Thanks Dave.

    • Dave

      You are welcome Tyler, 

      Firstly, thanks for backing me up. I am very glad to hear that you have found great benefits in the practice as well as with other related ones like Yoga.

      Self discipline can be really great when mastered as it brings a unique mindfulness that helps you become aware of your life and have the power to control everything in your life.

      The biggest problem, as you say, is getting a plan that will work for you and being able to keep at it till the virtue of discipline has been fully established in you.

      But with Mind twist, all that is easy since it sets the pace for discipline and walks you through it in an easy and fun way that is relatable.

      Have a good day Tyler.

  2. isaac

    I’ve been guilty of lack of self discipline, in my career and personal business. Often times, i found my carefully laid out plan for the day went haywire because i can’t keep my eyes in front of my work long enough! I always found myself luring in internet, be it FB, IG or other medias. The mind twist practice here might be the thing that i need. I’ll surely give it a try!

    • Dave

      Be sure to give it a try Isaac, 

      Going by the way you describe yourself, you seem to be the perfect candidate for the practice.

      I would also like to encourage you not to feel like you have a weak brain as this happens to very many people. The thing is, our minds have been designed not to have attention for too long, and thus the loss of concentration after every few minutes.

      But by practicing and training your brain using the mind twist practice, it is able to gain full control over it and have the ability to concentrate for as long as you would want.

      I look forward to a positive feedback on the practice.

      Have a good one mate. 🙂

  3. Ashley Copp

    Thanks for creating this insightful post. I have always thought of myself as someone has lacked self-discipline. Learning to take control of your mind is a very powerful skill that as many people as possible should look to learn. In addition to the courses you have mentioned is there any other way you recommend for channeling this mind-twist to get me on my way? Yoga, for instance?

    • Dave

      Hey there Ashley, 

      I also agree with you. Taking full control of the mind is one of the most important things people should do in life. It helps end most problems and brings a very deep inner peace that keeps your life going well and focusing on the right things that will only keep building you up.

      And if you lack in self discipline, I am sure you are going to find the practice very useful.

      I didn’t get your question very clearly. I would ask you to please explain the question further so that I can best understand it and be able to help you the proper way. 🙂

      I will be waiting for your reply.

      Have a fantastic day!

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