1. Avareth

    The more you think, the smarter you get. I like that. This reminds me very much of meditation in general, and I feel like this in itself is meditation of a kind. Except instead of a single mantra, you’re thinking lots of things. This was very interesting to read, I will be trying out the practice and I’m grateful that I stumbled into it! Keep up the good work.

    • Dave

      Thanks a lot Avareth, 

      I am happy you got value out of it. 🙂 

      And it sure does sound like meditation although they differ quite a bit.

      Update me on the way you feel after doing the practice and how it helps you, when you start doing it.

      I will be waiting for the results.


  2. Cliff

    Yes I like the concept of this. I actually do this kind of practice with many of my clients. It not only is great for
    intellect but focus and clarity as well. 

    It gives the individual the chance to be just that, their individual selves. I actually try to do this myself as well at least twice a week when I can. Great article!

    • Dave

      Thanks Cliff, 

      It is great to heat that you do it yourself as well as with your clients.

      I also agree with you that the practice also boosts your level of focus and mental clarity which hugely increases your brain power.

      Geting to understand your real self using it is pretty amazing. It helps you discover a new part of you that is free and more powerful than you ever thought you were.

      I encourage you to keep at it, you are well on your way to a really healthy and powerful mind.


  3. ches

    I can remember reading a long time ago that we only use 10% of our brain and if we could harness the other 90% we would be super beings!
    I must admit, I do have difficulty concentrating or shall I say focussing on one particular thing. This can actually upset my sleep pattern because at bedtime, my mind is hopping from one subject to another, until I’m wide awake. I wish I had a ‘turn off’ switch!
    I will try to do your mind twist exercise but 15 minutes could be a little difficult. I’ll do it as long as I can. It could actually help me to focus on going to sleep as well as improving my intelligence? Thanks for this thought provoking post.

    • Dave

      Hey Ches, 

      You are right. Most people use about 10% of their brains. And this knowledge has made even more people doubt the true abilities of their minds in the current state they are in. 

      We need to know that our brains are far more powerful than we would think, and by constantly working on them using pratices like the Mind Twist, we are able to start accessing the other latent parts faster and easier. I really encourage you to try and hit fifteen minutes doing it too, it comes quite in handy.

      This is usually the timeframe needed to see deep effects with the system. 

      Train your mind to do it for this long using the concentration aids I have recommended. This is what will increase the abilities of your mind. Be positive and work hard and you will be happy with the results you will be seeing in a few.

      Good luck Ches. 🙂

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