1. Justin

    Hi Dave, 

    I have been wanting to improve my mind power and increase my level of creativity as well. And the way I have seen you have explained things in your post, I feel really inclined to try it out. The system seems great and quite workable.

    I will look for other systems first and then compare them with the raikov effect to see which one is more effective than the other. Thanks for giving information on this technique. I didn’t know it existed. I will get back to you with my experience in a few weeks.


    • Dave

      Hey Justin, 

      Thanks for stopping by. If you feel really inclined to try the raikov effect out, then maybe should start with it. 🙂

      I think your intuition is kind of signalling to you that your mind already loves it. lol

      Be sure to look into it and don’t forget to update me on your experience with it.

      We will all be waiting for them. 🙂

  2. Sandra Santos

    Hello, this is good food for thought. I think I had heard of Raikov before but I didn’t know much about it. The story you told about the students using it to better themselves in music sounds familiar. I will have to think about who my role model is right now, it’s something that I haven’t thought about in a long time. Sometimes you get so consumed with other things that you forget to give sometime to yourself, so I thank you because now I will have a think about this and possibly come back for more info.

    • Dave

      Hey Sandra, 

      You are always welcome, anytime.

      I also agree with you that at times we can be so involved in life that we fail to get time to take care of ourselves. But I feel like we should push ourselves to plan things right, and squeeze in some time to spend alone and think.

      Raikov effect is a pretty powerful tool that is going to help you with increasing your level of intelligence and the science of it is actually something you are going to love.

      If you get problems trying to get your role model, you can simply use the person you find to be the most intelligent in the world.

      If you don’t find them to be interesting, you can always reach out to me for help. And I can help you determine who it is you really want to be like.

      Have a fantastic day! 🙂

  3. Nixie

    Thanks for sharing. Raikov effect is a very interesting system, as you describe. I always very cautious when you mentioned it and I had to do some background to see if it really does offer what you say, or if it is just another scam. I checked up and indeed Raikov was very famous in Russia, and was a professor in the largest university in Moscow, thus I believe it’s safe to try it. For this, I will be using it from tomorrow and see how it transforms my life. Thank you

    • Dave

      Hey Nixie, 

      That’s quite some honesty right there. 🙂

      But I am glad that you have dug more about and found the same thing I am saying here.

      I would also be skeptical about it if someone told me about it and I never had any knowledge of it before.

      The thing is, it sounds very unrealistic when you are told what it does. But when you get to understand the science it uses, you get to see how how everything works out in it, and even how it would be effective.

      And I assure it gets even better when you put into practice. If you follow the procedure you are given for using it, you will be blown away by the experience.

      I would really love to hear your results with it. Don’t forget to update me.

      Have a great day! 🙂

  4. Marios Tofarides

    Hi David,

    I have been working on self-development for a few years, but I haven’t heard of the Raikov effect up until now. It seems intriguing, and I’m willing to give it a shot.

    Are the audios in the package include any form of meditation? They seem to be more of meditating and visualization.



    • Dave

      Hallo there Marios, 

      Raikov effect does not use any meditation. It is entirely based on hypnotic deep trance states which work together with other brain techniques like visualization, suggestion, positive thinking and more.

      It is something you are going to love.

      Good day mate. 🙂

  5. Danny

    Hey, this is a fascinating article! You outline the idea behind this product very well; how much more detail does the product itself go into? (Aka, can we learn to do this on a place like YouTube for example?)
    I think taking your ideal characteristics from other people and applying them to ourselves is a good concept, but we should also be careful to preserve our individuality, don’t you think?

    • Dave

      Hallo there Danny, 

      I totally back you up, It’s important to preserve our individuality. 

      The raikov effect will only help you work on the aspect you want to be better at, without interfering with other areas of your life. So I think, it will help you keep your individuality automatically, even after using it.

      About there being youtube videos for showing you how to use the raikov efect in other areas of life, there currently isn’t any channel but I am working on that.


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