1. Mat A.

    Hi Dave,
    Great write up regarding how to become a better athlete and how the Raikov effect can help folks achieve it. It’s really interesting and I’ve never heard of it so your story was both refreshing and very insightful. It sounds like what it basically does is help you convince yourself that you can be the athlete you want to be through positive reinforcement and training your brain to think that way.
    I am curious about something. Was this developed for Olympic athletes? I ask because it says it has even worked on people older than 30 so that would lead me to believe it was developed for people younger than 30.
    What is the age it will work until? I am well past 30 but interested in the program.
    Mat A.

    • Hey Mat,

      Nice to have you here.

      Well, the Raikov effect helps to convince you that you are better than you think in sports, as well as all other areas of life. It also works to improve your subconscious mind to higher ideals and self concepts like those of people who have become great in sports.

      And it uses deep trance identification which is a brain improvement technique that has been helping folks do this for years, together with other techniques that are respected in the industry.

      I also see that you are asking whether the system is only for young people.

      To answer that, I wrote that it works even for people who are older than 30 to show that it has had the same great effects across all age groups. It can help teenagers, young adults, married people amd even old people.

      So you shouldn’t worry about your age as it is meant for everyone.

      I hope I have answered all your questions. If you have more, drop them below and I’ll get back to you with more answers.

      Cheers. πŸ™‚

  2. Peter

    The Raikov Effect sounds too good to be true. I have never heard of it before. If it works that would be great.

     I would like to hear testimony from someone who used this technique.

    If it works in sports and music, will it also work with learning a second language? That would help me a lot.

    • Dave

      Hey Peter,Β 

      That’s what I also thought when I first heard of it. πŸ™‚

      But Raikov effect is actually very true and effective.

      You will get to understand how true it is when you get to learn the science it works with and how solid that science is. You can read more about it in my review. I left a link to the review in the post.

      About testimonials, there are many folks who have tried out the system and saw really great results with it. I also left a video of people who have used it describing their personal experiences with it in the review of the raikov effect. Use the link to the review in the post.

      You can also use it to learn a second language, and it will help you learn faster than you normally would. It is something I highly recommend you try out and get first hand experience in it yourself.Β 

      I hope I have answered all your questions about it.

      Have a good one mate. πŸ™‚

  3. isaac

    I’ve been trying to learn piano for a few years but, I’m a bit ashamed to say this, I’m still stuck at beginners level. Somehow, it’s so hard to learn piano when you’re well in your 30 lol! I really am excited to try the Raikiv effect progr am by am afraid it won’t work with me. Does the program has any money back guarantee? So you know it’s duration?

    • Dave

      Hey Isaac,

      I am really sorry for the slow learning curve, sometimes these things just happen. I can imagine your disappointment. And am guessing that is the reason you really feel the Raikov effect wont be of any help to you, right?

      Well, the thing is, Raikov effect works, and it will definitely work for you. It has worked for so many folks who were in the same position as yourself. In fact, the system was made for people like you. So I would like to encourage you to get it and just use for a few days and see the kind of effects you will get.

      Trust me, you will be blown away by its effectiveness.

      About the guarantee, the system comes with a full 1year money back with no questions asked. And this should show you the confidence the creators have in this product which would tell you that they also know that it is going to work.

      I hope I have satisfied all your worries and curiosity.

      Cheers. πŸ™‚

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