1. Jojo

    Looks like something that could be of great use for me. I have always felt that I “have a lot more to give” than I manage to in life. I have problems with bothe awareness and alertness.
    I have trouble to concentrate when I do something and I am often “stuck” in my mind and my thoughts and it is very difficult to get out of there. I want to reach my full potential in some way and be able to reach my goals, find peace and get the life I have always been longing for.
    If taking a pill and doing some brain training for a few months is what it is going to take to get there then I am ready to try.
    Thank you for this valuable and (hopefully) life changing information.

    • Dave

      Glad to see you are motivated to get to your fullest potential Jojo, that’s encouraging.

      I also have to agree that what you have been feeling is true and has been happening to most folks too. If you can truly push your brain and train it to do what it is supposed to do best, then you have achieved real success. For the brain is the master of your life.

      Have full control over your mind and you have full control of your life and true power on your hands. I’m sure you are going to love the experience and your life is going to be soaring in the next few months.

      Happy brain training 🙂

  2. Chris

    Hey there! I love this post! Right up my street! I love this stuff. I am fascinated how the brain and mind works and you have seemingly given a holistic view of how to achieve a truly limitless brain. Meditation for me forms the basis for everything else and is giving your mind the platform to build from. Good nutrients, brain training, staying present then sit on top. You must continue to learn, to challenge your brain to stay sharp and truly limitless. Keep it up!! Chris

    • Dave

      Thanks Chris,

      I also respect the power of meditation. It’s infinite and often times the pathway to immortality for those who to whom it is revealed, in full.

      But basically, the one who constantly meditates and moves with the results of it enjoys great benefits that all of us wish we had. But as you say, you gotta stay healthy and stretch your brain from time to time.

      This is how the limitless, and more than what is depicted in the movie, is achieved.

  3. Daiana

    Brilliant info, healthy tips for a balanced life, this is what I am looking for most of the times.
    By the way, I am vegan, what do you think about the changes of your body when you are not eating any animal products? I have heard many opinions about the lack of proteins and vitamins in the vegan diet, but there are plenty of resources and supplements to get them from, plus I feel much better and healthier now.
    Thank you!

    • Dave

      Hey Diana,

      Being vegan doesn’t necessarily mean you are missing out on the good stuff like proteins and vitamins. There are other great sources of these nutrients like lentils, quinoa, beans, hemp (its not necessary for you to get high to benefit), sprouted grain bread, but butter, tofu, and so much more.

      Surely nature is designed to get everyone, no matter what they prefer, a fair share of products to help keep them healthy. All you have to do is find them.

  4. Jacob

    Just watched the movie and this is amazing!
    It surely made me think how important it is to invest in your brain to gain success.
    I always took interest in meditation though it seems I could never find the time to actually attend to it.
    It certainly gives me a boost of will power to actually start trying it.
    The pills also look very interesting. I’ll do some extra search on it.
    Thank you!

    • Dave

      It’s great to hear you’ve watched the movie, Jacob.:)

      Was fun to see how great our minds really are, wasn’t it?

      And investing in our minds sure is something people who want to become successful will want to do, because success starts in the mind.

      From there, it is the actualization of it in the real world that is left. And the mind gives the energy to make that happen too.

      Hope you get your fair share of success!

      Here’s to our success!

  5. Salvatore V Jenkins Jr.

    It would be nice to make the brain sharp, to be able to think quicker, to react quicker and reach a decision in the shortest amount of time as possible.

    Personally I would like to stay far from pills and the other options seem to take many years but all things that are worth it will take time.

    If this question has been asked in the comments, sorry I didn’t read all comments but are there any proven side affects to any of the pills?

    • Dave

      Hey Salvatore,

      Well, I wouldn’t say pills are entirely bad for your mind, if you are taking them wisely, that is in moderation.

      What happens is, most people get thrilled by the effect they get from them at that particular time, that they want to do it everyday.

      And this makes theire brains weighed down and ultimately lead to the side effects.

      Well, for neurolift, I haven’t heard of any sides effects so far, but it’s not a product I would advise folks to use a daily basis for, say, a month or more.

      They will just bring problems to your system!

      What I do suggest you use is something like brainev, something that will train your mind to concentrate. And then from there, you can try working out your brain to achieve whatever you desire, even the limitless mind, using this secret I discovered.

      This will surely help.

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