1. Daniella

    Hi Dave,

    Great article!

    One of my biggest dreams is to be a funny person, but unfortunately, I always find myself to be too serious when I am with friends. My husband is the one who makes laugh everyone:) I will follow your suggestion, but I just would like to know something. Why practice the exercise a few hours after waking up and few hours before going to sleep? Is that so important? What if I don’t have the time? Can I practice in the afternoon?

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    • Dave

      Hey Daniella, 

      I really understand you. 🙂

       It is very difficult at times to choose to be funny if you have a serious kind of person with your friends. For your husband, I would like to think he has been doing it for years such that humor now flows naturally from him.

      And this is what you should seek to do too.

      About me recommending doing it early in the mornring and before sleep….

      The thing is, the mind is the most receptive during the morning hours and evening hours so it is very easy to get the highest effects and the best brain improvement experience during these times, as opposed to the afternoons where you have had your lunch and feel super drowsy.

      Hope this answers your question.

      Best of luck, 


  2. Mat A.

    Hi Dave,
    Really interesting article on How to be a Funny Person and understanding the mechanics of humor. It’s something I’ve never really thought about much. I am typically a cracking jokes and playful kind of guy so this was very interesting to read to get deeper insight into it.
    Reading about the mind twist was very insightful as well. I tend to like slightly twisted humor like Lewis Black or male oriented humor (male/female relationship type of humor) so when I try this exercise I will have a few comics to keep in mind. I really appreciate you sharing this great insight!
    Mat A.

    • Hey there Mat,

      Nice to have to here. 🙂

      I have also been a huge fan of Black Lewis and Michael Junior. They are among my favorite comedians.

      Be sure to use them when doing the practice and keep at the practice as states. Am sure you are gong to see a huge evolution in your skill.

      I look forward to watching one of your comedy videos. 🙂

      Cheers mate.

  3. Wendy

    This was a very interesting read. I thought that either a person has a natural sense of humor or they don’t. I didn’t realize that it is actually something that can be developed over time. It only makes sense because the mind is amazing. Why not become a funny person. I love this idea!

    • Dave

      Hey Wendy, 

      Most people tend to think that having humor and being funny only comes naturally and can never be developed wiithin oneself, but it is quite the contrary. You can train yourself to become the best comedian you never though you would ever be.

      In fact, studies have shown that those people who get trained perform much better than those who have it naturally. This is because they have deeper insights into humor and they know when to hit the punchlines and when to set the pace for the jokes.

      Another thing, I’d really love you to know which I came to discover very recently is that, there is nothing under the sun that you see people doing, that can’t be developed through training.

       Life is that fair. 🙂

      Hope to hear your progress with the practice soon.


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