1. Gina

    I really appreciate the idea of working on brain function and improving concentration and creativity. I tend to be easily distracted jumping from one task to another. I think a resource designed to help teach me to concentrate on a daily basis and learning to be more creative at the same time would be so beneficial.

    Thanks for the information and especially for tips on how to get started.

    • Dave

      You are welcome Gina 🙂 , 

      Our minds can get so jumpy at times, and this can easily get us distracted and have us jump from one unfinished task to another. That is why it is really important to train your mind to be calm and focus on one thing to its entirety and then move on to the next task.

      And that is what the mind twist helps you do.

      Concentration is the first phase of unlocking truly amazing creativite abilities that leads to huge benefits when mastered completely.

      Do try it out and let me know how you find it. 🙂

      I will be waiting to hear your experience with it.

  2. Marta

    Really nice article. It describes well all effects of the meditation, even though I didn’t understand if you can call this practice that way… It’s a little difficult to completely concentrate ourselves on one thing, but who knows…with some persistence. Is it a way to achieve what you want, by focusing on the result for two months?

    • Dave

      Hey Marta, 

      The mind twist can help you achieve any mental ability as well as any admirable attribute you would want to have. All you have to do is follow the exact procedure I have given in the post and put in the effort with consistency and perseverance and you will see yourself grow strong in good time.

      Hope this answers your question.

      If you have any more questions, reply to this comment and I will get back to you. 🙂


  3. Tucker

    Hi Dave!

    Can we ever really have enough brain power? I find myself often taking my brain for granted and forgetting that it is a muscle to be exercised and expanded like all others.

    I meditate often, but mostly with the intention of clearing my mind of clutter and releasing stress. I’ve never given serious thought to meditating or ‘mind-twisting’ in order to find breakthroughs in my work or just generally increase my creativity.

    I found this article extremely helpful and informative. It has actually inspired me to want to put more effort to improving my brain. I will do the practice and get back to you with the results.


    • Dave

      Hey Tuck, 

      Many people out there take their minds for granted without knowing that if they worked hard on them as hard as they work hard to get their daily bread, their whole experience of life will change and even improve the quality of their lives.

      It is funny how the world gives so much importance to the things that shouldn’t be given that much importance while they ignore the things that truly matter, don’t you think? 🙂

      Do try it out, I will be eagerly waiting for your feedback on it. I can already tell it is going to be a great one. 🙂

  4. TJSchlenker

    I definitely concur with the “full concentration” method. That’s how I do pretty much everything. I leave the ‘multi-tasking’ to my wife! lol

    As a performing songwriter, the biggest “crowbar” I use to open up my mind and creativity is “free association writing”. With whatever topic I want to write on in mind, I start writing on a piece of paper… and I DON’T STOP! For ANYTHING! That is, until I have filled both sides of the paper.

    This type of exercise unlocks your mind and senses to all possibilities, because NOTHING is off limits. Whatever comes to your mind, you write down, no matter how weird, off topic, bizarre or nonsensical.

    Afterward, I always find I’ve written phrases and sentences that are so unusual, yet so insightful, that I KNOW I would not have come up with just sitting and thinking.

    I also recommend this method.

    Works for me! 😉

    • Dave

      Hey TJ, 

      I am happy to see that you have been using the mind twist method too. This brain thing really does help.

      I have been using it also to get insights into many things I am working on that require creativity and skills, and lots more other aspects. And it never fails me. 

      Funny how things we perceive to be of low value have great impact in our lives, right?

      About leaving multitasking to your wife….. 🙂

      I really wonder how women are able to multitask and still remain ahead of us…

      It is something I may want to really research about in the future. Lol.

      Have a fantastic day!

  5. John

    I love this article, distractions is one major thing that disrupts the brain, and too much of thinking. I find ít very hard to give whatever I am doing a hundred percent focus. Trying out the practices is what I need as soon as possible to have total peace because peace comes with total concentrations And setting your mind on one thing at a time. Thanks a bunch.

    • Dave

      You are always welcome John, 

      And you surely need to do the exercises if you have concentration and mental focus problems.

       It is really going to help you out. As I mentioned in the post, our brains have got so much to do with regards to body functions. So they will always be at work, processing different information and sending signals to their rightful place. 

      But training the mind gives it discipline to work with the higher command, which is you. And this also increases its power, in the long run, and help you experience life at a slightly higher level than the common folk.

      Don’t forget to update me on your experience and results when you do the exercise. 

      Cheers. 🙂

  6. rmjia

    I have heard lots of successful people comes from creative people. I have always thought creativity as intelligence having fun as what Albert Einstein says. But I never knew how to get my intelligence to have fun. Seems like your mind twists practice will help tap out the brain power into creativity. I would love to try it. It seems to relate to meditation aspect as well.

    • Dave

      Hey Rm,

      You are surely right, the creative people are the ones who end up creating success, and funny thing is, they are not as interested in accumulating riches as most of us desire, they are just out to have fun and explore.

      And this is what creativity is all about. 

      The mind twist will help you know how to have fun, connect with your true self so that you can live peacefully, just like meditation, but most importantly, help you see the world from a different light which brings the kind of fulfillment and success we are looking for in life.

      The practice will reveal really great things to you.

      And I loook forward to hearing your experience with it.

      Have a lovely day. 🙂

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