1. Dr. Doug

    Well this article took a very surprising turn. I thought that you were going to give tips on chess moves and instead you gave tips on something much more important, how to improve your mind!

    This is very applealing. How long does it take for a person to start to feel and see mental improvement once you embark on the meditation program?

    • Dave

      Hey Dr. Doug, 

      I delved into the brain more because most people perceive practice as the only way to improve their skills. And they forget that the brain plays a huge role in chess. The brain needs to be improved for it to coordinate the chess skills properly.

      On the time, it takes about 3 to 4 months when you start using the program on a constant basis.

  2. Melissa

    This is a very interesting post. Is this available in MP3 format or do I have to buy CDs? Can this only be used to improve your chess game or can it be used to improve other areas? After listening on a regular and consistent basis, will improvements and changes be permanent or will you always need to listen to the meditation?

    • Dave

      Hey Melissa, 

      They are available in mp3 format and you can use them to improve your chess skills as well as other areas in your life, music, gaming, schoolwork, office work, literally anything you want.

      You will also need to listen to them so that the changes becomes permanent. Ideally, you are training your brain for that skill, so effort will be needed to change the brain.

      I hope I have answered all your questions. 🙂

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