1. TJSchlenker

    I’ve been an actor for over three decades now. The last film I did was “Dawn of Justice”.

    The biggest reason I’m good at what I do, you touched on. It’s repetition. When I’m studying a script, I do it constantly, speaking it in different ways, saying the lines with different motivations, quoting it while I’m actually doing something else… writing it… recording it… listening to those recordings…

    As you can see, before I hit the cameras I’ve gone through those lines hundreds of times, in dozens of ways.

    As with most things, working smart gets you great results… and repetition somehow hypnotically helps us get there!


    • Dave

      You are right TJ,

      There is something that constant repetition does to your mind that hypnosis helps with as well. And that is rewiring your subconscious mind. By doing things frequently, your mind starts registering other new ideas and beliefs in your mind.

      In acting, for instance, doing it regularly makes your mind grow in confidence and knowledge that helps you become great at it. Your subconscious mind takes in the confidence and builds it into your character which raises the quality of your skills in a huge way.

  2. Cliff

    Yes I remember reading about the Raikov effect in one of your other articles. Did some more research on it and have to say it is very interesting. Almost hypnotic in a way. I am a believer in the ability to control hormones to an extent with proper thought and belief. I like term fake it until you become it. Great article!

    • Dave

      Thanks Chris,Β 

      Yes, this is what we should all do.

      Think about what we want to become and get our minds set towards that direction using the raikov effect, and then chase them through constant effort.

      Nice to have you here mate πŸ™‚

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