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Holothink Reviews – Great Program But I Didn’t Like it

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You are seeking more information on holothink meditation program, right? You want to get more details on it before you try it out, isn’t it?

Well, this short but straight to the point holothink review will be delving deeper into aspects such as customer reviews, why I don’t recommend it, how it works, how to use it, who shouldn’t use it, benefits, the cost, free demo’s and discounts, if any, and many more.

This review will come in handy for you if you want to get the gist of the system. In any case you want to know more of something else about it I may not have mentioned here, feel free to shoot me a question in the comments, and I’ll be on it the soonest. Okay?

Brilliant! 🙂 Let’s jump and see what it really is.

Name: Holothink (Deep – Zen Meditation)Holothink Reviews

Format : CDs and Mp3 downloads

Author: Deep Zen Meditation

Cost: Depends on the package

Best Place to Buywww.clickbank.com

Best known For: Meditation

Rankings: 92 out of 100

Holothink Reviews from Customers

Well, there are a few reviews I managed to get about the system. Although they are few, quite a number of users have reported good results with it. They say it has completely transformed their lives and made them so peaceful that they still can’t understand how it happened.

Here are just a few of them.

Holothink Reviews

Although it is not very famous, it has gained quite some trust amongst the few of its users. So it is definitely worth giving it a try.

What is Holothink?

This is a system that has three levels of brainwave entrainment to help you become calm and peaceful to completely tranquil.

The tracks are made to help you slowly make the transition from a chatty mind that is restless to utmost repose by slowly changing the state of the waves of your brain.

It makes you experience the peaceful mind which most zen monks who have meditated for years have attained. It may sound cheezy but the technology is actually that great.

It will help change the waves in your brain using advanced brainwave entrainment that takes advantage of binaural beats.

Other than the main system with the 3 levels, there are other self help audio tracks that will help you achieve different states of the mind like sleep, attention, focus, relieving stress and anxiety, as well as creativity boost.

The products are 4 and are sold under the Deep Zen Holothink brand. They are for anxiety, sleeping, boosting your energy levels and focus and adding more energy to your brain center.

The program is also called Deep Zen Holothink meditation as holothink is one of the brand’s products.

How Holothink Works

Unlike most popular programs which use brainwave frequencies like theta, alpha, beta, and gamma waves, this one uses binaural beats.

These are frequencies which are known to bring about the deepest meditative and relaxing statesHolothink Reviews which aid in meditation.

They have been used by many systems and have reported benefits like increased awareness, calmness and sensitivity.

The company says that zen monk masters used binaural bears to enhance their experience with daily meditation practice. This took years for them to achieve that state.

But holothink helps you achieve that state much faster by altering your brain using sound tracks mixed with brainwave entrainment.

Brainwave entrainment is a technology that uses neuroscience, the science of the brain to sort of manipulate the brain to become peaceful, focused, happy, sleepy or get into other state using wave frequencies that can influence waves in our brains.

It is really helpful for people who want to get out of bad states like sadness, depression, stress, lack of motivation and attention, and even lack of sleep.

How to use Holothink

Well, there are 3 levels that are meant to work your brain out. And they are systematically designed to start from the state you are in at the moment. And slowly calm you down to the deepest state.

So the best way to use it, is to start with the first track, level 1. It takes about a month and the tracks are about 30 minutes each. You listen to a different track in that level everyday until you exhaust them.

When you are through, you will then have to get level 2 which you will listen to the end. And finally get to level 3. By the end of the last level you will have changed you life entirely.

There are also 4 separate programs in the system which are meant for inducing different states like sleep, focus and many more. So you will only have to choose the products you want to listen to, based on your needs and buy them.

From there, play the track as you take on tasks the  actual tracks are meant for. If it is for meditation, listening while you meditate. If it is for creativity, listen through as you tackle the projects that require creativity.

Who Shouldn’t Use Holothink Products

As with all brainwave entrainment products, holothink products are not suitable for all people. There are certain people who are not supposed to listen to brainwave systems for the sake of their safety. These people are:

• Those who intend to use it while driving

• Those who have suffered brain injuries

• Those who haven’t reached 18 years

• Those who have any mental illness

• Those who have got epilepsy (can bring seizures)

I think brain supplements would be a good alternative.

What is Included in the Program

Other than the 3 levels of the main system, there are 4 other programs I mentioned for specific states, and a membership site. The products include:

Totally Tranquil – This is one of the separate program that uses alpha waves to help you relax and relieve stress. It is intense but won’t get you to a meditative state. It will only make you calm and peaceful.

Laser Focus – As the name hints, this is a program to boost your focus while working. It uses beta waves and it brings higher levels of energy and help you be organized.

Digital Sandman – This one is for sleeping. It will help you sleep very easily at night or anytime during the day. It will help with reducing your sleep time and anything else related to sleep.

Creativity Booster – This one will help you become more creative.

Audio Euphoria (the membership site) – This is a site that is used to make notifications of new programs that have been released, video trainings, and many other resources.

Holothink Cost, Demo’s, Discounts and Free Trials

You get quite a number of options for buying Holothink system. Firstly, you can buy digital downloads, which give instant downloads of tracks lasting 45 minutes.

Here, you get level one, two and three of the system, customer support and 60 days guarantee. For this option, you will pay only $67.

You can also buy digital downloads and CDs which comes with tracks lasting 30 minutes.

This comes with the mp3 downloads in the first option and the CDs for all levels, customer support asHolothink Reviews well as 60 days guarantee. This is the best option and the one I’d recommend you get. It only costs $77 for double of what you get in the first option.

The third option is for folks who want to start low. This gives you access to the digital downloads of the first level only. You get instant access to level one in mp3 format, as well as the guarantee and support. This will cost you $29 only.

I think for the other separate programs like Laser Focus and Total Tranquil, you will have to purchase them separately in order to benefit from them.

There are also demo’s for the main system and the separate tracks just in case you want to be sure of what you are about to buy into.

Choose your option here

Any Better Alternative? (Why I Didn’t Like Holothink)

Holothink seems to be of great value and something most meditators want to try out.

I also have nothing against them in terms of value as they are doing a good job. The folks who have been on it have been happy with the experience too. And those are enough signs it’s worthwhile.

But, although it is good, I feel it doesn’t give all the options for proper meditation there are out there. Some people prefers guided meditation, while other want nature sounds, or brown noise.

And holothonk doesn’t offer those options, it only works with one. That is why I feel going for a program that offers a number of options could be great. And one of such systems I recommend is Zen 12.

It is by far the best program I have seen for meditation. I have also tried it and I really loved the quality. You can learn more about it in my review link below.

learn more about Zen 12 here

As for the separate programs for different areas of self improvement like sleep, focus and such, they are good but a bit shallow.

If you want a program that comes with many separate tracks that offer many self improvement programs of greater quality and ones that you’ll surely love, you should consider Brain Salon.

It tops in this section. It has the best tracks with many options that work conveniently with your schedule.

Learn more about brain salon here

That’s it with holothink.

Let me know how you found the review in the comments. I am also open to answer questions about the system. Ask them down here, I’ve got answers. 🙂


12 thoughts on “Holothink Reviews – Great Program But I Didn’t Like it

  1. Henderson says:

    A friend told me about Holo think and I thought that I should read a review about it online before going into it. I’m happy that it really works and it comes in both CD and MP3 downloadables. I have tried some other programmes in the last that didn’t work. I’ll be sure not to use it when I’m driving or anything like that. Thank you for helping with your review. Cheers!

    1. You are welcome Henderson. 🙂


  2. Christine says:


    I don’t have much experience with meditation. Holothink sounds great to me, to achieve such calm and peace in your mind … As you said, it probably isn’t for everybody, but it sounds like something I’d like to try out. For what it offers, I think the price is good. 

    But you recommend Brain Salon more? I checked the link to Brain Salon, and I have to agree that it does indeed offer high quality self improvement tracks. Now I’m not sure which I should try first 😉 What do you recommend for a meditation newbie? I have meditated a little bit, but I haven’t been consistent …

    1. Hallo there Christine, 

      Thanks for dropping by.

      Well, it all depends on your needs and expectations. If you want something that will help you meditate, we recommend thinking along the lines of Holothink, Zen 12 and Brainev.

      But if you want to take control of your emotions, then Brain salon would be a good fit.

      Hope this helps. 

  3. nicely done review on holothink here. It’s not the first time I’m hearing about this and how it helps to take away the stress and help one think and concentrate. I thought it was all a facade until I’m reading this one now. The have it sends sounds pretty cool but unfortunately, another programme is better than this and I should check out that Zen product, check more reviews on it and decide if I’ll grab it. Best regards.

    1. You’re always welcome John, 

      Glad you stopped by. 


  4. Lots of people are out there suffering from so many issues with their brain and lacking the ability to calm  themselves or even focus of something. So many situations have occured and some people may even lose their job because of these problems. However getting to know of such wonderful tool to help them out, I’ll gladly give it a try. Although I have gotten your reason for preference of Zen12, I’ll just get both then.

    1. Sure thing Dane, 

      We will be waiting to hear your feedback on the two systems.

      Have a good one!

  5. I wouldn’t give this a second thought if it truly does exactly what this article said but I’m sure it will. I get so bothered so easily to the extent that I can’t type nowadays with a kind of distraction around, so, Holothink should help. I’ll give it a clean shot to see how its gonna work. I like this review and its really detailed and educative, it’s  informative and also entertaining cause I enjoyed reading through every single line of the article. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You are always welcome Dane.

      Glad you found the post helpful and interesting.

      Have a wonderful day.

      P.S. Don’t forget to share your experience with the program after a while.

  6. Am just hearing about holothink for the first time. The fact that it can bring one out of depression, anxiety and stress is a fascinating facts about it which one will not want to skip through without trying. There are many comfort that lie with meditation, this is why I can’t rate the habit less.

    1. Thanks Stella for stopping by and for your contributions.

      They are highly appreciated.


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