HeartMath Review

Your looking for something or somebody that can help you listen to your heart more and connect with your inner self right??

Well,first of all ,i think inner peace and following your heart is something that every individual should do.

You rarely make wrong decisions when you follow your heart.

With that said ,i will tell you what will help you achieve inner peace in order to leave a good and fulfilling life.

The heart math institute is the answer to all your questions .

I will take you through what the heart math institute is ,how to be a member,its programs,its funding,the heart math app and finally my thoughts about the heart math institute.

Lets get started on the heart math institute review:


Name: Heart Math Institute
Website: www.heartmath.org
Founder: Doc Childre
Best Known For: helping people manage stress and regulate emotions.
Rating: 90-100%

What the Heart Math Institute is?

To start with ,i want you to know that generally HMI is an institute that helps you manage your stress and also help you keep your emotions in check for better living.

No one wants to stay stressed right? that’s why the heart math institute is here for you.

This is a globally recognized nonprofit institute that helps people of all ages in stress management and regulating their emotions,in order to lead a happy and healthy life.

This institute in simple terms helps people follow their heart more when carrying out their day to day activities.

They help people reconnect(connect back together) with their hearts.

It is across the globe in over 50 countries and their techniques are being used for heart based living(living by following your heart).

Researchers at the heart math institute have discovered the capabilities of the human heart.

Positive emotions can increase energy and foster flexibility needed for life challenges.

Doc Childre,is the founder of this institute he is the son of Doc Childre Sr. and Eleanor B. Fields.

He grew up in Goldsboro,North Carolina and attended St Marys Catholic School and New Hope High School.

He however, left school in the 11th grade.

In his early twenties,he developed some health problems that caused him to look for alternative treatments and that when he began researching stress.

He founded the heart math institute in the year 1991.

He has written a dozen of books including heart math solution,heart math approach to managing hypertension among other books to help people understand the heart matters a lot more.

He has also been featured on various media shows around the world created the award winning emwave.

Emwave technology is a stress relief system ,that helps people learn to control physiology through breathing ,along with heart rhythms and focus on positive emotions.

It collects pulse data and translates information from the heart into graphics in the computer as you practise ,you take charge of your emotional reactions.
How to Become A Member.

Here i have simplified the procedure into a couple of steps.

Visit their website www.hearthmath.org

Next after you open the website you will see various sections below the donate,login and register buttons click the membership section

Click on join

Its as easy as that,once you join there a number of benefits you get to enjoy free PDFs ,audio downloads among others.

Heart Math Programs

HMI has a number of programs this include:

Test Edge

This is a heart based education for emotional and academic success.

It has five video lessons with actors ,animations,interactive sessions and a review of key points.

Early Heart Smarts

This program was created to guide teachers help young children (3-6years) learn emotional regulation with an aim of facilitating emotional,social and cognitive development.

The aim of this programs is to motivate students in learning,improve test scores,social and emotional skills.
Its Funding

HMI gets most of its funds from donor which help it maintain two special bonds, this are:

(a bond is a loan to a large organization)

Heart Based Scholarship Bond

Offers grants to teachers and students.

Military Service Appreciation Bond

Help soldiers who have experienced post traumatic stress disorder and trauma .

The Heart Math App

Helps get your heart,mind and emotions in sync to improve health and well being.

This app requires you to first download it on the google app store for android or the iOS app store.

After that it requires Bluetooth heart math HRV sensor which clips to your earlobe to measure your heart rhythms.

On-screen coaching and full history to track your progress.
My Thoughts

I think having heart peace and generally being in good emotional and general health is something very essential.

With that said ,i would recommend joining the heart math institute to help you achieve inner peace and general well being.


Feel free to leave any questions or comments below there.

I hope i have given you enough information on the heart math institute.

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