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Gingko Biloba Reviews – Customers Recommend This Product!

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You want to see ginkgo biloba reviews from people who have been using it, right? You may also be wanting to get a thorough review of it to know exactly what you are getting off of it, true?

Well, my ginkgo biloba review will be handling different aspects of it like what it actually is, how it works, benefits, customer reviews, side effects, benefits and dosage among others to help you get the real gist of it.

I believe this brief review will help you understand it properly before you take the plunge. If in any case you need clarifications on any aspect, shoot your question in the comments below and I will get to it as fast as I can. Okay?

Fantastic! Right on to knowing more of this supplement.

Product: Ginkgo BilobaGingko Biloba Reviews

Price: $12.99

Best Place to Buy:

Servings: 100 capsules per bottle

Guarantee: 100% Money Back Guarantee

Overall Rankings: 95 out of 100

Customer Reviews

Ginkgo biloba is doing very well in the market. There are quite a number of folks who are on it and are getting pretty good results with it.

I have seen this in many forums and social platforms. Most people who rated it, gave it a 5 stars.


This means that it is working for them.

I also like this supplement because it has been used for years with very good results. In summary, this is a product you can trust and should use it with assurance of seeing a noticeable difference, if you use it as directed.

Where to Buy Ginkgo Biloba Online

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If you also want to buy this product in wholesale, they have pretty good deals, plus private labels.

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What is Ginkgo Biloba?

Ginkgo biloba is widely known to help with various things like treating memory disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, vertigo, leg pain (caused by poor blood flow), ringing in the ears, and others.

It is commonly used by elderly folks for memory.

This supplement is extracted from leaf of Ginkgo biloba tree which is the longest in the world, with leaves which are fan shaped. This tree is native to Asia.

The reason why it is very popular and has been used to treat very many disorders and ailments is because it is able to improve the circulation of blood in the body which makes up for a number of health issues like erectile dysfunction, leg pains and many others.

Other names that ginkgo biloba goes by are Tanakan, Röhan, Gingko, Tebonin and maidenhair.

How it Works

Ginkgo makes it possible for blood circulation to be improved by inhibiting a receptor called Platelet Activating Factor (PAF). This in turn gets the blood vessels to be bigger and make the blood run much smoothly.

When blood circulation in the body is improved, pains, dysfunctions, cramps are reduced while muscles become more efficient.

In the brain, the smooth blood flow helps the brain receive more nutrients and oxygen, making it more effective too.Gingko Biloba Reviews

The antioxidant power of Ginkgo biloba makes it possible for the vascular system to remain safe from free radicals as this supplement neutralizes them, keeps them from messing the cells near them, and even helps repair some of the already damaged cells.

Ginkgo also has the power to regulate some neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine and acacetylcholine, which comes with many other brain related benefits like cheerful moods and boost in overall cognitive function.


Here are just a few of the many benefits that Ginkgo biloba bring:

• Boosting your memory

• Improving your vision

• Boosting your energy levels

• Elevating your moods

• Hiking your cognitive performance

• Reducing pains and body dysfunctions

• Slowing Alzheimer’s disease

• Improving the overall function of your ears and legs

• Calming high levels of anxiety (like Aniracetam)

• And many more. (You can get more benefits here


The best dose is 600mg spread out through the day into 3 doses. Although the 500mg one has been found to be the optimum level for quite a number of people, and might be for you as well.

I suggest you start out with 500mg and see how it works before you get to the huge 600mg.

You have the freedom to take one huge dose of 600mg in the morning or at night, or take it two to three times (morning, afternoon and night), together with food. This works great for helping raise your brain power.Gingko Biloba Reviews

For the purposes of keeping your brain in tact and keep mental illnesses at bay, you can have 40mg to 120mg.

For other reasons, a dose of 60mg to 600mg should be used.

But it would be better to consult your doctor first on which dose to work with for your particular case depending on how they know you, health wise.

Side Effects

At moderate quantities, this product is generally safe.

However, there are chances it may bring some mild side effects like increased heartbeat, stomach ache, headache, dizziness, constipation and allergy to people who are allergic to mango rind, poison ivy, poison sumac cashew shell oil or poison oak.

Ideally, seeking medical advise is best before you start using Ginkgo because you will be advised accordingly and help you avoid these and other side effects going by your current health status and other medications you may be on.

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And that’s pretty much it with the good old Biloba.

If there is anything you need help with, or want to comment, I’m right here, just drop a line or two down here to get the conversation started.


6 thoughts on “Gingko Biloba Reviews – Customers Recommend This Product!

  1. Karen Noone says:

    I am reading this review because a friend recommended it to help with anxiety issues. I discover that it has many other health related issues. I wonder if it would help slow down my mothers Alzheimer’s? If so at what dosage and what dosage for anxiety ?
    One thing that worried me is that it can cause side effects in some people especially if allergic to poison Ivy. Surely everyone is allergic to poison ivy? Or am I being naive? Is this just an old wives tale ?

    1. Hey Karen, 

      Ginkgo Biloba can help slow down your mother’s mental issues. You should take a dosage of 40mg to 120mg for it. But I would encourage you to consult with your doctor first before using it so that you are completely sure it is fit for her extent of the health condition.

      As for dealing with anxiety, I would recommend you take a dosage of 60mg to 600mg, which you can spread into three doses.

      About being allergic to poison ivy, I have to say you are slightly wrong about it. Not everyone is allergic to the plant, starting with me. 🙂 

      I think the tale might have been told so frequently to people that it was almost taken up by them as a truth, which really isn’t. 

      I hope I have answered all your questions. If you have more just drop them below and I will be happy to keep the discussion going. 🙂

  2. Its interesting to see, that Ginkgo Biloba goes by other names as well. That is something that I did not know.

    I actually have tinnitus, the ringing in the ears. I read about the benefits of taking Ginkgo Biloba.

    As you mentioned, the site Absorb You Health sells Ginkgo in bulk. I am definitely to check these guys out.

    Thanks so much for all the help.


    1. Hey Roopesh, 

      Every supplement out there has a local or a street name most folks refer to it. 

      The thing is, these scientific names can be so hard to pronounce that people naturally get a simpler name for them to keep them going. 🙂

      I would encourage you to look into the product for the issues you have told me you have as the supplement will really come in handy in terms of getting things right for you.

      Be sure to keep us updated on your progress with the product when you get to use it. 

      Cheers: 🙂

  3. I have used Gingko Biloba in the past because of something I read which I don’t remember anymore lol. I also don’t remember why I stopped exactly.
    But it was recently suggested(not prescribed) that my mother-in-law use it, and I wanted to read up on what it’s all about and find out what the benefits would be for her.
    From what you’ve mentioned, it looks like she would gain a lot from it. It also looks like I had no business using it lol!
    Anyway, as you said, we would have to ask her doctor first to be sure it can be used along with her other drugs. At the very least we will sound informed when we talk to the doctor about it. Thanks to you 🙂

    1. Hey Yemi, 

      That’s quite interesting. You used to take the supplement but can’t remember exactly why. 🙂

      But you still can get benefits with it as it can help boost the quality of your memory and brain performance. So I would say it is still worth getting back to.

      With regards to your mother in law, I would say you do exactly what you have said as this is the right procedure to make sure things go well for her.

      Other than that, I would strongly encourage you to get back to using Ginkgo Biloba as you are missing out on so many benefits. 🙂

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