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Geniux Review: Best Brain Supplement?

Brain supplements Supplement Reviews

Supplements are very attractive to consumers because of the many benefits they promise them.

From boosting energy, helping with general health to helping with cognitive functions, all which are crucial areas of our bodies.

There are so many supplements in the market and each are unique in their own ways.

Today, however, we are going to be looking at a supplement by the name Geniux to help you see if it’s something you want to incorporate in your daily routine or not.

In this geniux review, I will help you through important details of Geniux such as what it is, the ingredients, how it works, dosage, benefits, customer reviews, video review, pro’s and con’s, side effects, where to buy it online and my personal thoughts on it.

So, having said that, let’s dive right in.geniux review

Name: Geniux

Best Place to Buy: company’s website

Servings: 30 capsules

Ratings: 6/10

What Geniux is

This is a cognitive enhancement supplement that has been designed to help you improve cognitive function.

The company behind the supplement claims that it can help you in your problem solving skills as well as give you a hand with recalling information much easily as well as retain it.

It also claims that the supplement improves your mood, energy levels and focus, mental clarity as well as attention.

The company behind the supplement is called Geniux. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of information on it.

The company is not that popular within the industry.

Geniux’s Mechanism of Action

It’s important that you learn how a supplement works so that you understand what it does to your body.

Well, with this supplement, what the ingredients actually do is carry the needed compounds quickly to your brain, hence why you might experience effects fast.

This helps improve protein synthesis, patterns of the amino acids and also allow nutrients to get to your brain so that its functions can improve.

The Ingredientsgeniux mechanism of action

Here are the ingredients used in this supplement: Phosphatidylserine Complex, St. John’s Wort, Bee Pollen Alpha GPC, Theanine, Acacia Rigidula, Vitamin B12, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Vitamin B6, Cognizin, Caffeine (Guarana), Gelatin, Ginkgo Biloba, Tyrosine, Gluconolactone, DMAE Bitartrate, Bacopin, Vinpocetine

Eleuthero Root and Glutamine.

How to Take Geniux

You are supposed to have 1 capsule every morning.

Do not take if pregnant, below 18years, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients and if you are a lactating mother.

The Benefits

* Increase your energy levels

In whatever we do, physically, we require energy to be in a position to do the activities well.

Sometimes, our bodies feel worn out for one reason or another and that is why some people opt for things such as energy drinks to give them that extra boost.

Geniux in this case has caffeine and once taken can give you that extra boost you need to carry out your tasks well.

* Help you remain focusedgeniux benefits focus

Whew Chile! I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have gotten distracted when getting something done to an extent I got so frustrated and ended up postponing it for another time.

For whatever reason, this happens to everyone, but you cannot afford to wander off when reading for an exam, right?

To help with this, comes geniux which promises to help you remain focused so that you can finish your tasks successfully.

* Help with recalling information easily

Have you ever gotten into a room and forgotten what you actually came to get? Or fail to recall where you placed your car keys?

Geniux can help you remember things much easily.

* Helps you remain healthy generally

The supplement boasts of natural ingredients that are known to boost your immunity therefore helping you remain healthy.

Geniux Customer Reviews

Based on my findings, people who used geniux saw different results, as with most supplements out there. 

The results do depend on a couple of factors, mainly, your reaction with them and your health status at the time of your taking them.

So be wary of that.

Here are the reviews of various people saying how the supplement worked for them;

Positive Reviews

People who found it useful had this to say:the pro's

* Supplement really works because it helped her remain focused and alert.

* Geniux is good stuff.

* Excellent product and actually recommends it.

* The supplement was useful.

* Loved the product and it truly works.

Negative Reviews

* The supplement has awful side effects.

* The supplement does not work.

* Did not feel any different after taking the supplement.

* Supplement is too expensive to keep trying.

Unfortunately, I can’t show the photos of the users because of privacy restrictions.

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Video Review

Here is a good video you can watch to help you learn more on Geniux.

Where to Buy Geniux Online

The best place to buy the supplement is from the company’s website but you can get the product from online retailers such as Amazon.

The company’s website actually offers you a 30 days money back guarantee and when you order several products you’ll actually receive discounts.

30-day package of Geniux pills costs $54.24

90-day package of Geniux pills costs $97.77

150-day package of Geniux pills costs $147.25

The Side Effects

According to the company, the ingredients have been studied well and showed no side-effects if taken within the recommended dose, if the user has no allergies towards any ingredients.

However, it’s good that you take time to observe how your body reacts to the supplement and if you notice anything not so good, discontinue use to be safe.

Also, the majority of the users did not experience any side effects.

Pro’s and Con’s of Geniux

The Pro’s 

* Helps with important cognitive functionsgeniux reviews

* Safe to take

* Company offers a 30 day money back guarantee

* The ingredients used have been researched and found to have no side effects on their own

The Con’s

* The supplement is expensive.

* There is no substantial information on the company behind the product.

My Own Thoughts on The Supplement

I think from what we have seen, the supplement actually seems to contain ingredients that are able to overcome memory and cognitive decline.

Also, with the customer reviews carrying the highest number of positive reviews, it shows there are high chances you will see a good difference when you get to use it.

However, I feel that it will be wise for you to consult with your doctor before getting started because from them you will get more information on whether or not to use it depending on the way your body reacts to the ingredients and your health condition at the moment.

And that is pretty much the gist of Geniux.

If there are any other areas you are so much concerned with, or nootropics in general, feel to ask me anything in the comments section. I’ll be more than happy to clear the mist for you. 🙂


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