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Name: Maggot brain vinyl

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Studio album by: Funkadelic

Released : July 12, 1971

Recorded : late 1970–early 1971

Studio : Universal Studios, Detroit

Genre: Funk rock , psychedelic rock,hard rock.

Length : 36:56

Label : Westbound

Producer : George Clinton

What It Is

Maggot Brain is the third studio album by the American funk band Funkadelic .

It was recorded at United Sound Systems in Detroit during late 1970 and early 1971,
before being released in July 1971 by Westbound Records .

Maggot Brain features one of the more unfortunate covers in music history, with its front cover depicting a black woman buried up to her neck screaming in agony and back cover showing the same woman’s head, now become a skull.

Why, it’s so creepy ,i don’t know but what do you expect from a band that entitles an album “Maggot Brain” in the first place?

Other albums by funkadelic include:

Free Your Mind… and Your Ass Will Follow (1970)

America Eats Its Young (1972)

The band and its sister act Parliament , both led by George Clinton , pioneered the funk music culture of that decade.

Its past members include:

George Clinton – was part of vocals

Grady Thomas – part of vocals too

Ray Davis – was part of vocals

Clarence “Fuzzy” Haskins

Calvin Simon – also part of vocals

Billy Bass Nelson – bass guitar , vocals

Eddie Hazel – played guitar and was part of vocals

Tawl Ross – guitar, vocals

Tiki Fulwood – played drums

Mickey Atkins

Bernie Worrell- keyboards , vocals

Harold Beane

Garry Shider – vocals

Cordell “Boogie” Mosson

William “Bootsy” Collins

Phelps “Catfish” Collins

Ron Bykowski

Prakash John

Tyrone Lampkin

Leon Patillo

Jimi Calhoun

Michael Hampton

Glen Goins

Jerome “Bigfoot” Brailey

Dawn Silva

Walter “Junie” Morrison

Rodney Curtis

Mallia Franklin

Larry Fratangelo

DeWayne “Blackbyrd” McKnight

David Spradley

Ruth Copeland


Frankie “Kash” Waddy

However shortly after Maggot Brain was recorded, Tawl Ross , Eddie Hazel , Billy Nelson , and Tiki Fulwood left the
band for various reasons.

Funk rock is a fusion genre that mixes elements of funk and rock .

Many instruments may be incorporated into the music, but the overall sound is defined by a definitive bass or drum beat and electric guitars.

The bass and drum rhythms are influenced by funk music but with more sonic intensity, while the guitar can be funk- or rock-influenced, usually with distortion , which is similar to overdrive or fuzz.

Psychedelic funk (or funkadelia) is a music genre that combines funk music with elements of psychedelic rock .

Hard rock is a loosely defined subgenre of rock music that began in the mid-1960s, with the garage , psychedelic and blues rock movements.

It is typified by a heavy use of aggressive vocals, distorted electric guitars, bass guitar ,drums , and often accompanied with keyboards .

All this are genres of funkadelic.

Track List of this Album.

1. “Maggot Brain ” its writers are Edward Hazel , George Clinton and it runs for 10minutes and 21seconds.

2. “Can You Get to That” (released as a single- Westbound 185) its writers include George Clinton, Ernest Harris and it runs for 2:50.

3. “Hit It and Quit It” (released as a single- Westbound 198) writers are George Clinton, William Nelson and it runs for 3minutes and 50seconds.

4. “You and Your Folks, Me and My Folks” (released as a single- Westbound 175) George Clinton, Clarence Haskins , William Nelson, Bernard Worrell , Judie Jones (mistakenly credit) it runs for 3minutes and 36 seconds.

Side two

5. “Super Stupid” writers are Edward Hazel, Lucious Ross , William Nelson, George Clinton it runs for 4minutes and 1 second.

6. “Back in Our Minds” by Clarence Haskinsand it runs for 2minutes and 38 seconds.

7. “Wars of Armageddon” writers are Ramon Fulwood , Lucious Ross, George Clinton, Bernard Worrell .

2005 CD reissue bonus tracks

8. “Whole Lot of BS” writers are George Clinton, Bernard Worrell and runs for 2minutes and 11seconds.

9. “I Miss My Baby” (United Soul with Funkadelic, from the CD U.S. Music with Funkadelic ) writer is Clarence Haskins it runs for 5 minutes and 2 seconds.

10. “Maggot Brain” (alternate mix, recorded in 1971) writers are Edward Hazel, George Clinton and it runs for 9minutes and 35 seconds.

Production of This Album.

Produced by George Clinton

Executive producer – Armen Boladian

Bernie Mendelson in charge of The Eegangas

Cover photography by Joel Brodsky

Inside cover photography by Ron Scribner

Artwork design – The Graffiteria/ Paula Bisacca

Art direction – David Krieger

Album supervision – Bob Scerbo

Album co-ordination – Dorothy Schwartz

Model on album cover- Barbara Cheese borough.

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Buy Funkadelic Maggot Brain here

Vinyl $19.04

They have not indicated how much it will cost in audio cassette.

My Thoughts About This Album

Funkadelic’s 1971 masterpiece is a classic recording. Ignored for years, it is now considered to be one of the all-time greats; an intoxicating mix of funk, soul and rock that showcased a group who were unlike any others at the time.

The album’s critical reputation rests on its title track. An extended instrumental, Eddie Hazel lays down more than 10 minutes of astounding improvisation, over a simple rhythm section.

I think it is essential for us to continue honouring legends by way of listening to theur music to keep their legacy alive.


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