You have heard and probably gotten into a lot of exercises that may have been held up as the best mind exercises to unlock your brain power.

Things like yoga and meditation seem to be the most common one with many folks claiming to experience a difference after each session.

But these exercises are not the actual ones that will truly get to double your brain power.

Sometimes, I tend to think that many people who make the claims to be fully conscious of themselves after a class or two are simply overestimating the power of the actual exercises.

I don’t if saying that they get super excited by the idea of doubling their mind power that they actually think they already have gotten it prior to getting started with them is true, I don’t know.

But one thing I do know is that unlocking your mind takes time, and there is no limit as to where you can get. If you are completely enthusiastic about it, you can go to greater heights if you are consistent with the right exercises.

And for the short period I’ve been on this, there is something I came to learn.

In as far as much peace is needed to be able to tap into the unused brain power lying latent in your mind, physical exercises are of much importance.

And within this site you will find me talking about the exercises I have to come to see work and also share my experience with you in terms of what really counts and what doesn’t.

Most people fail to elevate their mind because they are working with the wrong stuff, there are too many fake gurus out there you know.

Frankly speaking, I’ve fallen victim of this a few times.

And to tell you the simple truth, which most of the truly creative and the elevated minds will confirm is, there is no specific path that you can follow towards unlocking your brain.

I personally can’t walk you through it, I can only tell you of it.

But you must find the path yourself.

And to truly improve your brain power, freedom is necessary.

Freedom from all the information, guides and instructions you have been getting from the so called enlightened masters.

But don’t worry about it.

I will keep talking about it and telling you of the path until you find yours.

Now back to the exercises.

I will be sharing with you some of the exercises I have been on and personally seen make a significant impact on my life.

I will also be showing you the few “hacks” that have been helping me keep at this “mind thing” consistently.

If you have tried it, I’m sure you must have noted how hard it is to be consistent with it, especially when you are not seeing any results.

You are on it for 3 days and after you see how normal life still is, you just lose the whole sense of it.

And when you go back to the drawing board, you get to see how hard it really is to implement it in the real world.

Been there done that.

But, I want to assure you that it is possible to be consistent and results do come if you are persistent.

If you are at it for long time doing it everyday and effectively so, results will sneak in on you when you least expect.

And I can promise that they are truly life changing.

You will see it yourself.

As we get into this, I would like to hear your story about this.

Tell me what you have been on since you got the passion to increase your brain power, what exercises you have done and the other “crazy” things you have visualized and done assuming you had already gotten it. (Don’t think you are alone, almost all of us have done this as well)

Anyways, I’m looking forward to your comments below and an exciting journey that is going to be fun and full of interesting amazing activities.