1. Kayla

    Thanks for your review of this product! I love that you included what customers were saying about it! It seems like a great product, but it has a hefty price tag!

    What programs are out there that you would recommend that provide the same benefits for less of the cost?

    I like your explanation of how the brain waves work too! You mentioned that people who have a mental disorder should not use this. Does that include depression or Bipolar disease?

    If it does, is there a meditation program that is recommended for people who suffer from those?

    Great review tough! Very in depth and informative! Thanks for your time and effort!

    • Dave

      Hey Kayla, 

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Sure Equisync has got a hefty price tag. That is why I recommend using zen 12, I have given more information on it at the bottom of the post. It goes for almost half the price of Equisync. 

      And it has many more wonderful options as far as style goes. 

      You can also use zen 12 when you have depression. I think it is also safe to use for people who have bipolar disorder. 

      Ideally, ainwave entrainment products are only unsafe for people who have serious mental issues like brain injuries and the like.

      • Kelli

        This is so confusing. I am researching to help my son with his bipolar, manic, europhoric, depression and balance as he does not do well with numerous side effects from meds. He loves the up europhoric state as the low depression is awful but he gets so excited and brings on manic. I came to this meditation site Equisync because it said controls bipolar minds helps put in sync and now read is not recommended for people with mental Illness???? I need to check more reviews with people with bipolar that use this as this is so confusing to my balanced mind.

        • Hey Kelli,

          I am very sorry if it came out confusing to you.

          The thing is, brainwave synchronization is great and really does help with many mental illnesses, but not in all cases.

          There are people who will find it great when they use it to deal with bipolar disorder and there are those with this same issue who will use it and not get results, or perhaps get worse.

          Why this?

          Because the results vary with the individuals.

          That is why I warn people with mental illnesses to be careful with this brain altering systems, and also recommend others to use it, if they know it’s their right fit.

          It may or may not work for you or your son depending on how intense the problem is and the other health conditions you or your son have in addition to this.

          In simple terms, it works best if you are fit for it and may at times go below average if you are not fit for it.

          Please determine where you are and make your decision. 🙂

          Personally, I recommend first checking with a health specialist before you jump on any of these systems, just to be safe and sure it will work with this specific system based on how it has been made, and how you or your son needs it to be, to get well.

          There are many brainwave synchronization methods used in different systems.

          I hope this helps Kelli.

          P.S. If you need more help I am here, just keep the conversation going.

          • Thomas gammell

            I have just got my e sync cds today I have anxiety is it safe to use there programes

          • Hey Thomas,

            It is safe to equisync if you don’t have any brain issues, or injuries, and don’t plan to use the cds while you are driving or using heavy machines. You can see in the post the people who I don’t encourage to use equisync and other brainwave entrainment programs in the “Who Shouldn’t Use equisync “ section.

            Also, if you are wondering whether equisync will help with anxiety, I cannot assure you of that as this program is for helping people with meditations and it brings a few other benefits, although not for all people.

            I would advise you to use brain salon as that has great solutions for anxiety. I hope this helps. 🙂

  2. Penelope

    Having never tried a product like this, is it some combination of hypnosis and biofeedback? Or is the meditation training different? I guess I’d like a clearer idea of how it works and what benefits I could get from it right away. I also see that you think it’s a good but overpriced program. What are some cheaper alternatives?

    • Dave

      Hey Penelope, 

      This one uses brainwave entrainment, there is no hypnosis involved. Brainwave entrainment is simply using external wave frequencies in audio tracks to change the state of your mind to be the same with the frequencies in your headphones. 

      The tracks are meant to move the brain in certain waves that will get your brain waves moving in the same direction and ultimately getting you to experience the state the waves are meant to induce.  

      And yes, the cost of equisync can be quite an issue for most people. That is why I recommend using zen 12 which us way cheaper and more effective than 

  3. Teresa

    Interesting. I’ve never owned a program to help with meditation, I came to know of them just recently.

    Once I heard they existed, I wanted to try one of them out and see how it goes. Also, I didn’t realize there were right and wrong ways to use these programs in order to train your brain.

     It makes sense to me that this would be the case, I just hadn’t thought about it that way.

    I often meditate while doing my morning yoga and I have done this with and without music. I’ve also just sat quietly in meditation for a period of time in the quiet early morning hours. 

    I don’t know how this compares to using a program and whether it would be comparable to training my brain to delve deeper or not. But I think I am yet to see that with zen 12. I’ll try this one 

    Thank you for sharing about the equisync program and comparing to your preferred method. I think I’d rather spend less as well. Thanks for giving better and cheaper recommendations, you have helped me save big time.


    • Dave

      You are welcome Teresa, 

      I hope you find it really helpful. 

  4. Jeannie Brickley

    Thank you very much Dave for the cheap recommendation. 

    I was actually about to buy into Equisync when I saw you talking about zen 12.

    And if price and styles are anything to go by, I will surely go for zen 12 because it is more convenient. 

    I would also like some clarifications, you mean to say that you will get 48 CDs in total, with zen 12? All for less than $90? 

    • Dave

      Yes Jeannie, 

      You read that correct! You get 48CDs for 4 styles. One style comes with 12 CDs of pure awesomeness. 🙂

      And they only need you to part with $87. Prettyy cheap r

      • Benjamin

        Hi Dave. You mentioned that the Equisync is great, but is expensive. And you mentioned that Zen 12 is great as well but cheaper and offers more quantity(cds). Is comparing the two similar to comparing a Porsche to a Toyota? Porsches are more expensive than a Toyota, but both are of great quality.

        • Exactly Benjamin 🙂 ,

          That is quite a good analogy for this situation.

          It summarises the whole article.

          Thanks for stopping by and shedding more light on the article.

          Have a good day mate. 🙂

  5. Marcus

    Very interesting product. Although, I can understand that there might be better alternatives.

    I first tried out meditation a few years ago. I saw some benefit but never managed to make it a habit. I eventually stopped completely, and I probably haven’t meditated for more than a year now.

    I would really like to get back to it, and I wondering if you think such a product like this is still useful for me? I would classify myself as a beginner.

    • Dave

      Definitely Marcus,

      Both Equisync and Zen 12 are great tools you can leverage for meditation as a newbie. But zen 12 would be much better since they have guided meditation sessions which would ease the work for you. And it’s cheap too.

      • Elizabeth

        Hi Dave. If I preferred quality over quantity, and price wasn’t one of my issues, should I just purchase both? Since both are in the same genre but of different marketing styles?

        • Hey Elizabeth,

          If you have no problem spending on both, I would encourage you to buy both as they all great in their own right.

          Hope I have answered your question.

          Have a nice day. 🙂

  6. Luna Bela Mori

    Hey Dave, 

    I have been meditating for 12 years now and I have never really gotten the kind of deep spiritual benefits I hear my friends talking about. I was hoping to use this to see if there will be a difference.

    I’m going to try zen 12 and see how it goes. Do you think it has something to do with my spirituality?

    • Dave

      Hey Luna, 

      You can never be too sure it is your spirituality that has got problems. May be it is your brain or the way you meditate.

      You first have to test a variety of things out before you make any conclusions. It is a good idea to start with zen 12 and see what happens from there. 

      Be sure to let me know how things work out. I will be glad to help out where I can. 

      • Teri-Ann

        I am unsure about what I should or shouldn’t do. I do know my brain is off.

        • Hallo there Teri-Ann,

          I am sorry to hear you are having a hard time making a choice. 🙁

          If you feel like your mind is off, it means that a lot is going in your life and you simply want to de-stress so that you can gain mental energy to get up and running and to do things well.

          For that, I would recommend you first go for zen 12 since it works great for helping you de-stres, relax and feel lighter mentally with the guided meditation sessions as well as the relaxation meditation.

          It is cheaper than equisync which means it is all the better option for you to start with.

          After using it, you could come again and tell me how you feel after a few weeks (2 to 3 weeks) and then I can advise you further.

          I hope this helps.

          Have a fantastic day. 🙂

  7. Amir Setoudegan

    Hi Oscar,

    Thank you for your great post about the Equisync. I didn’t know about these kinds of programs until I’ve read your post. So, you opened a new window in front of me. Do these programs work for a beginner who wants to start meditating? 

    They appear to be play tools for meditation ‘grown ups’. What do you say? 


    • Dave

      Hey Amir, 

      They sure do appear like that 🙂

      But you can use them. The best one to start out with is the one I recommend, it’s called zen 12.

      It has a variety of styles like brown noise, nature sounds and 2 others. They are great and will help you know which style is the best fit for you and help you enjoy the benefits of meditation while enjoying the style as well.

      More like getting double the benefits.

      I hope this helps.

  8. Phil

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the fore warning on this program and I can see why you don’t recommend this.

    I have always been for motivational speeches, cds and so on, but I think this has gone a bit too far for my liking. I wanted to try out something new.

    Apart from the price, are there any other downsides of it? I didn’t quite get you there.

    Thanks for the product review and best wishes on your journies


    Phil Browne

    • Dave

      Hey Phil,

      You are welcome. What Equisync does is to improve your experience of life by elevating your state of mind.

      It is great in terms of health benefits but the reason I don’t recommend you use it is because of the high price and styles of music.

      I don’t see the reason for paying $124 when you can get a lot more than that in terms of styles with another program, zen 12, that costs almost half the price of Equisync.

      I hope things are clear now. 🙂

  9. isaac

    Great review Dave. The Equisync looks like a great mediation program but I agree that $100 a piece is quite on the high side for these types of meditation music. The Zen 12 looks affordable for me and if it can do the same thing, all the more reason to get it right. Many thanks for this recommendation!

    • Dave

      You are welcome Isaac. 

      Actually, based on my experience with both systems, zen 12 is by far better than Equisync if you are a guy who looks for flexibility and likes to try out different stuff, of course at a lower cost. 🙂

      I am sure you are going to love this ne.

  10. Jackie

    Thanks for a truthful view of Equisync. Looking at its effectiveness vs cost when there are other equitable programs out there that an compete with Equisync at a fraction of the cost it is definitely something that I will consider as I look at these programs further. Do you have any recommendations on headphones that are best to use with these programs?

    • Dave

      Hey Jackie, 

      I think most brainwave products work well with stereo headphones, or earphones which close the better part of your ears or ear buds. If you have any of these, you are good to go. 

      But if you are planning to buy, I would highly recommend buying the ones the actual program recommends. In this case, stereo headphones are the best to use. 

      I hope this helps. 

  11. Farhan

    It looks like Equisync is a high quality product that has benefited so many people, based on the testimonials that I have read. I have never used this type of program before, but this one definitely caught my attention.

    I was quite surprised that towards the end of the review, you actually don’t recommend people to buy the Equisync. I thought that the price point was typical for this type of comprehensive program.

    Nonetheless, this is a very good review, and I look forward to more of your recommendations!

    • Dave

      Hey Farhan, 

      Sure Equisync is a good program and has lots of benefits to carry from it but based on things like styles and price, I find it falling short.

      See, most programs that go for that hefty price at least ought to have a number of styles for people to choose. Styles like relaxation music, brown noise and other options are things people should get for this high cost. 

      But Equisync only tackles one style. Yes, this style has been well designed and is working for most folks. And I actually recommend people who find it suitable to buy it. 

      But to me, the price doesn’t really match what you get. 

      Zen 12 is something more considerable. It gives you 4 styles with 12 CDs each (48 in total), and goes for a little over $80. Equisync has only 1 style and 6 CDs in total for that style, and you pay about $130 for the system. 

      See what I mean?

      • joe

        I have tried to access Zen free trial & was told my email name looked invalid this is a scam
        twice I was told this & the clock minutes were ticking down as I looked on waste of my time

        • Hey Joe,

          I am really sorry you have been experiencing this problem.

          Firstly, I have not heard anyone else who has had such a problem when accessing the free trial, so chances are high that the problem is on your end.

          But this is just a speculation.

          A few questions you should try to answer to spot the issue is,

          1. Have your email been used again to access the same Zen 12 product before, either by you or anyone else through the same email you are using?

          2. Have you used the same device you are using, in the past, to get the same Zen 12 product? Or someone else who had that device?

          This will give us some direction as to what the issue is.

          As we figure this out, you can also try sending a message to Zen 12 support team, they are usually fast and friendly to help with these kinds of problems.

          I am looking forward to solve this problem. 🙂


  12. Paul

    Hi and thanks Dave,
    I have a partially deaf left ear. I’ve been told by some of those companies that there has been ‘limited’ research into the effectiveness of brain wave entertainment and it’s possible that they can still work based on vibrations etc. Binural beats being less effective than isochronic tones. What’s your take on this and does Zen 12 use different entrainment methods such as isochronic tones?

    • Hey Paul,

      It is true.

      Brainwave entrainment does work very well for many folks.

      And when it comes to the entrainment methods, I would say it depends with the individual who wants to use it and why he is using them.

      See, isochronic tones are great because they play great sound frequencies which are the same in both ears, meaning you don’t necessarily need to use headphones.

      And this is great for people who don’t want to use earphones to benefit from this brain science.

      Binaural beats, however, play different sound frequencies in the ears that is why you need to use headphones to get the best experience and all the benefits.

      Although most folks say that isochronic tones are better, I would say that the tones have almost the same effect, but work differently in people depending on what their needs are.

      To overcome different health conditions, you will have to identify the best type of entrainment for you and then stick to that.

      And I love zen 12 as it uses all the tones and emtrainment types including isochronic and monoaural and binaural beats, and has blended them in the different versions.

      What I would advise you to do, is to listen to the 4 versions of zen 12, 1 version per week, and then evaluate what is making a much more significant difference in your life in terms of helpful effects.

      If you find it, be using that version. 🙂

      I hope this helps.


      • Paul

        Thanks for the advice Dave, I’ll give it a go and see how I get on 🙂

        • Awesome Paul,

          I am happy you find it useful.

          Be sure to let me know how things go for you.

          Cheers mate! 🙂

  13. Antonio Valencia

    I hear voices regularly that say they are demonic and depress me all the time. I think it might be spiritual and from past trauma. I hope to get rid of the negative voices. Do you think it’s a good idea for me. I’m also a Christain. What would you recommend for me???

    • Hey Antonio,

      Firstly, I am very sorry you are going through such a horrifying phase in your life right now.

      Since you are a Christian, I would encourage you to pray for peace in your life, and believe you are going to get it from God. Reading texts of peace from the Bible helps too.

      After that, you can try using zen 12 relaxation and guided meditation programs. This will do you a lot of good.

      On top of that, I encourage you to look for visualization programs that will help change your mind.

      If you do this, I am more than confident you are going to get over this.

      Have a good one friend, 🙂 and be sure to let me know how it goes for you.

      I’ll be waiting.

  14. Paula

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for taking the time to do this review. I need to do more research into these programs but I was wondering if Zen 12 allows you to choose the ‘mood’ you are seeking like Equisync suggests it will facilitate. Sometimes I want to relax but sometimes I need focus or other things. I understand the concept of using frequencies to elicit a desired response in the brain but was wondering how specific Zen 12 will allow me to be during my daily life and according to my needs in the moment. (I’m assuming different frequencies = different states. Please correct me if I’m wrong!). Perhaps this works generally so I have greater command over my states as a whole? Thank you for your time and thoughts. Have a great day! 🙂

    • Hey Paula,

      The thing is, I recommended zen 12 as the best way to go with as it is much better than equisync in meditation.

      When it comes to states like focus and relaxation, the best system I would encourage you to go for is brain salon. It has the best brain changing strategy and has many states like for focus, relaxation, sleeping and many more.

      You are surely going to love it. 🙂

  15. Kathy

    Does Zen12 ever offer discounts or anything? Because Equisync sent me an email and a code for 35% discount which got me interested in it, as it took the price down to $65, which is cheaper than Zen12 – would that still be a good deal? (In my local currency, with the discounted price it still works out to $100). Thank you

    • Hey Kathy,

      Zen 12 does offer a discount, a huge one in fact. 🙂

      Zen 12 normally goes for $87 but currently, they are giving more than 50% discount on it, allowing you get at only $37 (they give you $50 discount) for 48 cds that include 4 meditation styles, which I am sure you are going to find really interesting.

      Equisync goes for $65 after the discount but zen 12 comes all the way down to $37, and looking at the quality of zen 12, I sure have to say it is slightly higher than that of equisync.

      So I would recommend you go for zen 12 since they give you high quality stuff as well as a competitive price and discount.

      Hope you have understood.

      Cheers. 🙂

  16. Tom Kudoic

    Frankly I would not recommend Zen 12 meditation program. I purchased the whole program but stopped listening after a few weeks. There is like a “diesel engine hum” on every track I tried – unfortunately it sounds really distracting. I’m using high quality headphones Sony MDR Z7, and the hum is really bad.
    I’ve gone back to listening Brain Evolution systems tracks 1-6. These are just beautiful natural sounds, very relaxing and calming and I highly recommend trying that program. BrainEvolution and Zen 12 are owned by the same company, but I have a feeling that whoever done BrainEv system tracks 1-6 knew what they were doing where Zen 12 is pretty bad. Even BraiEv track 7 (called Evolution) is marginal as that one has “a diesel engine hum in the background”. It looks like completely different people made tracks 1-6 than track 7 and Zen 12.
    Before Brain Evolution I had used Holosync meditation system all the way to Purification Level 4, so I consider myself reasonably experienced in using brain wave technology.
    Hope this helps.

    • Hey Tom,

      You sure are pretty experienced with brainwave entrainment products if you have used all of those. 🙂

      These are the most popular products within the industry and they sure carry a huge portion of the industry.

      As for not getting good results with zen 12, I will have to agree with you as I have also gotten a few other people say that zen 12 didn’t quite help them as they imagined it would.

      This happens with many products out there. There will be people who will get good results with it and there are those who won’t.

      I say this because while you may not find zen 12 to be the real deal, there is someone who was really happy when they found it and have been getting deep life changing effects ever since they started using it.

      At the same time, I have also had someone say that Brainev isn’t any effective for them because he had used it and felt nothing. But you and I say the product is really great as it helps the brain in a great way.

      See where am I getting at?

      The thing is, with most brain products out there, there is a group who will find it useful and another small one that won’t see any value of it.

      And the best way to know which one would work best for you is to try them out.

      I completely understand you mate, and am happy you stopped by to share your experience with both zen 12 and Brainev.

      Thanks and have a great day. 🙂

  17. Martez

    Hello, this is a great review. I stumbled upon EquiSync doing some random internet browsing & I wanted to try something new. After reading up on all the benefits of mediation I want to try and make this apart of my everyday life or at least 4 times a week. I have never meditated in my life & I become distracted very easily. I’m 22 years old if that is of any relevance. In your review you mention that people become dependent on these products and only reap the short term benefits. My question is, do you have any advice for someone just starting out that’s want to become proficient in meditation while not becoming dependent on any said product to do so? Any advice is welcomed.

    • Hey there,

      Nice to have you here.:)

      My advice to you is to go for a system that helps you learn how to meditate, and that would mean getting a guided meditation program, but with the options of having more styles of meditation that you can use in the future.

      This way, you will be able to get guidance on your first few meditation sessions as you step foot in this highly beneficial practice, as well as get the opportunity to practice it like an advanced meditator in the future, using the same program.

      The best program that I know would help you achieve this is Zen 12.

      It has all 4 options of meditation including the guided meditation (The guided meditation of this program is the best I have seen thus far). The other options include relaxation music, nature sounds to enhance mindfulness and oneness with nature and brown noise for clearing distractions. These are for intermediate and advanced meditators though.

      I would recommend you start out with the guided meditation first, and then after you have gotten the hang of it, which will be after about 3 months, you can then get to use nature sounds to take things to take to the next level.

      The beauty of it is that you can use it for years as it helps you through all your levels of meditation. Also it helps train your brain to remain in a meditative state for long which adds to the overall benefits (an added benefit).

      I believe you can see the reason I recommend you use it.

      So go for zen 12, for this would make the best fit for you.

      I hope this helps. If you have any more questions or need help with anything brain related, just keep the conversation going. I’d be happy to keep chatting. 🙂


  18. Hi, Can you please explain why you didn’t don’t recommend brain entrainment products for those who have brain injuries? My wife and I were in a rollover car accident in 2016 where we sustained a traumatic Brain Injury with brain bleeding. I had brain swelling also and bleeding in my brain stem which caused a stroke. I’m looking for any tools that will enhance neuroplasticity. Thank you.

    • Hallo there Jackie,

      I don’t recommend people who have had brain injuries in the past to use brainwave entrainment products because they are very likely to affected by the entrainment systems since they have a huge effect on the brain, which may interfere with your brain health if you’ve had any related issues.

      Companies that produce these systems mention this on their websites.

      Although, you should note that the entrainment products may work for you, if you first confirm with your doctor that you are safe enough to use them. I have heard of folks who used them when they were having brain related conditions and got to see good results. There are also other products of this nature which are recommended by the doctor.

      The best thing I recommend you do to know whether they are safe for you and if they will give you the kind of results you are looking for is to confirm with a doctor of your safety in using them. After the professional advice, you can decide which path to take.

      I hope I have helped you well enough.

      If you need more help with this, just let me know. I would really love to help you out.

  19. dreamgirl93

    It attracted my attention that you rank a products 94 out of 100 and you still don’t recommend it. Also the fact that other people like it and have given positive reviews is a good sign.
    I have one question for you: Do you think it’s really necessary to buy a meditation DVD compared to just meditate without listening to anything? I frequently meditate, just close my eyes and meditate.

    • Dave

      Hallo there, 

      Nice to have you here. 🙂

      Well, I ranked the equisync 94 out of 100 because the product is of good quality and folks are loving it. 

      The only reason I don’t recommend is because of the price. It is really expensive. 

      That is why I have provided the zen 12 alternative as it is far cheaper with the same high quality experience as equisync, if not more for some people.

      Hope I have cleared up that for you.

      When it comes to meditation, I would say the need to buy a meditation DVD depends on your level of meditation and your personal preference.

      If you have meditated for a good while now, I would say it is okay to do it without the DVD. But if you are in your early days, I would encourage you to get one as it helps with improving your experience and concentration.

      I hope I have answered all your questions. 🙂

      Have yourself a good day.

  20. Thanks for the warning on this product. I’ve heard of these kinds of things, but have stayed away. You’re right, there’s plenty of other stuff out there that costs way less and a lot that’s free. I look forward to reading some more, on how I can improve my brain power; I can use all the help I can get!

    • Hey Kelvin,

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

      Glad you liked the review. There’s tons of other helpful articles in the site which you are going to find quite insightful.

      Browse around and I am confident you will love them.

      I look forward to having you come again and again, and again.

      Have a good one mate. 🙂

  21. Kevin

    Thanks for the warning on this product. I’ve heard of these kinds of things, but have stayed away. You’re right, there’s plenty of other stuff out there that costs way less and a lot that’s free. I look forward to reading some more, on how I can improve my brain power; I can use all the help I can get!

  22. Paul

    Hi Dave,
    Great thorough review. I’ve been teaching meditation classes for a few months now. The students have enjoyed the times when I’ve brought in theta wave sounds and music, especially as it helps the newer students concentrate easier. Usually, I just find a track on youtube and play it for them. So I have a couple questions. I know you said that it is a bit expensive, but what do you think of the included training? Also, do you think the music is substantially better than something that you can find for free on youtube or other music source? Thanks.

    • Dave

      Hallo there Paul, 

      Nice to have you stop by. 🙂

      I see you are having a really good time with brainwave music in your meditation classes.

      When it comes to comparing the free youtube music videos on this area and equisync, I have to say that it is by far better than the free videos. 

      The thing is, the creators have put in a lot of quality effort into the program  and that is why they feel the high price tag they have put on it deserves the quality they offer to users.

      I also find equisync highly effective, you actually can’t compare the free youtube videos with it.

      The only thing I find a bit discouraging with equisync is the price. Other than that, it is an amazing program.

      Hope I have answered your question. 

      Cheers mate. 🙂

  23. Tony

    Hi Dave, i’m desperate to find a product that can help me with sleeping. I have no problems falling asleep at around 10pm when im usually exhausted due to lack of sleep, however, i only manage to stay in a deep sleep for approx 2.30mins -3 hrs then i wake up still wanting to sleep but unable to or some reason.I just simply lie there and try to focus on my breathing etc, but nothing works. This has been going on for over 30 years,and iv’e coped up until now. but i’m getting older and it’s getting harder and harder to function.
    I have agreat life,no problems or worries at all, so no worrying thoughts invading my mind.
    I’m baffled,any ideas which product might help?

    • Hallo there Tony,

      I am sorry for the delays.

      Firstly, it is nice to have you here.

      I am very sorry for the sleeping issues you have been experiencing all this while.

      I would like to let you know that there is this great sleeping product that can come in handy for you in that area.

      It is called Sleep Salon. (You can read everything about it in my sleep salon review)

      It handles most sleeping issues and I have seen it work well for a good deal of people so I have faith that it will be of benefit to you.

      Please try it out and then let me know how you find it after 3 to 4 weeks.

      I will be waiting for your feedback.

      Have a nice day mate.

      Your friend,


  24. Tony

    Hi Dave,Don’t know what happened with your form .. but we got here in the end 🙂
    i thought you might recommend Sleep Salon so i bought it after reading your review,just finished downloading it and the wife and i are going to start on it it tonight. I will most certainly let you know how it goes,for if this works after after struggling all these years it will be like a new life for me and i will be shouting it’s praises from the rooftops!

    • Hahaha, way to go Tony, 🙂

      I am glad to hear that you took action on sleep salon.

      Be sure to be consistent with it so that the effects build up.

      Sleep salon has been loved by many folks and I have confidence that you will love it too.

      I will be eagerly waiting for your feedback on it.

      Your online mate. 🙂


  25. Baz

    I missed the bit explaining who who and what qualifies you to recommend this vs other products.

    • Hey there Baz,

      Nice to have you drop by. 🙂

      To help you understand the answer to your question, please think deeply about this.

      Those who have eyes see and those who have ears hear and know whether what I am saying is true.

      Have yourself a lovely day.

      If you have any questions please let me know I will be happy to help you out.

      Have a good one mate. 🙂

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